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The Best Event Planner in Tampa, Florida

Your One-Stop Solution for All Event Planning Needs

Transform your social gatherings into extraordinary experiences with Breezin Entertainment, your premier Event Planner in Tampa, Florida. By orchestrating numerous successful events and providing unmatched services, we have transformed Tampa’s event planning landscape and become synonymous with excellence, sophistication, and unforgettable memories. But how exactly does Breezin Entertainment stand apart as the best Event Planner in Tampa, Florida, and why might you need us on your team? Let’s delve deeper!

Breezin Entertainment’s Unique Services

We build the Ultimate Entertainment Experience for Any Event Imaginable. As your one-stop solution for event planning and entertainment, Breezin Entertainment delivers unique services to make your event an unforgettable experience. We cater to many occasions – from weddings and corporate functions to social events.

Corporate Entertainment

Breezin Entertainment excels in providing tailor-made corporate entertainment solutions. Through an insightful initial consultation, our team will curate the ideal event package based on your company’s unique needs and preferences.

Business Entertainment

Breezin Entertainment is your ideal partner for your next business event. From crucial meetings to holiday parties, we pay attention to the nuances and fine-tune our packages to resonate with your business theme and budget. Let our expertise make your business events a grand success.

Destination Management

Tampa Bay is a premier location for tourism, weddings, social occasions, and corporate events. Let Breezin Entertainment guide you through Tampa Bay, one of the hottest destinations for events in the United States.

Convention Services

Breezin Entertainment has decades of experience working closely with convention centers. Our team is adept at handling event logistics, planning, and coordination for larger events like concerts and large-scale conferences, ensuring a seamless experience.

Wedding Entertainment

Your special day deserves an exceptional entertainment lineup. From atmospheric lighting, perfect DJ sets, and electrifying live bands, Breezin Entertainment’s service ensures your wedding day creates charming memories to last a lifetime.

Social Events

Get social with Breezin Entertainment! Regardless of the requirements of your social event, our extensive portfolio of talent and services can cater to your needs. Leveraging our industry expertise, we deliver entertainment that suits your event’s mood and style perfectly.

Themed Parties

Unique-themed parties are our forte. Breezin Entertainment allows you to create an event beyond your wildest dreams. Our creative solutions and themed-party packages will take your event to a new level.

Private Events

Breezin Entertainment specializes in curating exclusive and private entertainment experiences. Our VIP or private events are designed to satisfy your unique needs. Trust us to create the event of your dreams with our highly reputable team. Breezin Entertainment, the premier Event Planner in Tampa, Florida, promises unrivaled services to make your event the talk of the town. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your occasion into an unforgettable experience.

What Is The Importance of Having a Professional Event Planner?

The importance of having a professional event planner in Tampa, Florida, is multifaceted. Here are a few key reasons why hiring an expert in this field can greatly enhance your event:

Access to Local Expertise

Professional event planners in Tampa are equipped with local expertise and a robust understanding of the area. Their intimate knowledge and local network can assist significantly in sourcing venues, vendors, or talent that perfectly aligns with your event’s requirements. Furthermore, they have relationships with local suppliers that can ensure high-quality goods and services at optimal rates.

Superior Execution and Coordination

With decades of business experience and event management, professional event planners effectively execute and coordinate all aspects of your event. They have the necessary skills to handle intricate details, from decorating planning to rental services.

Tailor-Made Event Planning

Like those in Tampa, the best event planners can deliver personalized services tailored to various event types, whether corporate events, social occasions, or weddings. This ensures that every detail aligns with your vision, ultimately providing a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests.


Event planners in Tampa are versatile, catering to different themes and events. So, whether you’re planning a business meeting, a themed party, or a wedding, they can arrange entertainment, logistics, and coordination tailored to the specific event scope.

Stress Reduction

Planning an event can be stressful, often laden with unforeseen challenges and issues. Hiring a professional event planner can alleviate this stress, handling all the challenges that may arise, thus allowing you to enjoy your event without worries. A professional event planner in Tampa offers many benefits, from executing a hassle-free event to creating an unforgettable guest experience. They bring local knowledge, tailored solutions, and stress-free planning, making your event successful.

What Types of Events Benefit from an Event Planner in Tampa, FL?

Event planning requires a specific skill set that combines organization, creativity, and attention to detail. In Tampa, Florida, many types of occasions can greatly benefit from the professional expertise of an event planner. These include:
  • Corporate Events: Annual general meetings, corporate retreats, team-building events, and product launches need careful coordination, venue selection, and scheduling.
  • Weddings: A wedding planner’s role is vital in ensuring that everything from venue selection and decoration to guest coordination and catering is managed meticulously, allowing couples to enjoy their day.
  • Conferences and Seminars: These large gatherings need adept handling of logistics, including securing a venue, managing attendee registration, and arranging necessary technology.
  • Fundraisers:  Charity and fundraising events require strategic planning to ensure the cause resonates with the donors, thereby aiding in meeting or exceeding fundraising goals.
  • Birthday and Anniversary Parties: Especially for milestone occasions, event planners manage all elements, including invitations, decoration, food and drink provisioning, and entertainment.
  • Themed Parties and Music Festivals:  These complex events benefit from event planners’ creativity and organizational skills, ensuring an immersive

Questions to Ask Your Event Planner in Tampa, Florida

When hiring an Event Planner in Tampa, Florida, it is essential to ask questions that ascertain their skill level, professionalism, and suitability for your event. Here are some questions to consider:

What types of events do you specialize in?

Event planners may have different areas of expertise — from corporate events and business functions to weddings and private parties. Ensure their experience aligns with your event type.

Can you provide examples of similar events you have planned?

Ask for a portfolio or case studies of previous, similar events the planner has handled. This will give you an idea of their style, creativity, and ability to handle an event like yours.

What services do you offer?

Some event planners provide full-service planning, while others focus on specific aspects such as venue selection or day-of coordination. Clarify what services they offer and whether these align with your needs.

How do you handle budgeting and unexpected costs?

A good event planner should be transparent about costs and stay within your budget. Ask about their budget management process, handling unexpected costs, and whether they can suggest cost-saving options.

How will you communicate with me during the planning process?

Clear communication is key in ensuring the success of your event. Ask about their communication style, frequency of updates, and availability for meetings.

What’s your contingency plan for handling emergencies or last-minute changes?

Event planning often involves unexpected changes or emergencies. Ask how the event planner handles such situations and if they have backup plans.

Can you provide references from past clients?

References provide firsthand feedback about the planner’s work ethic and reliability. This can give you assurance and confidence in their ability to manage your event successfully. Remember, selecting an event planner who checks all the boxes professionally and meshes well with your style and ethos is vital.

Why You Should Book with Breezin Entertainment?

Navigating the realm of event planning and entertainment can be a daunting experience. However, choosing Breezin Entertainment makes your journey much simpler and more enjoyable. With over 27 years of dedicated service in the vibrant Tampa Bay entertainment industry, Breezin Entertainment has earned a sterling reputation. It has become a leading event planner and entertainment service provider.

Unwavering Reputation

Over the years, Breezin Entertainment has developed an impressive track record of flawlessly executed events, satisfied clients, and unforgettable experiences. Continuously committed to excellence, our team has meticulously planned and delivered a broad spectrum of events, ranging from intimate marital ceremonies to grand corporate conventions. Our commitment has earned us massive respect in the industry and garnered rave reviews from satisfied clients. The stellar reputation we carry is testimony to our professionalism, commitment, and passion for what we do.

Licenced and Insured

We understand that regarding event planning, reliability, and trustworthiness are paramount. As a fully licensed and insured company, we provide our clients with the utmost peace of mind. Our legal obligation ensures we’re accountable for every service we provide, and our insurance protects against unforeseen circumstances. By booking with Breezin Entertainment, you invest with a company that takes your event seriously and responsibly.

Exceptional Talent and Experience

The cornerstone of our remarkable services is rooted in the elite talent defining Breezin Entertainment. Our team is a fusion of diverse, experienced, and versatile industry professionals committed to delivering high-quality events. Each one is an expert in their field, armed with a wealth of expertise and deep-rooted passion for their craft. The combined wealth of our team’s experience equips us to understand, anticipate, and fulfill the unique requirements of any event, regardless of its nature or scale.

