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Breezin’s Top 5 virtual ways to stay connected

It has been 6 months since our jobs have been switched from face-to-face to virtual. Switching Virtually has had some side effects on all of us. You might notice that your team seems less motivated to work and having difficulty concentrating at home or their working more than usual. No matter what it is this is affecting your company environment and success. Here are 5 great ways to make your zoom meeting more exciting!

  • Chocolate Tasting
  • Meditation
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Drive
  • Virtual Trivia
  • Magician

Chocolate comes from cocoa, which grows from a plant, so technically it’s healthy. Virtual chocolate tasting kit is a great way to get your team together. The virtual kit includes a full 50gr chocolate bar. Each bar can be broken into 15 small squares, which is great to share with 4 people! The kit comes with four flavored chocolate bars and 2 surprise flavors.

Thanksgiving is 2 months away but planning ahead is never a bad idea. This year has been a tough one all of us already so let’s make Thanksgiving stress free by buying a Thanksgiving Kit. The Kit comes with two different menu options you can choose from. Once you have chosen your menu option all you have to do Is pick It up and go make it home at. Once that is done, hop on to your virtual meeting with the rest of your co-works and Voila! You have got a virtual thanksgiving.

Mediation is a perfect way to start or end the day with your team. According to a 2016 Study from researchers of Carnegie Mellon University, daily Mindful Meditation is proven to reduce stress, improve concentration and decision making. No, you do not have to guide the meditation yourself. There are thousands of free guided meditations on YouTube if you do not want to hire a meditation instructor. All you have to do is set up a zoom meeting with all you coworker 10 to 15 minutes earlier then usually. This will allow for everyone enough time to hop on the call and take advantage to participate in the 5-minute meditation.

Is designed to keep the perfect balance of challenging your knowledge, while maintaining the fun. What is Virtual Trivia? These virtual trivia games can be individual or in a group. An individual virtual trivia each person is on their own team. The game consists of 7 rounds with 3 questions per round. The group trivia makes sure to make your groups ahead of time, each having a creative name. Have each group choose one spokesperson to turn in the final answer. Helpful tip: make sure everyone writes their exact name and last name as it makes it easier for everyone to get into the correct breakout room. Players can engage by answering questions regarding several topics and themes: some of these topics include: Friends, Parks & Rec, 80’s Trivia etc.

Everyone loves a good magic trick. While magicians and mentalists are known to people they are also known as experts at seeing things from another perspective. For your next meeting end the meeting with a special surprise. Have a magician/keynote speaker teach your employee about the role of perception in our lives all. Learn to see things from the perspective of others by a magician.

Yes, Covid-19 has changed all of our lives in different ways but thankfully we have not let it stop us from living. Thanks to technology the possibility of still keeping in touch and making connections are still possible even if it’s through a phone call, facetime or Zoom.

Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-349-4998 today or visit

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How To Make a DIY Wedding Bouquet

If you’re planning your wedding, the process of creating the perfect day can feel overwhelming. When it comes to décor and accessories, your bouquet is one of the most important components of your look. Whether you need to wed on a budget or you’re looking for ways to get creative, this guide explores how you can make your wedding bouquet DIY-style to save money, love it, and increase its sentimental value.

Getting Started

Once you’ve determined that a DIY wedding bouquet is a way to go, you’ll want to choose your favorite colors. While traditional weddings typically use white flowers, there’s no rule that says you can’t get creative when picking out your color scheme. Whether it’s soft pastels in pink and blue or autumnal colors like red and gold, have fun choosing a variety of hues to include in your bouquet. Consider the time of year you’re getting married when you choose the flowers. Certain types of flowers may not be in season when you plan to get married. Look at your location, climate, and the time of year to help you determine which fresh flowers will be available.

After you decide on a color palette and flower types, it’s time to decide on a design. Wedding bouquets can be a simple bunch of flowers tied with a ribbon, or they can be intricate and complex. Research a few wedding blogs and photos for inspiration. If you have a theme in mind, look for bouquet designs that will work around it for a cohesive look. Keep in mind that you’ll want the stems of your flowers to be long enough so that you’ll have something to hold onto when you walk down the aisle.

