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Corporate Event Entertainment Trends for 2019

Educating yourself and being on trend with the latest that’s happening with corporate entertainment can help make a good name for your company and build its reputation. This can also make your event more unique and allow your guests to have an unforgettable experience. If you want your event to stand out and generate some buzz for 2019, here are some corporate event entertainment trends to put you at the top of the ladder.

Bigger is Better

This trend is really starting to become a staple for 2019. Event managers and corporate clients are always on the lookout for huge and eye-opening entertainment. This means that new concepts are constantly coming to surface, for example, performances that incorporate technology. Kinetic lights, digital water curtains, and simulated pyrotechnic machines are just a few of what’s expected to be seen this year.

Having acts like this requires earlier preparation than what you might expect. The technical set up, equipment and venues must all be considered months in advanced in order for the performance to be executed at the highest quality possible.

More Audience Interaction

Creating ways to get your audience to participate in activities generates loads of excitement and entertainment. Event managers have confirmed that attendees love the engagement with the performance elements. New technology is what makes this achievable. You could have your guests control the colors of the lights of an LED dancing act or allow them to vote on their mobile phones for the next scene of a storyline.

If you get your show to go beyond the stage and the lights, you can facilitate more meaningful audience interactions. This helps your guests feel more welcomed and a part of the ceremony rather than just a viewer.

Partially Customized Acts

Having grand acts perform at your corporate event is going to be costly, but many event managers are opting for partially customized acts instead of routines that are completely created from scratch. This strategy helps you get more out of what you paid for while still satisfying the theme or idea of your event. Also, it makes it easier for you to look for performances that are related to the goals of the event.

Technology and Innovation

This cannot be stressed enough. Technology is going to be a driving factor in creating and booking event entertainment. There are endless options from conductive paint to augmented reality, which all drive for worthwhile interactions for guests.

Aside from technology, acts are also beginning to fuse together to create an incredible performance. For example, Tampa entertainment agency, Breezin’ Entertainment, offers a DJ Band Combo package that blends a DJ and live band, so that corporate clients can have both featured at their event and keep the energy going from beginning to end. Today’s pop hits can be mixed in with more traditional elements like a saxophone player or live percussionist.

Having entertainment at your corporate event is about creating memories and experiences that your guests can’t get anywhere else. If you need assistance on booking event entertainment, contact Breezin’ Entertainment today.


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A Guide to Choosing a Venue for Your Event

The venue is one of the most important aspects of any event, as it sets the tone and comfort levels for your guests. Booking event entertainment can come later. Before you select a space, make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for in order to host a successful event. Here is a guide to help you remember the important things to consider when selecting the venue.


You probably have a budget, so it’s important to be aware of the payment options and costs. Remember, there are other things that can be included in the cost like cancellation and overtime fees. Don’t hesitate to negotiate prices with the venue managers because sometimes they can offer discounted rates, especially if you plan to bring many guests and events. Once you are satisfied, have a written agreement.


It’s important to know that there are certain times and seasons of the year that are busier than others. At these times, the venue might be more expensive since they are usually more desirable. Make sure you contact the venue six months in advance at least in order to increase the chances of things working out in your favor.

Layout and Capacity

This is important to take note of for your guests, and any entertainment you might want like a live band or wedding DJ. It’s important to make sure your guests, performers, and staff workers are not too cramped or spaced out. There should be plenty of space for people to relax and be seated comfortably.

Equipment and Storage

Make sure there is plenty of space and no restrictions for equipment and storage. You might want to bring in a stage, tables, chairs, and a dance floor, which might need a loading dock or freight elevator in order to be brought into the venue.

Wi-Fi Availability and Charging Stations

Wi-Fi might be needed for guests to view presentations or use event apps. It’s important to know how strong the venue’s Wi-Fi is in advance to avoid any internet access issues. You never know when this might be necessary. Consider having charging stations for your guests to keep them from leaving and looking for a place to charge their devices. This is also a very convenient addition to have that all attendees are going to appreciate.

Food Options

Depending on the venue, some allow only their own catering and others enable you to choose from a list of different caterers. Always make sure to have a menu that is as varied as possible. Include gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options so no guest is left out.

Liability Insurance

Accidents happen at events, and one of the most common is a guest getting injured. It’s important to inquire about liability insurance because not every venue provides this for renters and guests. If they don’t, the person organizing the event might be responsible for coverage.