Next-Level Entertainment

Breezin Entertainment is about more than just coordinating and executing events. As a leader in entertainment, we are committed to providing sensational entertainment experiences that guests will remember long after the night has ended. Our vast network of performers and artists allows us to offer you an unmatched selection of entertainment options, ensuring we match the talent exactly to your event’s style, theme, and atmosphere. Whether you want a soul-stirring string quartet, an energetic DJ, or a thrilling live band, we offer the best talent and create uniquely engaging and festive atmospheres for your guests.

Book Your Event Now!

Booking your event with Breezin Entertainment isn’t just about getting professional service; it’s about transforming your event into a spectacular experience. When you choose Breezin, you’re not just choosing an event planning service but a partner committed to making your event vision a tangible and unforgettable reality. Together, let’s plan something extraordinary that will leave your guests thoroughly impressed and awed for years to come.
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The Best Wedding Planners in Tampa, Florida

The journey to your dream wedding starts with the right wedding planner. Breezin Entertainment, the finest in Tampa, Florida, is here to guide you through every aspect of your special day. With a knowledgeable and passionate team, we address your questions and ensure your big day is everything you’ve ever imagined.

The Importance of Wedding Planners in Tampa, Florida

A wedding is a milestone event that celebrates the union of two individuals. It’s a day filled with joy, love, and memorable experiences. However, planning this grand event is often accompanied by numerous responsibilities and tasks that can be overwhelming.  Wedding Planners in Tampa, Florida, play a crucial role in orchestrating these events, ensuring they are successful and a dream come true for the couple. Their importance stems from several factors:

Stress Management

With a wedding planner, couples can efficiently juggle multiple tasks, such as coordinating with vendors, managing invitations, and selecting a venue. This alone can lead to high-stress levels, removing the joy of the wedding planning process. Wedding Planners take this burden off of the couple, allowing them to enjoy their engagement without the added stress and worry that often comes with planning a wedding.

Expertise & Knowledge

The wedding industry can be complex and ever-evolving, and keeping up with current trends, venues, vendors, and logistics can be a full-time job. Experienced wedding planners are equipped with industry knowledge and trends, allowing them to make suitable recommendations to fit the couples’ styles and budgets. This includes everything from color schemes and décor styles to the best caterers and photographers in the area.


Wedding planning requires a considerable time investment. From visiting multiple locations to choosing the perfect attire to coordinating with several vendors simultaneously – it’s time-consuming. Wedding Planners take on these tasks, freeing up the couple’s time so they can focus on more personal aspects of the wedding, like the vows and the guest list.

Budget Management

Establishing and sticking to a wedding budget can be challenging, mainly if one isn’t experienced in strategic budgeting. Wedding Planners help craft a realistic budget based on the couple’s needs and wants while ensuring expenditures are tracked. They also leverage their connections with local vendors to negotiate better rates and packages, resulting in significant savings.

Vendor Connections

Sourcing reliable and quality vendors is crucial for a successful wedding. However, it can be difficult for individuals to find these reputable vendors. Professional Wedding Planners in Tampa have established relationships with a network of trusted local vendors, ensuring you receive exceptional services and the best value for your budget.

Seamless Execution

On the wedding day, managing the execution can be daunting for the couple or their family. This includes coordinating with vendors, ensuring the timeline is followed rigidly, and troubleshooting any last-minute issues. Wedding Planners take on this coordination role, ensuring that the event runs smoothly and according to plan.

Peace of Mind

Hiring a wedding planner ensures peace of mind for the couple, knowing that an experienced professional handles the intricate details of their special day. This allows the couple to fully immerse themselves in the joy and excitement of their wedding day, free from stress or worry.

Why Choose  Us as Your Wedding Planners in Tampa, Florida?

Your wedding day is one of the most significant milestones in life, and having a passionate, experienced, and dedicated team of wedding planners ensures your dream day becomes a reality. As the finest wedding planners in Tampa, Florida, we offer unparalleled expertise, creativity, and commitment to make your wedding celebration an unforgettable experience.  Here’s why you should choose us as your wedding planners in Tampa, Florida:

A Personalized Approach

When you partner with us, we focus on understanding your wedding vision, style, and preferences. Our customized and personal approach means that every aspect of your big day is tailored to your unique needs, creating an event that reflects you as a couple.

Comprehensive Timeline Management

We understand that wedding planning often follows a sequential timeline, with essential tasks to be completed at specific intervals leading up to the big day. Our structured approach ensures that every detail is accounted for, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy your engagement period.

Expert Vendor Coordination

We pride ourselves on our strong relationships with Tampa’s finest vendors and suppliers. Our extensive network ensures reliable services at competitive prices, leaving no stone unturned in bringing your wedding vision to life.

Budget Management and Cost Savings

Wedding planning can quickly become costly without a knowledgeable and disciplined approach to budget management. Our expert understanding of the industry allows us to guide you through informed decisions that save time, money, and stress.

Exceptional Problem-Solving Skills

Weddings are complex and occasionally unpredictable, but our experienced team is prepared to handle any unexpected challenges easily. We are experts in troubleshooting and resolving problems, ensuring a seamless wedding experience.

Consistent Communication and Support

We are your confidants and partners throughout the wedding planning process, offering consistent communication and support. We’re here to answer questions, provide guidance, and ensure your wedding day is executed according to your plans.

How Our  Wedding Planners Customize Your Wedding?

Our wedding planners take the time to know you and your partner personally, learn about your love story and understand your preferences. We craft a personalized and distinctive wedding by considering each couple’s unique wishes and expectations. From theme selection to venue choice, our planners design every aspect of your event to reflect your love, style, and personality.

What Services Do Breezin Entertainment Wedding Planners Offer?

At Breezin Entertainment, we aim to provide an exceptional wedding planning experience for couples in Tampa, Florida, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable wedding celebration. Our expertise encompasses every facet of wedding planning, with each service designed to empower you with the confidence and peace of mind to enjoy your journey to the altar.

Comprehensive Wedding Planning Services

Engaging specialized support at every stage of the wedding planning process is crucial to creating your dream wedding. Our range of wedding planning services is designed to meet the varying needs of our clients, ensuring a personalized, stress-free experience.


On your wedding day, you should be basking in the excitement and joy of the special moment, not worrying about logistics and coordination. Our Day-Of Wedding Service Package ensures everything runs smoothly and according to your plans. We handle everything from coordinating with vendors to managing the wedding timeline, allowing you to immerse yourself in the celebration of love fully.


Prepping for the final stretch can be both exciting and overwhelming. Our All-Inclusive Month-of Package is designed to deliver comprehensive wedding planning support in the crucial weeks leading up to your big day. Starting at $2,375, this package offers expert guidance in finalizing the guest list, wedding details, event bookings, and other critical tasks.

Detailed Wedding Planning Timeline & Logistics Management

We believe in the power of structured planning and meticulous organization. Our thorough approach to wedding planning ensures that nothing slips through the cracks, giving you a thoroughly enjoyable, stress-free wedding planning experience.

10-12 Months ’til ‘I Do

Congratulations on your engagement! Now it’s time to start planning your wedding. Consider your wedding party and, most importantly, find your dream dress.

6-9 Months ’til ‘I Do

Halfway there to the big day! At this stage, select your photographer, choose your entertainment, and decide on the perfect floral arrangements.

3-5 Months ’til ‘I Do

We’re entering the essential planning phase. It’s time to book the rehearsal venue, finalize your guest list, and accomplish other vital tasks.

2 Months ’til ‘I Do

Within two months, you must send invitations, finalize arrangements with all vendors, and secure your marriage license.

3-5 Weeks ’til ‘I Do

In these final weeks, it’s essential to solidify the guest list and finalize all event details and bookings.

2 Weeks ’til ‘I Do

As the countdown starts, provide your caterer and venue with the final headcount and prepare for any last-minute changes.

1 Day ’til ‘I Do

Ensure all your wedding day items are packed, prepare final payments for vendors, and get to bed early!