Features to Include

A luscious arrangement of fresh flowers is always beautiful, but there are a few other features you can include in your DIY wedding bouquet. Wrap the base of your bouquet in a wide ribbon to add a feminine touch. Include other plants like trailing ferns, fresh eucalyptus, or baby’s breath to give your bouquet a bit of depth and diversity. For a really fun touch, insert a long stick pin with a pearl on top into the largest flowers to give your bouquet a romantic, vintage vibe. Make sure your bouquet is securely in place and has enough room at the end for you to hold onto it. A comfortable material around the underside will make it much more pleasant to hold onto throughout the ceremony. Don’t forget to make a smaller version of your bouquet if you’re planning to do a bouquet toss later.

The Benefits of Making Your Own Bouquet

A professionally designed bouquet from a florist is certainly a beautiful sight to behold. However, there are lots of great benefits to making your own DIY wedding bouquet, including:

  •   Price: It’s much less costly to procure your own flowers, ribbon, and other accessories to make your bouquet. On average, a professionally made bouquet can cost anywherebetween $100 to $150 and bridesmaid’s arrangements can run you between $50 and $90 on average. Making it yourself could cut these prices by around half.
  •   Creativity: When you make your own bouquet, you’re able to put your own creative spin on it. In addition, your flowers will be one of a kind which means your bouquet is a complete original. Doing this DIY project also allows you to put some of your own personality into it, which makes for a memorable day and unforgettable photographs.
  •   Bridesmaid bouquet options: If you plan to make DIY bouquets for your bridesmaids, it’s the perfect opportunity to have some fun. Gather your best gals together and spend an afternoon creating your custom DIY bouquets together.
  •   Happiness: Making something for your wedding is a great way to relieve some stress. When you create your bouquet yourself, it gives you the feeling of having some control over the planning process. Sitting down and working with your hands gives you something to focus on. You’ll also feel great knowing that you created such an important part of your wedding yourself.

Materials to Use & DIY Ideas

You’re not confined to using fresh flowers only when it comes to making your DIY bouquet. In fact, there are tons of unique ideas out there that don’t require using flowers at all! If you consider yourself pretty crafty, explore a few unique DIY projects you can try. This will also give you extra time to plan in case you were going to work your bouquet-building around whatever flowers are in season. No matter what you decide, you’ll definitely need a few key items to get started. First, a good, sharp pair of scissors will be needed to cut ribbon, stems, or other items. A glue gun makes it easy to attach your flower designs together. Designate a separate workspace in your home so you can spread out and take your time creating your bouquet. Make sure you use a sturdy table and cover it with a tablecloth to prevent damage.

Here are some ideas for bouquet materials you can try if you don’t want to make it out of real flowers:

  •   Felt: Craft a gorgeous bouquet made entirely of handmade felt flowers. The beauty of this design is that you can find felt in a rainbow of fun, playful colors.
  •   Vintage Brooches: A trend in DIY bridal bouquets is one created completely from sparkling vintage brooches. This is an incredibly unique option and hunting for the brooches makes the process lots of fun, too. Scour local thrift stores and ask friends and family for donated brooches, and you’ll have a visually stunning bouquet that also photographs incredibly well.
  •   Paper: Yes, you can even make a custom bouquet from the paper if you choose. Try your hand at making a few practice flowers before you put the final product together. Your paper should be thick and durable so that when you fold it, the flowers hold their shape.
  •   Artificial flowers: If you adore the look of fresh flowers but prefer to stick to a budget,artificial flowers are a great alternative. Today’s faux flowers look more realistic than ever and they come in everything from classic roses to trendy succulents. The best part? Your bouquet will last forever if you choose to create it with artificial blooms.

Décor and Inspiration

Creating your own wedding bouquet can give your special day a unique, custom touch. Don’t just limit yourself to the flowers in your bouquet. You can also create customized DIY floral table arrangements and boutonnières for the guys, too. Make sure you give yourself enough time to plan out your floral arrangements, such as including a wedding arch as well. Pick out your favorite color palette and then work around it by deciding what project you plan to do. Here are a few other inspirational ideas to try with your custom flowers:

  •   Attach some of your handmade flowers to a metal ring for beautiful, modern hoop wreaths that bring delightful décor to any venue.
  •   If you’re making paper flowers, create some garland you can attach to a staircase or use as an arch over a doorway.
  •   Use a special floral foam (you can find it at most craft stores) and insert your DIY flowers in spheres, wreaths, and other shapes. Place them on tables or in vases so you have a cohesive theme that coordinates with your bouquet.
  •   Depending on your theme, create flowers and custom bouquets that match. For example, an autumn wedding can include jewel tones and lush greenery, while a vintage-inspired ceremony is enhanced with brooch bouquets where you can add some loose pearls to give your bouquet that little extra.
  •   Choose charming containers for your DIY flowers. If you’re aiming for a rustic wedding, place flowers in clear Mason jars or wooden trays. Buds nestled in vintage teacups add tons of charm to romantic wedding receptions.
  •   Wrap battery-powered fairy lights around floral décor to create a warm illumination. These tiny lights are also charming when nestled inside clear vases as part of your tabletop floral décor.
  •   Wall pocket vases or baskets make fantastic décor when filed with flowers. Hang them in your reception hall to add a pop of color and romance to your wedding.