Planning an event is not an easy task, so be sure to contact the leading Tampa entertainment agency, Breezin’ Entertainment.

Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit https://breezin.com/


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6 Wedding Themes That are Trending Now

Coming up with a theme for your wedding might be a challenge, but it can make a huge difference for your ceremony. A themed wedding looks much more professional, put-together, unique and special for you and your partner. Once you choose a theme, everything else easily falls into place, which makes it easier to plan and figure out what you want. If you need some inspiration, here are ten wedding themes that are trending now.


This theme is great if you plan to have a Florida destination wedding. Decorations like beautiful and colorful bouquets of tropical plants and tons of palm can make your guests feel like they’re in paradise. You don’t need to have a full-blown luau, so don’t worry about having the tiki torches and flower leis. Leave those for a pool party. All you need are a few tropical touches here and there for a sophisticated wedding in paradise.

An Enchanted Garden

This trend has recently been popping up at several weddings. An overflow of greenery with potted plants and trees, flower walls, and hanging floral plants all contribute to creating a beautiful enchanted garden in wonderland. This wedding can be outdoors in a botanical garden or in a ballroom. It’s all about how you decorate. You can bring the greenery on the tables, chairs, and even on your wedding dress.


Desert themed weddings have been taking over due to the popularity of the famed music and arts festival, Coachella. Decoration inspired by desert landscapes can make a beautiful ceremony, and you don’t need to live in a super dry and hot place to pull this off. Pampas grass is a beautiful plant that can be added throughout the venue’s space and can even be formed into a chandelier. This gives a natural and airy vibe to the ceremony. You can also serve cactus fruit cocktails.

Ancient Greece

A wedding centered around Ancient Greece is definitely going to be one of the most romantic. The white, gold, green, blue and yellow decorations are going to give off grace and elegance. You could even have ushers or waiters in Spartan costumes or togas.

Boho Chic

If you are not a big fan of fantasy and want something a little more laid-back, the boho chic theme might be the right one for you. Your ceremony is going to be more free-spirited, carefree, and a little hippy. You could have your wedding in a barn to promote family values and wholesome times. You could also have a more rustic look to your wedding with natural colors and vintage decorations.


If you don’t really want a specific theme, then stick with a color palette. Pastels are perfect for summer weddings and look very classy. You can mix outdoor decorations and plants with pastel blues, greens, or pinks. This the perfect option to go with if you want something more minimalistic, yet still beautiful.

If you need help planning your next event, whether it’s a destination wedding or corporate event, contact the leading Tampa entertainment agency, Breezin’ Entertainment.

Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit https://breezin.com/


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Important Tips to Know When Having Live Music at Your Event

No matter what kind of event you’re having, live music is a great addition to have. Band members are usually great at engaging the audience and can play their own twists to popular songs, which makes the music more interesting. However, there are certain things to take note of before you have live music at your event. Yes, things can go wrong and musicians can have technical issues, which usually end up turning into an awkward situation. To avoid this from happening, here are some important tips to know when you are planning to have live music at your event.

Pay attention to the guest list and venue size.

You have to plan everything out accordingly for a smooth event, and that includes examining the venue you plan to use. Trying to fit in a six-member band into a small space should probably be avoided. Having a single guitarist playing in a massive venue that can seat over five hundred people is also not a good idea unless he or she is performing on an elevated, well-lit stage.

It’s important to be aware of the performance area and how many people are attending. The stage should not be sloped and should be away from the food and beverage area where there is guest traffic. Someone might trip on a cord, especially if the stage area is darker. Performers should be seen clearly and have plenty of space to do their thing.

The musicians should be seeing the action.

Don’t forget about your performers. It’s important for them to see what’s happening, so they know their cues. Live musicians should not be placed in a certain spot just because they look good there. When the live band can see the crowd, they can read them easily and keep the action alive and well.

They should also be able to see their instruments.

This is an obvious one, but maybe you might have forgotten about it. It’s important for you to consider the lighting in the venue, specifically the performance area. Musicians should be able to see their instruments and of course, the audience needs to see them performing. If the venue’s lighting is not very promising, you can always have additional lighting props to depend on.

Find out what is not allowed.

This is probably the most important thing to consider. Some venues, like a house of worship, may not allow certain types of music. If the venue is near a residential area, there might be restrictions regarding the sound level. If so, you might end up being restricted to having acoustic performances only.

Make sure musicians can load in easily.