Wedding Day

The day has arrived! Start your hair and makeup preparations, prepare for your bridal party, and most importantly, enjoy every moment! In addition to these services, we provide free webinars on day-of-wedding coordination to give you additional insights and expert advice. Everything we offer at Breezin Entertainment is designed to give you a memorable, joyful, and stress-free wedding experience. Our comprehensive range of services, personalized approach, and commitment to your vision makes us the preferred choice for wedding planners in Tampa, Florida. Start the journey to your dream wedding with us today.

How Do We Help Save Time and Money?

Weddings can be time-consuming and costly, but with Breezin Entertainment, we guide our clients in making informed decisions. By utilizing industry expertise, relationships with local vendors, and brilliant budgeting insights, we help save time and money, ensuring your dream wedding is within budget.

How Our Wedding Planners Handle Unexpected Situations?

Our experienced wedding planners are trained to handle last-minute changes, emergencies, and unforeseen challenges easily. Skilled at troubleshooting and resolving problems, our team ensures your wedding day goes smoothly, so you can focus on creating lasting memories with friends and family.

Get a Wedding Consultation Today from Our Reputable Planners!

Initiating the process of planning a wedding can feel overwhelming. There are countless decisions to be made and numerous details to consider. Suppose you’re looking to ease the stress of planning your dream wedding in Tampa, Florida. In that case, getting advice from experienced wedding coordinators and entertainment specialists at Breezin Entertainment is the way to go. Whether you need help figuring out where to start, securing vendors, or just needing someone to handle day-of coordination, we are here to help. We aim to streamline your wedding planning process, ensuring you get the most out of your budget while creating an unforgettable event. Don’t let the complexities of planning a wedding take away from the joy of your engagement. Make a wise decision and take advantage of our experienced team, who will guide you through each step of the planning process. Remember, our services aren’t a luxury but an investment in an unforgettable, stress-free wedding day. So, why wait? Contact Breezin Entertainment today and schedule your wedding consultation with our reputable planners and entertainment specialists. Let us help you plan the wedding of your dreams. FAQS

Can I plan my wedding on my own?

Yes, you can. But planning a wedding can be time-consuming and stressful. A wedding planner brings their expertise to the table, helping you avoid common pitfalls and ensuring seamless execution of your big day.

Will hiring a wedding planner fit into my budget?

Many wedding planners offer flexible packages that cater to different budget ranges. They can also help manage your overall wedding budget effectively, potentially helping you save costs in some areas.

Can a wedding planner assist with destination weddings in Tampa, Florida?

Absolutely. Wedding planners have experience with various forms of weddings, including destination weddings. They can assist with all logistics for planning a wedding in a different location.

What services does a wedding planner provide?

Critical services wedding planners provide include budget planning, vendor and venue selection, coordinating with suppliers, managing schedules, tackling logistical issues, and ensuring everything runs smoothly on your wedding day.

Can I have input in the planning process if I hire a wedding planner?

Yes, definitely. A wedding planner’s role is to assist and bring your vision to life. You will be involved in decisions; your wedding planner will be there to advise, guide and manage the execution based on your preferences.
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Breezin Entertainment: Your Ultimate DJs in Tampa

Breezin Entertainment stands out as the beacon of quality in music and entertainment. We bring the best of Tampa’s DJ scene to elevate your special moments into unforgettable experiences.

Why Choose the Tampa DJs from Breezin Entertainment?

While numerous entertainment options are available, Breezin Entertainment is your go-to choice for hiring the best DJs in Tampa, Fl. Here’s why:

Tailored Music Selection:

Our DJs understand that each event has its unique energy and audience. They meticulously tailor music playlists to suit any event’s vibe, ensuring a perfect match between music and the atmosphere.

Exceptional Entertainment:

Breezin Entertainment DJs go beyond merely playing music. They interact and engage the crowd, creating a dynamic and memorable experience for all your guests.


Our DJs take pride in maintaining high levels of professionalism. They arrive punctually, are well-groomed, and exhibit exceptional etiquette when interacting with guests.

Experienced Performers:

Boasting years of experience, our DJs deeply understand various music genres and can cater to diverse audience preferences.

Versatile Event Expertise:

Our DJs excel in providing entertainment for various events, including weddings, parties, corporate gatherings, and more. Furthermore, we have dedicated wedding DJs who ensure your special day is unforgettable.

À la Carte Services:

Breezin Entertainment offers additional services such as cigar rolling, live bands, one-man bands, violinists, Spanish guitarists, and photo booths. These are designed to enhance your event with unique entertainment options further.

Competitive Pricing:

We provide top-notch entertainment without breaking the bank. Request a free, transparent pricing quote to understand how our services will fit within your budget.

Easy Booking Process:

To book a DJ for your event, you can conveniently request pricing and check available hours on our website. Customer Satisfaction: Our primary goal is to ensure our clients and their guests have a fantastic time. With Breezin Entertainment, you are getting exceptional DJ services and an unwavering commitment to the success of your event.

Impressive Portfolio:

On our website, you can view photos and videos from previous events showcasing our DJs’ energy and excitement. This allows you to understand better the experiences they create and why they are highly sought after. In short, when you choose Breezin Entertainment, you’re choosing:
  • Expertly curated music selections.
  • Entertaining DJs who create unique and lively experiences.
  • Highly professional and experienced performers.
  • Entertainers who cater to various events, including weddings.
  • À la Carte services that complement our DJ offerings.
  • Affordable and transparent pricing.
  • A simple booking process.
  • Unwavering dedication to your event’s success.
  • An impressive portfolio that demonstrates our skills and talents.
Don’t settle for a lackluster entertainment experience. For your next event, choose Breezin Entertainment and create lasting memories with our exceptional Tampa Fl DJs. With Breezin Entertainment, you get committed and passionate professionals who go above and beyond to make every event exciting and unforgettable. So, for an exceptional, exciting, and entertaining experience, choose Breezin Entertainment’s DJs – you and your guests deserve it!

How Do We Transform Your Event?

At Breezin’ Entertainment, we pride ourselves in delivering a transformative experience, elevating the atmosphere of your event to a whole new level of enjoyment and excitement. Our diverse offerings, finely tuned to your special occasion, create unforgettable experiences. Let’s delve into how we transform your events:

Cigar Rolling

Breezin’ Entertainment understands that individuality is what makes an event stand out. Therefore, we offer services such as cigar rolling, the perfect unique touch to spice up your parties, corporate events, or wedding receptions. Having a cigar roller at your event provides an interactive experience for guests, allowing them a moment of sophistication and sheer pleasure while tantalizing their senses with the aroma of a freshly rolled cigar. It’s an entertainment feature and a great talking point, setting your event apart.

Live Band

From soft, mellow tunes to get your guests swaying to energetic beats that compel everyone onto the dance floor, Breezin’ offers dynamic live bands to match your event’s vibe. Our bands can range from solo acts to full-piece ensembles and can perform various music genres to cater to your specific needs. Their engaging performances and incredible talent set the stage for fantastic harmonious moments that your guests will reminisce about for years.

One Man Band

Our one-man bands deliver a unique performance using a variety of instruments simultaneously, creating a rich and mesmerizing sound that captivates every guest. This unexpected and delightful act pairs incredibly well with our DJ service, offering an alternative whilst not skipping a beat. Perfect for any event, our one-man band ensures a versatile and comprehensive musical experience.


Nothing communicates emotion quite like the sweet melody of a violin. At Breezin’ Entertainment, we offer talented violinists for every occasion. This elegant touch is particularly popular at weddings and corporate events. Our skilled violinists can play a variety of genres, ensuring captivating performances that provide the perfect backdrop for your memorable moments.

Spanish Guitarist

Are you spicing up your night with some exciting rhythms? Our skilled Spanish guitarists offer energetic performances that infuse your event with a vibrant, exotic ambiance. Their talent and experience guarantee mesmerizing performances that ooze soulful melodies and get everyone tapping their feet in harmony with the strumming beats.