Sentimental Value

Perhaps the most important part of making a DIY wedding bouquet is the sentimental value it will hold. Fresh flowers are certainly beautiful, but they won’t last forever. If you make something from paper, felt, faux flowers, or brooches, you can preserve and hang onto your custom bouquet for life. Not only does the ability to preserve your bouquet make it sentimental, but it will also mean more to you knowing that you made it yourself with your ideas and precious time. Consider giving your bridesmaids DIY bouquets as well. It’s the perfect way to say thank you, and it’s something they will cherish and hang onto forever. Also, a way to preserve your wedding bouquet would be by taking some artistic photographs, consider a photography shop to have this done.

If you’re planning a wedding on a budget, a DIY bouquet is a great start. Get creative, and remember to have fun while crafting the bouquet of your dreams. With time and patience, you’ll create something that will be cherished for years to come.

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Fall Event Ideas

Ahhh… I can already start to imagine it. The trees changing to orange and yellow, the cool afternoon breeze of air, the kids playing dress-up around the neighborhood, or the super yum Turkey my family gets together every year for. It’s all just around the corner, in the wonderful season of Fall.

The Fall Season has lots of events that, even if they can be done anytime, will fit perfectly into the atmosphere this autumn season brings. From fun costume or party events you can host for your little ones, to late nights with colorful lights for the grown-ups, you can do it all!

Here is some fun filled Fall ideas you can use to plan ahead:

  • Apple picking
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Corn on the cob
  • Pecan pie making

If your passion lies around the delicious, tasty, traditional fall pickings, then you should give these ideas a try! Take your family on an apple picking adventure! Don’t live near any apple tree farms? Try buying some apples, and throwing them in a water barrel, see who can take a dunk and bite out the most apples in under a minute! If apples aren’t your favorite, you can never go wrong with the good ole’ pumpkin carving tradition. Visiting the pumpkin patch with your loved ones and carving some intricate, creative designs will surely take up a day’s worth full of fun! And what’s more is you could always come home to find that delicious Pecan pie you learnt how to bake in the morning, waiting as the perfect dinner treat.

If your desire is to host more mature events, you could also take a look at these options:

  • Wine tasting

Fall is the perfect time to challenge your senses. During the fall you can enjoy some fruity and floral white wines, as well as strong or medium- bodied reds that complement your cheese boards and pasta dinners.

  • Biergarten

Although you typically find beer gardens around the city, during this season you can host your own! Think about supporting your local breweries and grabbing some new flavors, while inviting some friends over for the seasonal sports games!

  • Tailgate game time!

Fall is football season all over the country, from little to big league! Go have some BBQ fun and maybe even try a cookoff with your buddies! Play corn hole or catch while you wait to cheer on your favorite sports team!

And while there are tons of more possible events you could hold this fall… let’s not forget about our headliner: HALLOWEEN!

The possibilities are endless! From an all-out Costume runway for your guests to show off their styles, to a themed contest or a create your caramel apple station. Halloween is full of possibilities and ideas.

Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit

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Get To Know The Entertainers: Vicki

Victoria remembers being 6 years old and praying to be able to play the harp one day. She had been drawn to it ever since she first saw it being played by Minnie Mouse in an orchestra. In the 3rd grade, Vicki had read the story of David playing for King Saul and was struck by the harps’ significance in the bible. She began playing the piano before starting private harp lessons at 7.

Vicki received her bachelors in music from East Coast Bible College, and studied the harp at the University of North Carolina alongside with The University of South Florida. She has a classical background but has also studied Jazz and has travelled to Ireland to study Irish music at the Irish Harp School. Vicki has gained skills from many of the greatest harpists in the world including Jan Jennings, Carrol McLaughlin, Deborah Henson-Conant, Cheryl Losey, and Isabelle Perrin.

She has been greatly inspired by Louise Trotter, Deborah Henson-Conant who were able to do so much more with the harp than people would expect by playing blues, country, jazz, and fun music. Vicki has been influenced by Jan Jennings to play popular music, Alfredo Ortiz has inspired latin music, and Ana Maria Luis Rayan with classical music.