You may end up being charged extra for set-up time if the band members have to park a couple of blocks down on a busy road. You might want to plan out parking for your performers to avoid any additional charges.

If you need any more assistance with having live music at your event or just booking event entertainment in general, contact Breezin’ Entertainment. They are a Tampa entertainment agency that knows all about bringing the fun to any event. Whether you need a wedding DJ or live band, Breezin’ has got you covered.

Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit https://breezin.com/


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45 Activities to Spice Up Your Corporate Event

If the office environment at your company is feeling a little stale, or if you feel like the staff is lacking in their performance, it might be time to host a corporate event with some entertaining activities. Whether they are team-building activities or just pure fun, they are going to completely change the work environment.

This is more essential and impactful than you think. Having interesting activities at your corporate event is a great way to enhance or improve your company’s health. You can educate, entertain, and strengthen the relationships between coworkers, which can boost the environment and workforce. Organizing collaborative and interactive activities is the perfect way to help encourage communication and bonding among staff members. This is great to do if your business has recently reached a milestone or is about to take on a large project.

The stress levels in an office can build up over time. When this happens, the tension between the staff can arise, which results in an unhealthy team and inefficient work environment. It’s time to resolve the negativity and boost productivity at your company. Here is a list of 45 fun activities to spice up your corporate event.

1. Office field day

2. Scavenger hunt

3. Company trivia

4. Karaoke night

5. Arts and crafts

6. Cook-off

7. Relaxing kick-back

8. Board game challenge

9. Reflection exercises

10. Group photo challenge

11. Improv class / workshop

12. Sports day

13. Beach trip

14. Painting class

15. Go-kart racing

16. Mini-golf tournament

17. Escape room games

18. Laser tag

19. Volunteer

20. Mystery dinner shows

21. Cooking class

22. Holiday-themed party or social event

23. Kickball tournament

24. Nerf challenge

25. Cultural celebration

26. Recognition ceremony

27. Informative seminar

28. Ice cream party

29. Hiking

30. Make a music video

31. Movie night

32. Company dinner

33. Indoor sky diving

34. 2 truths and a lie

35. Bowling

36. Pool party

37. Monopoly

38. Go to an arcade

39. Paintballing

40. Dodgeball tournament

41. Fun Runs

42. Camping trip

43. Charity event

44. Road trip

45. Brainstorming sessions

Still in need of more spectacular ideas? If you are looking for other ways to enhance corporate entertainment at your company’s event, be sure to contact Breezin’ Entertainment to create lasting and worthwhile memories for you and your staff. Breezin’ is a Tampa entertainment agency that knows how to bring the fun to any event or corporate event.

With over twenty-seven years of experience in the events and entertainment industry, Breezin’ Entertainment offers a wide variety of services and can help make an incredible difference at your corporate party. If you want to host an unforgettable event, leave it to Breezin’.

Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit https://breezin.com/


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Unique Venues for a Memorable Wedding

When looking for a location for your wedding consider looking at unusual and unique locations. A great way to make your wedding stand out is by making it different than the typical venue. Picking a unique venue is a great way to give you a chance to get creative with your decorations and theme. Here are a few unique event spaces to consider.

Factory or industrial setting

One of the best parts about factory buildings are they are often very big, so you won’t have to worry about fitting everything you want. Whether you want to make your wedding big or small a factory is perfect. You can go for a simple rustic feel and just add the furniture and simple décor. Or you can go big and cover the building with decorations. Having your wedding in an empty factory is a great way to start from scratch and create the wedding you envision.


From a rooftop in an urban area to a quiet county park, choosing to do an outdoor wedding is always refreshing. Parks are often cheaper than renting a room in a building and often give you more room. If you want to have your wedding outside you need to consider the time of year and weather. Although a light breeze is romantic, strong winds can cause your wedding to get blown away. Having your wedding outside can allow you to get creative with your decorations. If your reception is going to be going till dark add some pretty lights to create a romantic feel. Another way to save money but also have a unique experience is by having your wedding in a backyard. If your backyard isn’t big enough to host a wedding, see if one of your friends would allow you to use theirs. Having your wedding in your backyard can add a homey feel to your event and another bonus is that you can get ready in your own room.

Aquariums or Zoos

Often aquariums or zoos have rooms they rent for special events. This is a great way to make your wedding stand out to be memorable. Look online for events they’ve held there to determine if the space will be enough for everything you want. Often the event rooms at aquariums have great views of beautiful fish tanks and pretty scenery that you can use to inspire your theme.