Photo Booth

One of the key factors to a successful event is creating memorable experiences that guests can take with them. Breezin’ Entertainment offers photo booth rentals which have become a trendy feature in recent years, adding an element of merriment to weddings, parties, and corporate events. Our photo booths give your guests instant, printed memories of your spectacular event. They offer a fun break from dancing, a chance for attendees to create lasting memories and photos they and you can cherish. Breezin’ Entertainment bridges the gap between imagination and reality, transforming your event into an occasion with enjoyable, unforgettable experiences. Our focus is adding the perfect blend of enjoyment, novelty, and class to your event. With the right entertainment, every gathering can be transformed into an unforgettable experience. And with us at your side, making sure each and every detail is catered for, you can relax and enjoy the event as much as your guests do.

What Makes Our Disc Jockeys Unique?

At Breezin’ Entertainment, our Disc Jockeys (DJ’s) are not your average music jockeys; they’re characteristically different and unique. Each of our talented DJs brings their distinct flavor to your event, promising a fun-filled, exhilarating experience for your guests. Below, we delve into what sets our DJs apart from the rest:

Customizable Music Experience

At the heart of our Tampa DJ service is customization. We understand that every event has a unique atmosphere; the music should complement this. Our DJs invest time to understand your music preference and the feel of your event. They string together a perfect blend of melodies that subtly augment the event’s vibe.

Interactive Performers

Our DJs double up as vibrant, dynamic, and engaging performers. They interact with your guests and the crowd, creating a musical experience that is rhythmic, relatable, and enjoyable. Through their unique ability to ‘read the room’, they adapt the music flow to match the guests’ energy levels, ensuring your event remains lively.

Matchless Professionalism

Our team of DJs radiates professionalism in every aspect of their service. From punctuality to exceptional etiquette, they ensure their conduct aligns with the stateliness of your event. They come dressed appropriately, respect your event’s dress code, and always maintain a friendly demeanor to fit into your affair.

Experience and Expertise

Each DJ in our roster comes with an enviable track record in the industry. Their vast experience spanning different genres of music and types of events makes them an invaluable asset to your function. Our DJs come equipped with musical knowledge transcending the mainstream, enabling them to cater to a diverse audience’s unique tastes.


Their ability to seamlessly transition between different types of music and adapt to different event settings marks the versatility of our DJs. They can effortlessly handle the musical demands of various events, including but not limited to corporate gatherings, weddings, birthday parties, and so much more. They constantly evolve, and their scalability to different event contexts is unique.

Passion and Enthusiasm

At the core of our DJs’ exceptional performance is their undying passion and enthusiasm for music and entertainment. Music is not just their profession but their love; this reflects in the energy they bring to your events. Their excitement is contagious and often spreads to your guests, generating an atmosphere of joy and unity.

Dedication to Making Your Event a Success

The specific goal of our DJs is not just to play music; it’s to ensure that your event is a success. They are committed to providing an unmatched musical journey that charms your guests and enhances the overall event experience. Their focus on setting the right tone and creating memorable moments truly sets them apart.

Endowed With Advanced DJ Equipment

Our DJs utilize state-of-the-art DJing equipment to deliver high-quality, uninterrupted music. They are familiar with the contemporary trends in DJing technology and use this to their advantage to create rich, enjoyable sound experiences.

About the Cost

At Breezin’ Entertainment, we offer a selection of carefully curated packages designed to cater to a range of budgets and event needs.

The Breeze Package

Embark on your Breezin’ journey with our most accessible option, the Breeze Package. For an investment ranging from $450 to $700, we provide a soloist for two hours, creating a captivating ambiance for your guests. An essential feature of this package is a microphone for the ceremony, ensuring everyone can clearly hear the proceedings. This package is ideal for intimate gatherings or smaller events, where a solo artist can beautifully encapsulate and convey the event’s mood.

The Breezy Package

Stepping up on the offerings, the Breezy Package offers a more comprehensive musical experience. Priced between $1,300 and $1,700, it provides a DJ for four hours and a soloist for two hours. The mixture of live music and DJ services ensures a continuous entertainment flow for your guests. Like the Breeze Package, a microphone for ceremony proceedings is included. The Breezy package offers balanced entertainment, perfect for mid-sized events.

The Breezin Package

Our premium Breezin Package further enhances your event’s musical aspect, giving you an extensive set of features for $1,500 to $2,100. In this package, a solo musician performs, captivating your guests for two hours, and a DJ takes over for the next four hours. It also includes a microphone and eight uplights for the ceremony, creating an immersive ambiance crucial in setting your event’s mood. This package is perfect for larger, grand events requiring a broad, varied entertainment scope. Keep in mind the setup of the soloist at multiple locations may result in an additional fee and the inclusion of electrical musicians in any of these packages. For more personalized needs, we can customize any Breezin’ package. Please contact a Breezin’ Representative today to discuss the perfect configuration for your event. At Breezin’ Entertainment, we aim to offer the best experiences tailored to your requirements, keeping your satisfaction foremost.

Planning a Wedding in Tampa, FL?

We understand weddings are a monumental event in one’s life that requires meticulous planning. One of the significant factors for a successful wedding is music. That’s why, at Breezin Entertainment, we have dedicated wedding DJs in Tampa to transform your special day into an unforgettable soirée.

How Do We Ensure a Professional Service?

Our Tampa DJs are not just music experts; they also showcase exceptional professional etiquette. They arrive on time, dress appropriately, fully prepared for the event, and interact courteously with guests.

How To Request Pricing?

Requesting pricing at Breezin Entertainment is as simple as it gets. We believe in transparency and sincerity. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive and transparent cost layout for any DJ service request for our prospective clients.

Ready to Party & Entertain Like Never Before?

Nothing makes a party more happening and lively than good music. And that’s exactly what you get with Breezin Entertainment – Tampa’s top DJ services. Create an unforgettable time for your guests with foot-tapping music and a high-on-energy atmosphere. With Breezin Entertainment, your search for the perfect DJ service in Tampa ends. By choosing us, you’re choosing an outstanding, unforgettable, and entertaining experience that will have your guests remembering your event for years.

What services does Breezin Entertainment provide?

Breezin Entertainment provides professional DJ services for various events such as weddings, parties, and corporate gatherings. Our DJs are experienced in creating lively and enjoyable atmospheres for any event. 1

What does it cost to hire a DJ from Breezin Entertainment?

We strive to deliver the best entertainment at competitive pricing. Please request a free pricing quote from our platform for an accurate and detailed cost structure. 1

How can I book a DJ in Tampa?

Interested parties can easily request pricing and book a DJ through our website by selecting available hours for the required date. 1

What type of events do the DJs from Breezin Entertainment cover?

Our professional DJs serve all events, including weddings, corporate events, parties, and more. We even have specially trained Wedding DJs available to make your special day even more memorable.

How is the performance of Breezin DJs in Tampa?

Our Tampa DJs are well-regarded for their passion, professionalism, and ability to entertain and engage any crowd. They are committed to creating a lively atmosphere that amazes the audience.
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Leading Entertainment Agencies Tampa, Florida

  Step into the captivating realm of Tampa, Florida’s entertainment scene, where the spotlight is expertly directed by none other than Breezin Entertainment Company. With an illustrious history spanning over three decades, Breezin has firmly established itself as the cornerstone among entertainment agencies in Tampa, FL. As a beacon of creativity and innovation, Breezin Entertainment Company has elevated the art of entertainment to new heights, curating experiences that resonate with audiences of all tastes. With an array of offerings ranging from live bands to DJs, each performance is meticulously tailored to capture the essence of the city’s dynamic culture. In exploring Breezin’s leading entertainment agencies, we delve into the stories behind our successes, the artists we’ve nurtured, and the events that have enraptured audiences. Join us as we journey through the creativity, dedication, and innovation that make these agencies indispensable pillars of Road Tampa’s entertainment prowess.