Vicki puts a lot of heart and sensitivity into her playing. She describes herself as a romantic, and has a vast repertoire in all genres including classical, jazz, and latin with her specialty being in popular and sacred music. Vicki believes there is a difference in the aura of an entertainer when they truly love what they are doing.

When preparing for a gig, Vicki arrives early to set up her harp, sound equipment, music stand and bench. She warms up her fingers and tunes the harp. Vicki believes music is the first impression and it is special to walk in and hear the soothing sound of the harp, so she often begins playing before the actual set time.

Vicki puts a lot of thought into the pieces she is going to play, beginning with the clients personal tastes and requests. She considers the type of event, age group, time of year, and what songs are popular at the time of the event. Vicki believes that variety is key, people have varying tastes in music so an assortment often makes everyone happy. She tends to mix up the order of songs by playing fast tempoed songs followed by slow, toe tapping, and key changing, all things that keep the music lively and interesting.

Although Vicki enjoys playing at weddings, churches, retirement homes and Christmas events, she especially loves playing at funerals. People are quiet and the harp is soothing and Heavenly providing comfort for those who are grieving. Her dream gig would be to play on the streets of Jerusalem where King David played for Saul.

Vicki believes the harp has gained popularity in recent years and it will continue to keep growing because musicians have unlimited access to music lessons now thanks to the internet. Vicki’s love for the harp had been instilled from a very young age, and she wants to continue to serve others through music. She loves when music touches a person’s heart and assists in creating everlasting memories for their special day.

Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit

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Get To Know The Entertainers: Kenny

Kenny ., has been involved in music for as long as he can remember. Growing up with a big family in St. Thomas, there was always something going on. Kenny sang together with his siblings and performed makeshift shows in the house where the closet was considered their backstage area.

Kenny recalls singing the stars spangled banner every morning in the 4th grade and in the 6th grade when his piano teacher would make him sing different dances and ballads. In 9th grade, students used to practice steel drums on the school grounds. This prevented Kenny from being able to concentrate on his studies, which inclined him to begin playing the steel drums himself. 

In 1975, Kenny played the steel drums in St. Thomas’s Carnival: a celebration of culture, dancing, food and music. As soon as Carnival was over he received a call from Lord Saint who was looking for someone to play in the Clearwater area, this was what brought Kenny to the Tampa Bay area. 

Kenny continued to play with Lord Saint in Clearwater and at the Adams Mark until 1979. Soon after, Kenny played on a Cruise Ship with a group of guys from St. Kitts until 1984. Once he returned, Kenny began to play by himself, this is when he met Cindy Dervech of Breezin’ Entertainment whom he has been working with for 30 years. 

Although Kennys specialty is the steel drums, he can also play guitar and sing. There is something about the steel drums that draws his attention, “It’s in my blood, when I am playing the steel drums it just comes naturally, I enjoy doing it so that’s what I do.” Kenny says. 

One of the most important things about a gig is your arrival, you have to try to connect with the people around you in order to feel comfortable. If you are friendly with the guests, the gig runs smoothly. Kenny likes to arrive early to set up, relax and settle his nerves. The main thing to remember is that you are working for the client, and once the client is happy everything is fine. 

Kenny enjoys performing at houses, they are much more relaxing, people welcome you in and they make you feel appreciated. But you have to remember that you are there to work. One of the most rewarding things about performing is when people are honest about your set. When someone really enjoys a performance it gives you a new perspective, proving your hard work pays off. 

Kennys inspiration stems from his brother who sang soul and his sister danced with broken glass and fire, alongside Nat King Cole. He likes everything, whether it be country music or waltzes, Kenny believes that all music connects which is why he doesn’t stick to one genre.

In the future, Kenny wants to keep performing and make one or two more CDs. Kenny loves his city and his heritage, he enjoys the Tampa area because the weather reminds him of the islands. 

You can listen to Kenny’s album, 50 Years of Carnival here:


Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit

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Top 5 Themes for the Perfect Summer Party!

The days are longer, and the sun shines brighter during the summertime. There is no better way to take advantage of the extra sunshine than by throwing an outdoor party! Here are Breezin’s top 5 themes for the perfect summer party.

Backyard Bash

This is an easy party theme that will have guests feeling right at home. You can go all out by including different entertainment such as a DJ, a band or soloist, bar service, a face painter and various yard games for everyone to enjoy. Or you can opt for a more intimate bash with simple decor, and yard games.