For recommendations on unique and exciting venues for your wedding, contact Breezin’ Entertainment. They have years of experience and will be able to recommend a place that is perfect for you.


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Tips to Find the Perfect Music for Your Wedding

Finding the right music can make your wedding even more special so take your time on deciding what is best for you and your event. Here are a few different ways you can go with your wedding music to make your special night even more magical.

Classical Instruments

A harpist or string quartet is a great way to add some sophistication to your big day and will make a great addition to your ceremony or dinner. Just because you are getting classical instruments doesn’t mean you are stuck with classical music. Most musicians can play modern music either an instrumental version or create their own more classical rendition of it. Talk to your musicians and find out what kind of music they can play to make sure you find the perfect fit. Your musicians can play through the ceremony to the appetizers adding a romantic and classy feel to your wedding.


A band is a great way to add energy to your event. People often use a band for the reception, but you can also ask if they are able to play for your ceremony as well. Every band is different, so it is important that you do your research. Find a band that’s style works well with the theme of your wedding. Make sure they can play the songs you would want to hear, most importantly make sure they can play the song you want for your first dance.


The perfect DJ will have your guests dancing all night. The great part about hiring a DJ is being able to play almost any song you request. When hiring a DJ, it is important you ask them a couple of questions. Your first question should be about the playlist. Find out if he takes requests, follows a strict playlist, or if they follow the crowd. If you want only certain songs played, make sure they know that. You should also let them know what songs you don’t want to be played. When it comes down to reception the DJ’s priority is to keep your guests happy and dancing. That means your DJ may change up the music if it seems like your guests are starting to lose interest.


Nothing says smooth and sophisticated like jazz-era music. Jazz music can range from classics like Frank Sinatra to more modern musicians like Michael Bublé. Sax makes great background music for drinks and you can switch it up to a vocalist and soft music during dinner when everyone is sitting. The band can switch it up and play some blues, pop, and R&B for the guests to dance to.

When deciding on music for your wedding it is important to do your research. Ask for reviews or if they have videos of them performing at events to see what they are like. You will want to see how they interacted with guests and if they were able to read the crowd and adjust to keep them interested. For help in finding the perfect fit go to https://breezin.com/.


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The Best Modern Love Songs to Play at Your Wedding

No matter what theme your wedding is or where it’s located, it’s definitely a necessity to have a playlist with plenty of romantic love songs. This is the best way to give you, your partner, and your guests all the feels, making the reception an emotional and unforgettable event. If you have a wedding DJ or a live band, don’t be afraid to let them know what songs you want playing or mixed. Whether you’re looking for something slow or upbeat, this playlist gives you some ideas on what kind of songs you want to play for your special day. Here are some of the best modern love songs to play at your wedding.

Slow Dance Songs

This playlist is perfect when you want to set a romantic and chill mood during the event, and maybe even do a slow dance with your partner.

1. “Get You” – Daniel Caesar
2. “Lights Down Low” – Max feat. gnash
3. “Say You Won’t Let Go” – James Arthur
4. “All of Me” – John Legend
5. “This Town” – Niall Horan
6. “Best Part” – Daniel Caesar feat. H.E.R.
7. “Perfect” – Ed Sheeran
8. “I’m Yours” – Jason Mraz
9. “I Like Me Better” – Lauv
10. “Lemonade” – Jeremy Passion
11. “If We’d Never Met” – Gabe Bondoc
12. “Lucky” – Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat
13. “Can’t Help Falling In Love” – Haley Reinhart
14. “A Thousand Years” – Christina Perri
15. “Marry You” – Bruno Mars
16. “She Keeps Me Warm” – Mary Lambert

Upbeat Dance and Exit Songs

These songs are perfect to play during your wedding exit, or you could dance to them with your partner and all your guests, while still having that lovey-dovey touch.