A Legacy of Excellence

Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions has firmly established itself as a frontrunner in Florida’s premier event planning and entertainment services. Over an impressive 27 years and counting, Breezin’ has thrived and garnered unwavering acclaim, consistently securing the coveted #1 spot in the hearts and preferences of its esteemed clientele. The legacy of Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions is a testament to the enduring power of its core values, which are eloquently embodied by our name. With each passing year, the Breezin’ ethos has remained the bedrock upon which the company’s illustrious journey has been charted. This 27-year odyssey is a resounding reflection of the pride Breezin’ takes in its identity, with the name itself encapsulating the essence of seamless, effortless, and exceptional service that has become synonymous with the brand.

Nurturing the Stars: Artists Who Found a Home

One of Breezin Entertainment Company’s most cherished accomplishments lies in its ability to nurture and showcase local talent. As Tampa’s cultural mosaic continues to thrive, Breezin has provided a platform for emerging artists to showcase their skills and reach a broader audience. From fledgling musicians to rising performers, the agency’s support has given these artists a springboard to express their creativity and connect with their community. Breezin’s dedication to local talent isn’t just about the present; it’s about fostering a lasting impact on the city’s cultural legacy. Breezin is nurturing Tampa’s creative soul by nurturing these artists, ensuring the city’s artistic identity remains vibrant and diverse.

Captivating Moments: A Portfolio of Enraptured Audiences

Breezin Entertainment Company’s portfolio reads like a symphony of captivating moments.  Each chord strikes a resonant note in the hearts of audiences. From intimate gatherings to grand-scale events, Breezin has orchestrated an array of experiences that transcend the ordinary and transport attendees to realms of enchantment. Imagine a wedding reception where a live band sets the mood—seamlessly transitioning from soulful melodies during dinner to energetic beats that keep the dance floor alive. Envision corporate galas transformed into immersive wonderlands, with carefully curated performances enhancing the ambiance and engaging guests throughout the evening. Breezin’s meticulous attention to detail ensures that every event is a masterpiece, leaving a lasting imprint on everyone fortunate to attend.

The Essence of Innovation: Elevating Tampa’s Entertainment Landscape

Breezin Entertainment Company’s innovative spirit is the driving force behind its enduring success. The agency’s ability to fuse entertainment with creativity has led to the birth of unique event concepts that set trends and captivate audiences. Whether blending live music with interactive elements or transitioning between different entertainment genres, Breezin’s innovation keeps the Tampa Bay entertainment scene fresh and exciting. The agency’s dedication to staying ahead of the curve and its deep understanding of the city’s cultural pulse ensures that Breezin remains a pioneer in crafting experiences that resonate with Tampa’s diverse audiences.

Diverse Services: Unveiling Tampa’s Creative Potential

Breezin Entertainment Company’s success can be attributed to its diverse entertainment offerings. From live music bands that set stages ablaze to top-tier DJs who keep the dance floors pulsating, the agency’s talent selection reflects its understanding of the city’s eclectic tastes. Breezin can match the right entertainment to the right occasion, whether a corporate event needs a touch of sophistication or weddings for an unforgettable dance party. This knack for selecting entertainment that resonates with audiences is a testament to the agency’s deep appreciation for Tampa’s cultural mosaic.

Innovative Events: From Concept to Reality

Breezin Entertainment Company isn’t just in the business of booking talent; it’s in the business of crafting experiences. The agency’s portfolio boasts an impressive collection of events that range from intimate gatherings to grand-scale productions. Imagine a waterfront wedding where a soulful jazz band serenades the sunset or a corporate gala brought to life by a dynamic fusion of live music and interactive performances. These are the types of experiences that Breezin Entertainment Company specializes in delivering – moments that transcend the ordinary and leave attendees captivated.

Community Engagement: Bridging Entertainment and Philanthropy

Breezin Entertainment Company’s impact extends beyond entertainment – it’s deeply committed to giving back to the community that has supported its growth. The agency’s involvement in philanthropic initiatives showcases its dedication to making Tampa, Florida, a better place. Whether it’s supporting local charities, participating in fundraisers, or collaborating with nonprofit organizations, Breezin’s commitment to community engagement reflects its values and understanding of the importance of fostering meaningful connections beyond the stage.

Navigating Challenges: Adapting and Thriving

The entertainment industry has challenges, and Breezin Entertainment Company has navigated them with resilience and innovation. The COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented obstacles, but the agency pivoted swiftly to offer virtual entertainment experiences that allowed audiences to connect safely while enjoying the magic of live performances. This adaptability and a steadfast commitment to maintaining the highest standards solidified Breezin’s reputation as a leading entertainment agency that not only perseveres but thrives in the face of adversity.

Elevate Your Event With Breezin Entertainment

Elevate your entertainment experience with Breezin Entertainment Company, the premier choice among entertainment agencies in Tampa, Florida. With a legacy spanning over three decades, Breezin brings creativity and excellence to every event, from live music to immersive performances. Discover a world of captivating moments, nurtured talent, and innovative concepts that define Tampa’s cultural landscape. Choose Breezin for unforgettable entertainment that sets the stage for extraordinary experiences.
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Beyond the Bay: Exploring Entertainment Tampa, Florida

From the sun-kissed beaches that beckon with their pristine shores to the thriving cultural scene that pulses through the city’s heart, Tampa, Florida, is a playground of diverse experiences. Join us as we delve into myriad activities that promise to leave you captivated, exhilarated, and with memories that will linger long after the sun has set over Tampa Bay.   Whether you’re an art enthusiast eager to explore the galleries and museums, a thrill-seeker searching for adrenaline-pumping adventures, a foodie looking to savor the city’s culinary delights, or a night owl ready to dance the night away, Tampa has it all. Our guide will lead you through the hidden gems and well-known attractions, ensuring you maximize your time in this dynamic city. Get ready to uncover the secrets of Tampa’s entertainment landscape, where rich history meets modern innovation and where the spirit of the Gulf Coast infuses every experience. Whether you’re embarking on a solo adventure, planning a romantic getaway, or seeking family-friendly activities, this guide will be your compass to navigate the countless opportunities that await. So, buckle up and prepare for a journey through Tampa’s entertainment tapestry. From the iconic landmarks to the lesser-known gems, we’re here to help you create memories that will light up your days and nights in this radiant city. Let’s dive in and discover the entertainment magic in Tampa, Florida!

Cultural Enclaves and Museums

Tampa’s cultural diversity is reflected in its various neighborhoods and the museums that call them home. Ybor City, for instance, is a historic district known for its rich Latin heritage. Here, you can explore the Ybor City Museum State Park, which offers insights into the city’s cigar manufacturing history and the immigrant communities that shaped it. The Tampa Museum of Art also showcases a captivating collection of modern and contemporary works, while the Henry B. Plant Museum provides a glimpse into Tampa’s Gilded Age.

Thrills and Adventures

For the thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts, Tampa boasts an array of exciting activities. Busch Gardens, a combination of a theme park and a zoo, offers exhilarating roller coasters alongside animal encounters. The park’s African-themed attractions transport visitors to a world of adventure and exploration. If you’re looking for beach aquatic thrills, Adventure Island water park has water slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers, providing endless fun under the Florida sun.

Culinary Delights

Tampa’s culinary scene is a melting pot of flavors influenced by its diverse population. From Cuban sandwiches in Ybor City to seafood delights along the coast, foodies are in for a treat. The Columbia Restaurant, Florida’s oldest restaurant, serves authentic Spanish and Cuban cuisine in a historic setting. For a taste of the sea, Ulele features Native American-inspired dishes and a stunning riverside location.

Discover Outdoor Adventures

The Florida sunshine beckons outdoor enthusiasts to explore the city’s natural beauty. Rent a kayak or paddleboard to navigate the Hillsborough River and enjoy the stunning, quick view. For a unique experience, visit the Tampa Electric Manatee Viewing Center during the colder months to see these gentle giants congregating in the warm waters of the power plant’s discharge canal.

Sports and Entertainment

Sports enthusiasts will find plenty to cheer about in Tampa. The city is home to the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning, and MLB’s Tampa Bay Rays, providing ample opportunities to catch live games. Raymond James Stadium, Amalie Arena, and Tropicana Field are iconic venues contributing to Tampa’s sports hub reputation.