Breezin’ is offering an all-inclusive Backyard Bash package for all 2020 dates. Click the link to contact us today:







Pool Party Luau

Transform your backyard into a tropical paradise with a pool party luau. This laid-back theme will allow your guests to experience island time. You can incorporate Hawaiian music, beach volleyball, decorative pool floats, grass skirts and fruity umbrellacocktails just to name a few.

Drink Around the World

Explore a variety of international beverages from the comfort of your own home. Decorate each country (Room) by putting up flags and banners based on the location. Allow your guests to interact with each place with passports and stamps. Cool down your summer event by including an array of cocktails from different parts of the world.

Some of our favorite drinks are:

Piña Coladas – Puerto Rico

Sangria- Spain

Margaritas – Mexico

Saké – Tokyo

Mojito – Cuba

If drinking is not your thing, include different foods along with the beverages in every country you visit. Be sure to click the link to learn more:

Backyard Field Day

Get your game on with your very own backyard field day. This party theme will spark friendly competition with fun games like obstacle courses, egg toss, dodgeball, three-legged race and more. Cool down with snow cones and paper plate awards.


Step right up and join the fun! Transform your backyard to a big top extravaganza with red and white decor, face painting, carnival games, a photo booth, prizes and treats. Take your event to the next level with live music, entertainment, and performers for the whole family to enjoy.

Some of our favorite carnival treats are:

Cotton Candy


Caramel apples

Funnel Cake


And so much more!

Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit

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Breezin’s Tips on Having an at Home Graduation Party!

Let’s get real…just because it’s 2020 doesn’t mean you can’t still have a celebration. The 2020 graduating seniors this year are missing out on the traditional graduation and celebrations that they have worked their whole lives for. Whether you get your diploma on stage or via Zoom call, you still did it! In honor of the 2020 graduates, here are Breezin’s top tips on having your graduation party at home this year. 

Have a drive by party!

Invite your friends over for a socially distanced drive by! Whether you’re graduating or celebrating a birthday during these times, everyone can stay distant within their cars. This is a great way to see familiar faces you haven’t seen during this quarantine, while celebrating your graduate! You can also hire entertainers such as DJ’s, Soloist, Stilt Walkers or Jugglers to help entertain all of your supporters that are there to help you celebrate all your accomplishments.

Hang up your accomplishment.

Whether you graduated Middle School, High School, or College, they’re all impactful milestones throughout your life. Let your neighbors and community know there’s a graduate in the house! You deserve to be recognized for your hard work and achievements. Whether you decorate with your future school’s flag, or even with s life size cutout of your 2020 grad, it still gets you in the spirit and brings recognition to their achievements. 

Photo Ops 

DIY time. Now that you’ve been stuck in the house, you’ve had the time to get creative! Celebrate your graduate with a small gathering and have your guests help you create a DIY photobooth or wall. Adding some flares of 2020 graduate signs, balloons, and streamers will allow you to capture the moment you won’t ever forget! While going through old family pictures, reminisce on the good old days by decorating your house with 18 years worth of photos. 

Photoshoot. Pick out meaningful places at your house and within your neighborhood (the first tree you climbed, your favorite playground, or favorite restaurant) no matter where it is, find those places that have made a lasting impression on you. Looking back at these photos will help you remember all the places that have helped shape you into who are today. 


With being at home and staying socially distant, eating at home is a safe way to ensure your family stays healthy. Nothing says celebration more they having a small gathering of friends and family with Burgers and Hot Dogs on the Grill. Its not the size of the group, it’s the people in the group that matters!

Dessert it out with all things 2020 and graduation themed! Putting 2020 on cupcakes, cakes, cookies, etc. If your inner baker is coming out, even try making diploma shaped treats and graduation caps to add the extra touch. 

If you want to go the old fashioned way, reach out to your local catering companies to see if they are offering any specials for the graduating class of 2020. 

For more ideas and yummy recipes, check these out! 

For dinner:

For dessert: 

Congrats to the class of 2020…it may not be normal but you did it and still deserve to be celebrated!

Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit

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Cinco Ideas for a Festive Cinco de Mayo Fiesta While Social Distancing

Cinco de Mayo, Spanish for “fifth of May” and aka the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla, is a holiday celebrated in the United States and Mexico to honor the Mexican army’s May 5, 1865, victory over the French forces of Napoleon III. Even though Cinco de Mayo might be celebrated differently this year, it doesn’t mean the fiesta can’t be just as fun from home! 