1. “Death of A Bachelor” – Panic! At The Disco
2. “Girls Like You” – Maroon 5
3. “Latch” – Disclosure feat. Sam Smith
4. “Classic” – MKTO
5. “This Is What You Came For” – Calvin Harris feat. Rhianna
6. “Sugar” – Maroon 5
7. “Treasure” – Bruno Mars
8. “A Sky Full of Stars” – Coldplay
9. “On Top Of The World” – Imagine Dragons
10. “Marry You” – Bruno Mars
11. “Shape Of You” – Ed Sheeran
12. “Can’t Stop The Feeling” – Justin Timberlake
13. “Back To You” – Selena Gomez
14. “Feel This Moment” – Pitbull and Christina Aguilera
15. “I Gotta Feeling” – The Black Eyes Peas
16. “Best Day Of My Life” – American Authors

If you’re looking for the best way to play these amazing love songs at your wedding, contact Breezin’ Entertainment for booking event entertainment. They are a Tampa entertainment agency that can get exactly what you need for your wedding, even if you are not sure how to ask for it. Contact Breezin’ today to get those most out of your special day.


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A Guide to Planning a Florida Destination Wedding

Having a Florida Destination Wedding can be the perfect way to celebrate your special day. Florida serves as the ideal wedding location with its beautiful beaches, gorgeous sunsets, nice weather, and other unique locations. Even your guests are going to appreciate the tropical vacation-like atmosphere. Aside from the breathtaking outdoor scenery, Florida also has many luxury hotels and other venues where you could host after-parties. If these characteristics seem appealing to you, then it’s best you know everything that the sunshine state has to offer. Here is a guide to planning your Florida destination wedding.


Florida is known to have beautiful sunny weather, but this does not happen all year round. Hurricane season is prominent and is active from June to November, but you don’t have to avoid this entire time period. Rainfall can happen at any time; however, April and November have the least. From June to September is when there are higher chances of rainfall. Ideal weather for weddings is more likely to be in April and May when it’s not blazing hot outside.

Florida’s Marriage Requirements

A marriage license can be obtained at a county clerk’s office and enables you to use it anywhere in state. During the process, there is a waiting period for three days, so make sure to plan your wedding accordingly. Once you have your license, you have sixty days to get married and seal the deal with your partner.

Location Ideas and Additions

There are many different places and additions you can have featured for your Florida destination wedding. You could have it somewhere extravagant and fun like in Miami Beach, or you could do something more intimate like a garden wedding in St. Petersburg. You could even have a wedding at Disneyworld and arrive at the ceremony in Cinderella’s carriage. Almost anything is possible.

In case you can’t decide, remember that you can choose multiple locations. You could have the wedding on a waterfront and the cocktail party in a garden. The options are endless. When it comes to decorations, you might have to stick with a tropical or beachy theme because of Florida’s nature.

Entertainment options are also unlimited. Tampa entertainment agency, Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions is known for their fantastic event planning and destination wedding services. Booking event entertainment can be difficult when you don’t know what entertainment to have or how to book it, but Breezin’ is always glad to help. Contact Breezin’ Entertainment for your next Florida destination wedding.


There’s a variety of great food everywhere in Florida. You can have stone crab in Miami or key lime pie in the Florida Keys. Caribbean food is found mostly in southern Florida, so if you’re looking for Cuban sandwiches and seafood, keep your eye in the South. If you’re thinking about being adventurous and want gator tail at your wedding, that’s also a thing, it can be found almost anywhere in Florida.


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Get the Most Out of Your Wedding Band

Having a Live Band at your wedding is a great way to add elegance to your event. Having a Live Band also makes it possible to tailor the entertainment to your needs. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your band.

Use them for your ceremony

When planning your music to play during the ceremony, talk to the Live Band you’ve hired. Often, they have the instruments and skills to play for the ceremony too. You can have them play wedding hymns or renditions of songs that mean a lot to you. Using the Live Band during your ceremony will surely make your wedding stand out.

Add an MC

Having an MC is a great way to liven up your event. Whether it is one of the musicians, the singer or an extra person, an MC is a great way to keep everything running smoothly. No one wants any awkward transitions; an MC is a great way to keep everything organized while also entertaining. They can also be responsible for letting guests know what is going on and what is coming up next. An MC also enhances the experience making the event feel more sophisticated.

Take advantage of their equipment

Having an amazing band can be so much fun, but not if you can’t hear them. If you are having an outdoor event it is likely that there will not be any sound equipment. Ask your band to bring speakers and any other gear you think you may need, they should have plenty of equipment you can use. Nobody wants to be tied down by a wire, wireless mics are also a great way to help make your event feel more effortless. They should also have experience with different events and locations so you should talk to them about what equipment they suggest to fit your event needs.

Talk to an event entertainment agency like Breezin’ Entertainment to help you find the perfect Live Band. Breezin’ Entertainment has a wide selection of entertainment and can assist you with their Wedding Coordinator Packages.