Nightlife and Music

When the sun sets, Tampa’s nightlife comes alive. The SoHo (South Howard Avenue) district offers a variety of bars, clubs, and lounges for those seeking a lively evening. For music lovers, the historic Ritz Ybor hosts concerts and events spanning genres, ensuring there’s always a tune to dance to. Breezin’ Entertainment stands out as a premier choice for nightlife and music entertainment in Tampa. With their wide range of live music options, professional DJ services, personalized packages, and innovative enhancements, they are dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences that amplify the vibrancy of Tampa’s nightlife scene. Whether you’re a local looking to host an epic night out or a visitor seeking the best in entertainment, Breezin’ Entertainment is your partner in turning ordinary nights into extraordinary memories.

Family-Friendly Fun

Families traveling to Tampa will discover an array of family-friendly attractions. The Glazer Children’s Museum engages young minds with interactive exhibits, while the Florida Aquarium provides an opportunity to explore marine life through hands-on experiences. Lowry Park Zoo is home to over 1,000 animals and offers educational programs for visitors of all ages.

8. Festivals and Events

Festivals and events are all about creating unforgettable experiences, and one surefire way to leave a lasting impression is through the power of live music. When it comes to curating exceptional musical experiences for a diverse range of gatherings, Breezin Entertainment stands as a leader in the industry. With a versatile lineup of live music options, including solo, duo, trio, 4-5 band, and full band performances, Breezin Entertainment brings unparalleled talent and energy to festivals and events.
  • Solo Performances

Breezin Entertainment’s solo performers are skilled artists who can command the stage with their voices and instruments. These intimate performances are perfect for creating a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Whether a folk singer strumming a guitar or a pianist playing soulful melodies, solo performances are ideal for events focusing on connecting with the audience personally.

  • Duo and Trio Acts

Duo and trio acts add a dynamic layer to festivals and events, offering a richer musical experience while maintaining an intimate ambiance. The interaction between musicians creates a synergy that resonates with the audience. Whether it’s a duo with a vocalist and guitarist or a trio featuring vocals, guitar, and percussion, these setups provide a versatile sound that can adapt to different genres and moods.

  • 4-5 Piece Bands

When it’s time to infuse energy and excitement into the atmosphere, Breezin Entertainment’s 4-5 piece bands step up to the plate. These bands bring diverse instruments and vocals to the stage, creating a vibrant and captivating performance. From classic rock to modern pop, these bands have the versatility to cover a wide range of music genres, ensuring that there’s something for everyone in the audience.

  • Full Bands

For larger-scale festivals and events that demand a grand stage presence, Breezin Entertainment’s full bands deliver a powerful, awe-inspiring performance. With multiple vocalists, various instruments, and a rhythm section that keeps the beat alive, full bands create a concert-like atmosphere that resonates with audiences of all sizes. These bands are masters at engaging the crowd and turning any event into a music-filled extravaganza.

Elevate Your Event with Breezin Entertainment

Unforgettable live music experiences for every occasion. Solo, duo, trio, 4-5 piece bands, and full bands – we’ve got the perfect lineup for your event’s vibe. Our talented performers bring energy and excitement from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations. Let us turn your event into a musical masterpiece. Contact us today to book the sounds that will make memories!  
Dj Services
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Groove City Sounds: Tampa DJs Unleashed

Step into the world of premier entertainment with Breezin’ Entertainment – your gateway to the finest talent and the pulsating heart of Tampa’s music scene. Welcome to a world where music is more than just sound; it’s an experience that resonates with your soul. Experience our remarkable team of Tampa DJs, the sonic architects behind unforgettable weddings, electrifying parties, and corporate galas. With a flair for understanding crowds and an eclectic mix of beats, they transform events into immersive journeys of rhythm and melody. Join us as we delve into the realm of Breezin’ Entertainment’s Top Tampa DJs – the masters of musical enchantment.

Breezin’ Entertainment’s Premier DJs in Tampa Bay

Music plays a pivotal role in creating the perfect ambiance when turning moments into memories. Breezin’ Entertainment, a trailblazer in the entertainment industry, has been setting the stage for unforgettable events in Tampa, Florida, with its exceptional DJ services. Our talented DJs transform ordinary occasions into extraordinary experiences, from weddings to corporate gatherings. In this post, we delve into the captivating world of Breezin’ Entertainment, exploring its history, its commitment to excellence, and the magic its DJs bring to every event.

The Powerhouse of Entertainment Excellence: Breezin’ Entertainment

Breezin’ Entertainment is more than just a company; it’s been a creative powerhouse redefining entertainment in Tampa and beyond for over three decades. Founded by Cindy Dervech, a visionary with an innate passion for music and entertainment, Breezin’ Entertainment has carved a niche as a one-stop destination for a wide range of entertainment services, including DJ services that breathe life into events.

DJs that Define the Art of Entertainment

At the heart of Breezin’ Entertainment’s success are our talented DJs, the maestros who turn melodies into memories. With a deep understanding of music’s emotional impact, Breezin’s DJs have mastered crafting playlists that resonate with diverse audiences. They aren’t just music selectors but curators of experiences, seamlessly blending genres, eras, and rhythms to create an electric atmosphere that keeps guests on their feet.

A Diverse Portfolio

Breezin’ Entertainment’s DJs cater to a wide array of events, ensuring that each celebration is unique and unforgettable:

Wedding Event

Your big day deserves the perfect soundtrack. Breezin’s wedding DJs curate playlists that reflect the couple’s personalities and love story, setting the tone for a beautiful union.
  • Pre-Event Production: Designing Dreams

The foundation of a perfect wedding view begins with the pre-event production phase. Breezin’ Entertainment collaborates closely with you to understand your vision, preferences, and aspirations.

  • Wedding Week: A Journey of Joy

Breezin’ Entertainment enhances the excitement as the wedding week approaches with its comprehensive support. We manage the intricate logistics, ensuring a seamless transition from one event to the next. Our experienced team coordinates with vendors, oversees timelines, and handles the myriad details that come together to create an unforgettable week of celebrations.

  • Wedding Day: A Grand Symphony of Love

The wedding day itself is the culmination of months of planning and anticipation. Breezin’ Entertainment transforms your chosen venue into a breathtaking setting that mirrors your dreams. With their expertise in audiovisual production, they orchestrate a grand symphony of light, sound, and music that elevates every moment of your wedding.

  • Day-of Wedding Service: All-Inclusive Month-of Package

Breezin’ Entertainment’s commitment to perfection extends to the day-of wedding service package, where our team becomes the glue that holds every detail together.

Get wedding planning assistance from our very own team of experts. Let our years of knowledge guide you on your wedding day and the events leading up to it!

DJ Packages

In the world of entertainment, music holds the power to elevate experiences and create unforgettable memories.

  • Wedding DJs: Crafting Harmonious Love Stories

With a deep understanding of emotions, our Wedding DJs blend romantic melodies, joyous tunes, and energetic beats that reflect the couple’s unique love story. Their ability to read the crowd and seamlessly transition between genres ensures that the dance floor remains alive, creating an atmosphere of pure celebration and joy.

  • DJ in Tampa Bay: The Heartbeat of the City

These DJs are attuned to the city’s diverse cultural influences, and their playlists reflect the dynamic spirit of Tampa. Whether it’s a corporate event, a private party, or a club night, DJ in Tampa transforms the atmosphere, making every moment unforgettable and capturing the city’s heartbeat.

  • DJ + Band Combo: A Fusion of Melodies

For those who crave a truly immersive musical experience, Breezin’ Entertainment offers the DJ + Band Combo package. This dynamic fusion combines a DJ’s talents with a live band’s captivating performance, creating a symphony of melodies that resonates with diverse audiences.


Live Music

Music can touch hearts, evoke emotions, and create memories that last a lifetime. Breezin’ Entertainment, a visionary in the entertainment industry, weaves this magic into its diverse live music services.
  • Solo Performer: Intimate Musical Moments

Breezin’ Entertainment’s Solo Performers create a captivating atmosphere with their soulful melodies and heartfelt performances. Whether it’s an acoustic guitar, a gentle piano, or a haunting vocal, Solo Performers set the tone for intimate gatherings, cocktail receptions, and events where every note is felt deeply. Their ability to connect with the audience personally makes every performance a unique and touching experience.

  • Duos & Trios: Harmonious Collaboration

Duos & Trios bring together a harmonious collaboration of talent, blending diverse musical elements into a seamless, captivating performance. Breezin’ Entertainment’s Duos & Trios combine vocal harmonies with instrumental prowess, creating a dynamic and versatile musical experience. From mellow jazz tunes to upbeat pop hits, these ensembles add a layer of sophistication and energy to events, making them truly unforgettable.

  • 4-5 Piece Band: Energetic Musical Fusion

Breezin’ Entertainment’s 4-5 Piece Bands rise to the occasion for events that demand a dynamic and energetic musical presence. With a mix of vocals, instruments, and a rich repertoire of genres, these bands create an immersive musical journey that engages audiences and keeps the dance floor alive. The synergy among band members results in a performance that is as visually captivating as musically enthralling.

  • Full Band: Grand Musical Spectacle

For events that call for a grand musical spectacle, Breezin’ Entertainment’s Full Bands deliver an experience that leaves a lasting impact. Comprising multiple instrumentalists and vocalists, Full Bands creates a wall of sound that envelops the audience, evoking powerful emotions and creating an electrifying ambiance. From classic hits to contemporary favorites, a Full Band performance is a statement of musical excellence.

813 Live All-star Band

Prepare to be captivated by the rhythmic magic of the 813Live All-Star Band. This extraordinary ensemble is not just a band; it’s a musical journey that fuses talents, genres, and emotions into a seamless performance. Comprising a dynamic lineup of accomplished instrumentalists and vocalists, the 813Live All-Star Band transforms events into electrifying spectacles that leave audiences spellbound. An Unparalleled Showcase of Talent Breezin”s 813Live All-Star Band is a testament to the exceptional pool of talent nurtured by Breezin’ Entertainment. These musicians are not just performers; they are virtuosos who masterfully navigate through genres, playing everything from classics to contemporary hits with equal finesse. With a diverse repertoire that caters to every musical palette, the 813Live All-Star Band ensures that every guest is engaged and entertained. Versatility Beyond Compare Whether it’s a corporate gala, a private celebration, a wedding, or a grand party, the 813Live All-Star Band’s versatility shines through. Their ability to read the crowd, adapt to the event’s atmosphere, and seamlessly transition between musical styles makes them perfect for any occasion. From soulful ballads to high-energy dance hits, they curate a performance that resonates with every guest.

The Breezin’ Packages

When creating a remarkable atmosphere for your event, Breezin’ Entertainment has curated a selection of packages that seamlessly blend musical talent, style, and professionalism. Each package is thoughtfully designed to cater to different preferences and occasions, ensuring your event is memorable and musically enchanting. Let’s dive into the captivating world of Breezin’s entertainment packages that promise to transform your event into a truly unforgettable experience.

1. The Breeze Package: Embrace the Elegance For those seeking an elegant touch, The Breeze Package offers a soloist for two hours and a microphone for the ceremony. Whether it’s a vocalist’s soulful notes or an instrumentalist’s delicate strings, the soloist sets the tone for a graceful and intimate atmosphere. Priced between $450 and $700, this package provides a musical backdrop that complements the beauty of your event.

2. The Breezy Package: Harmonious Fusion The rhythm of your event comes alive with The Breezy Package. This dynamic offering includes a DJ for four hours and a soloist for two hours, complete with a microphone for the ceremony. With a price range of $1,300 to $1,700, The Breezy Package brings together the expertise of a DJ and the allure of a soloist, creating a harmonious blend of musical genres that resonates with diverse audiences.

3. The Breezin Package: Musical Splendor For those who desire musical splendor that leaves a lasting impact, The Breezin Package is the perfect choice. This comprehensive offering boasts a solo musician for two hours and a DJ for four hours. What’s more, the package includes a microphone and eight uprights, elevating the ambiance of the ceremony. With a price range of $1,500 to $2,100, The Breezin Package transforms your event into an immersive musical experience that captivates all senses.

At Breezin’ Entertainment, we don’t just play music; we curate memories. Our experienced musicians and DJs infuse your event with emotions, creating moments that linger in the hearts of your guests long after the final note. Whether envisioning an intimate gathering, a high-energy celebration, or an elegant affair, Breezin’ Entertainment is here to turn your vision into reality. Let’s collaborate and make your event a resounding success. Contact us today to unlock the power of music for your event.

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Channel District: Urban Excitement in Tampa’s Waterfront District

  Explore where urban innovation meets waterfront tranquility in Channel District, a lively neighborhood tucked away in the heart of Tampa, Florida’s bustling cityscape. Renowned for its cosmopolitan charm, diverse leisure activities, and convenient amenities, the Channel District promises an unmatched lively urban experience.  

Sky-High Architectural Innovation

The Channel District impresses with a skyline defined by creative architectural brilliance. Sleek high-rises, modern lofts, and luxury condominiums abound, echoing the neighborhood’s commitment to innovative urban living. A blend of industrial heritage and contemporary design adds a distinctive character to its urban fabric.

Dynamic Culinary Universe

The Channel District’s culinary scene captures the neighborhood’s vibrant energy perfectly. The selection ranges from casual waterfront cafes serving fresh local seafood to elegant rooftop restaurants boasting international cuisines. Farmers’ markets and gourmet grocers allow residents to bring a slice of Channel District’s food culture into their own kitchens.

A Shoppers’ Paradise

Retail therapy takes on a new dimension in the Channel District. The neighborhood offers an intriguing mix of shopping venues—from high-end boutiques to quirky local stores. Whether seeking designer labels or unique crafts, shoppers will enjoy an enriching retail experience in the Channel District.

A Haven for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Despite its urban nature, the Channel District offers plentiful green spaces where residents can enjoy Florida’s sunshine. The picturesque waterfront parks, bike trails, and dog-friendly spaces provide plenty of opportunities for outdoor pursuits. Moreover, the popular Tampa Riverwalk stretches into the neighborhood, offering ample recreation by the water’s edge.

Electrifying Nightlife

The Channel District boasts an exhilarating nightlife, encompassing everything from relaxed wine bars to pulsating nightclubs. The neighborhood also hosts sporting events and concerts at the nearby Amalie Arena, bolstering its already dynamic after-dark atmosphere.

Communal Spirit in the Urban Jungle

Proud of its sense of community, the Channel District regularly hosts lively events like outdoor workouts, food truck rallies, and seasonal festivals. This strong community spirit amidst the urban setting makes the Channel District a unique locale where city living blends seamlessly with a tight-knit community’s warmth.

Pioneering Education

Being a progressive neighborhood, the Channel District takes pride in offering quality education options. Walking distance to the well-regarded University of Tampa, the neighborhood attracts students and faculty, enhancing its vibrant and diverse demographic.

The Channel District presents a lifestyle that marries the convenience and excitement of urban living with the tranquility and charm of waterfront landscapes. Modern residences, dynamic culinary experiences, compelling retail destinations, promising outdoor avenues, and a spirited community define the essence of the Channel District. Embrace the energetic city pulse and the sedate murmur of the riverside simultaneously, as you uncover the unique urban charm of Tampa’s Channel District.

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West Tampa: The Fusion of Heritage and Revitalization


Uncover the robust expression of cultural diversity and thriving resurgence in West Tampa, a dynamic neighborhood steeped in rich history and brimming with urban vibrancy. As one of the oldest sections of Tampa, Florida, West Tampa exudes an eclectic spirit resulting from a successful blend of heritage preservation and modern evolution.

Architectural Testament

West Tampa’s architecture is a testament to its cultural roots and progressive vision. Historic cigar factories sit side-by-side with refurbished bungalows, symbolizing the timeless blend of past narratives and future aspirations. The neighborhood’s architectural style is a homage to the generations of immigrants whose labor and ingenuity shaped West Tampa’s unique identity.

Culinary Diversity

Food enthusiasts thrive in West Tampa, where the dining scene is as varied as the community. Traditional Cuban sandwich joints, gourmet food trucks, and newly inaugurated bistros create a culinary landscape representing the neighborhood’s vibrant multicultural diversity. Culinary connoisseurs can enjoy a flavorful journey through time as they relish West Tampa’s historical cuisine alongside contemporary gourmet trends.

Exciting Retail Encounter

Indulge in a one-of-a-kind retail experience as you meander through West Tampa’s shopping precincts. From artisanal boutiques offering locally-crafted goods to sprawling shopping malls housing global brands, West Tampa offers an enriching mix of shopping adventures to suit every style, taste, and budget.

Admiring Nature

Nature has a cherished place amidst West Tampa’s urban setting. Lush green parks, serene riverbanks, and tree-lined walkways provide an oasis of calm and a canvas for outdoor activities. Chase adventure at Julian B. Lane Riverfront Park or take a leisure stroll at MacFarlane Park – West Tampa’s open spaces promise recreation, relaxation, and a breath of fresh air.

Dynamic Nightlife

West Tampa offers an invigorating nightlife scene that reflects its youthful and diverse spirit. Jazz lounges, tapas bars, salsa clubs, and craft brewpubs create an energetic ambiance every evening, promising unforgettable nights characterized by vivacity and camaraderie.

Engaged and Vibrant Community

In West Tampa, the sense of community is tangible. The neighborhood’s unity is seen in cultural festivities like Fiesta Day and group events like neighborhood clean-up drives. This kinetic community spirit contributes to West Tampa’s unique character, where tradition and transformation coexist perfectly.

Committed to Learning

West Tampa places high importance on education, as evidenced by its well-structured learning institutions and community-supported libraries. The neighborhood’s commitment to delivering quality education indicates its dedication to its residents’ growth and prosperity.


West Tampa is a neighborhood characterized by its fusion of cultural legacy and a wave of revitalization. Residents and visitors alike are captivated by its historic character, multicultural cuisine, vibrant community, and promise of growth. It offers a fulfilling lifestyle, with opportunities to enrich the past, embrace the present, and foster the future. Delve into the depth of culture and diversity, and experience the dynamic, charming, and distinctive identity that is uniquely West Tampa.

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Seminole Heights: Uncovering Tampa’s Vintage Gem

Experience the allure of yesteryears embraced by the warm, spirited charm of modern suburbia in Seminole Heights, one of Tampa, Florida’s oldest and most vibrant neighborhoods. Renowned for its restored bungalows, neoclassical architecture, and eclectic spirit, Seminole Heights blends tradition and innovation, offering residents a unique, enriched quality of life.

Architectural Heritage

The charm of Seminole Heights lies in the architectural diversity mirrored in its storied streets. Elegant bungalows dating back to the 1920s stand in a harmonious dialogue with distinct Craftsman-style and colonial homes. These historic dwellings, donned in character and charm, reveal a narrative of the neighborhood’s rich heritage while providing a timeless backdrop for urban living.

A Food Lover’s Retreat

Epicurean adventures come alive in Seminole Heights, home to various distinguished culinary establishments. Every corner promises a gastronomic delight, from gourmet doughnut shops to craft-brewed coffee houses, farm-to-table restaurants, and food truck rallies. The neighborhood’s food scene is a carefully curated medley of global flavors and local ingredients that sits perfectly within its historical backdrop.

Shopping with a Nostalgic Twist

Stroll through the streets of Seminole Heights, and you’ll discover a shopping experience steeped in nostalgia. Antique stores, vintage clothing boutiques, and eclectic thrift shops weave a vivid tapestry of retail adventures. Shopping here feels like embarking on a thrilling treasure hunt, where every browse reveals a piece of history waiting to be claimed.

Nature in the City

In Seminole Heights, the wonders of nature exist harmoniously alongside urban amenities. River Crest Park and its ambling Hillsborough River pathways offer idyllic biking, jogging, or picnicking settings. Scenic river views, wild flora, and fauna contribute to a serene environment that promotes leisure and relaxation.

An Animated Nightlife

Seminole Heights houses an eclectic array of nightspots where lively spirits reside under twinkling evening lights. The neighborhood offers myriad ways to enjoy its vibrant after-dark personality, from humming craft beer breweries to pulsating live music venues.

Engaging Community Spirit

The sense of community in Seminole Heights is palpable. The neighborhood bustles with events like Sunday Market, where residents gather to shop, dine, and enjoy live entertainment. Monthly porch parties and annual home tours foster a warm sense of camaraderie, making Seminole Heights a truly tight-knit community.

Excellence in Education

Seminole Heights hosts several highly-rated schools, underscoring its commitment to delivering quality education. The presence of well-respected public and private schools reinforces its legacy as a neighborhood conducive to nurturing academic growth.


Seminole Heights unfolds as a tapestry rich in history and vibrant in culture. This hip, creative neighborhood infuses its archaic charm with contemporary amenities, providing a balanced lifestyle for its dwellers. The timeless appeal, resilient community spirit, and vintage richness of Seminole Heights carry the promise of a delightful living experience.

Witness how the atmospheric streets and historic homes mingle with distinctive food venues and animated nightlife to create the perfect blend of old-world allure and modern vivacity that is Seminole Heights.

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Davis Islands: A Slice of Mediterranean Charm in Tampa


Immerse in the vibrant suburbia defined by seaside serenity and Old-world character in Davis Islands, a unique jewel nestled in the heart of Tampa, Florida. As one of Tampa’s most prestigious neighborhoods, Davis Islands exudes an ambiance reminiscent of a Mediterranean village while offering the conveniences and luxuries of modern living.

Fearless Architectural Expression

A captivating blend of architectural styles is part of the Davis Islands’ charm. Homes range from grand Mediterranean revival mansions and elegant Art Deco villas to chic modern townhomes, reflecting the neighborhood’s diverse history and rich cultural fabric. This exquisite mixture pays homage to Tampa’s shared past and its bold march toward the future.

Celebrated Culinary Experiences

Davis Islands’ culinary scene shines with gastronomic diversity. The local food venues, from farm-to-table bistros to gourmet gastropubs, offer a wide selection of dishes celebrating regional and international flavors. This neighborhood’s food and wine outings turn every meal event into an extraordinary culinary affair that excites the senses and satisfies the palate.

Shopping with Character

Discover a unique retail experience in Davis Islands, where charming boutiques and specialty shops tempt you with treasures. Each quirky storefront and high-end boutique brings a distinctive charm, lending the shopping scene a delightful cadence as vibrant and varied as the neighborhood.

Nature’s Paradise

Outdoor enthusiasts will feel right at home amidst the serene parks, beaches, and marinas of Davis Islands. Sail away into the sunset, play fetch with your four-legged friend at the dog beach, or enjoy a picnic under a palm-dotted sunset – the choice is yours. The anticipated Tampa Riverwalk extension will further enhance the neighborhood’s impeccable green spaces.

Enthralling Nightlife

Davis Islands comes alive with an enticing nightlife scene as the sun dips behind the horizon. From cozy wine bars and waterfront lounges to craft beer grocers, the neighborhood has a lively yet relaxed atmosphere that appeals to varying nightlife preferences.

A Community of Kindred Spirits

Beyond its picturesque landscapes and opulent homes, Davis Islands thrives due to its strong, caring community. Community events such as local festivals, art exhibitions, and social gatherings keep the neighborhood spirit vibrant and harmonious, fostering a sense of belonging and unity.

Commitment to Education

Davis Islands prides itself on the quality of its educational institutions. It harbors a firm commitment to fostering a nurturing academic excellence and personal growth environment. The neighborhood is home to several top-rated schools and lies near the University of Tampa, reinforcing its dedication to education.


Davis Islands is a neighborhood with an extraordinary blend of casual elegance, Mediterranean mystique, and coastal allure. Spectacular waterfront views, verdant parks, historic landmarks, and a warm, neighborly ambiance make it an idyllic destination for those who want to enjoy the best Tampa lifestyles.

The allure of Davis Islands lies in its ability to mix urban sophistication with a small-town charm – offering an exclusive place to live, work, and play. Uncover an enchanting community where traditional appeal interweaves with contemporary comforts, creating a living tapestry that is quintessentially Davis Islands.