  • Food


Not even the pandemic will stop Cinco De Mayo festivities from happening, at least not with food! While we can’t go out and enjoy tacos and margaritas with our friends, there is still an option to order take-out or even cook at home. Here is some of our top picks that are essential to set the stage for your party.

Green Creamy Guacamole

Fresh Corn & Avocado Salsa

Shrimp Ceviche

No-Fuss Chiles Rellenos Skillet

Cheesy Chicken Tostadas

Black Bean Tamales with Mole

Chicken Flautas

Don’t worry though, if that doesn’t sound appetizing, we have other ideas for food that may be more appealing! 


  • Drink


Cinco de Mayo is a time to celebrate, and if your go-to liquor is tequila, you’re in luck. This year go with some of our favorite cocktails! Don’t forget the way the drinks look is almost as important as how they taste! Here are some easy to follow drink ideas that you can make right at home. 

-Grilled Pineapple Jalapeño Margarita

-Grapefruit Tequila Slammer


-Mexican Mule

-Sour Green Apple Margarita

-Blackberry Sage Tequila Smash

-Mexican Mimosa

-Frozen Coronarita (Yes it’s a real drink) (A Margarita with a corona in it)


  • Decor


Paper Mache “Piñata” 

Paper mache is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Plus, you probably already have most of the supplies! A paper mache piñata can be completed in five easy steps.

Step 1 – Mix one part water with one part flour to create paste.

Step 2 – Blow up balloon and cut newspaper into strips.

Step 3 – Dip newspaper strip into paste, squeezing off excess paste. Apply to balloon.

Step 4 – Repeat Step 3, layering newspaper on until the balloon is covered three to four layers deep. Leave an opening at the top for candy.

Step 5 – Let dry for at least 24 hours. Then POP the balloon and decorate!

Picado Streamers

-Looking for banners inspired by Meican folk art? Try using Picado Streamers! Nothing lights up a room like some colorful banners. 

San Antonio Flower Crown (DIY) 

-You don’t need to head down to San Antonio for its Fiesta celebration to enjoy a handmaid flower crown this year. Learn how to make your very own Flower Crown DIY style right at home here: 

DIY Mini Maracas

Decorating Maracas can be a fun craft to do together, or the night before to hand out as party favors.

“Piñata” Balloons

All you need is a little fringe for these festive balloons… just make sure you don’t swing at these with a bat

Photo Fringe 

DIY fringe photo wall (which, might we add, is about as festive as they come). 


  • Games



Take a Mexican, Fiesta or Cinco de Mayo related word such as guacamole or festival. Challenge the children to find as many little words as they can.

Example: Guacamole

Words: came, come, me, am, game, gem, cue, male, meal, mole, mule, ace, camel, coal, lag, camel, go, goal, coal, etc.


Count in Spanish instead of English. (See below Spanish 1-10 numbers)  “Here I come!” can also be said in Spanish “Ya me voy!”

‘Hide and Seek’ played in Mexico is called ‘ESCONDIDA’ …

It’s best played with lots of places to hide. The person who is the counter (or seeker) stands next to a designated tree and close their eyes while counting to ______.  

The rest of the players run and hide.  When the seeker is done counting, they call out “Ready or Not, Here I come!” and begin searching for everyone else.  The goal for those hiding is to get back and touch the tree before being tagged.  Those who are tagged before touching the tree are also “It” and join the seeker.  The last one to reach the tree or be tagged is the seeker for the next game.


Spanish – English

uno — one

dos — two

tres — three

cuatro — four

cinco — five

seis — six

siete — seven

ocho — eight

nueve — nine

diez — ten


  • Music / Entertainment 


Mexican music

Create your own mariachi band! Whether you have instruments at home or not, you can get creative with household products to produce your own musical sound. 


Following your own DIY maraca creation, try and shake them to the beat of your favorite festive music!

Piñata contest

Who doesn’t love winning especially when candy is the prize? Whether you make an at home piñata or purchase one online/instore, 

DIY Photo Booth

If you are looking for some fun entertainment for a party full of teenagers or adults, set up a photo booth and print out a set photo booth props.  

Tik Tok

With all the rage of the newest social media app “Tik Tok” Breezin’ Entertainment has joined in on the fun. No better way to be creative on Cinco de Mayo than recording yourself making DIY’s, drink’s, and dancing to your favorite music. 

Follow our Tik Tok accounts below to see more!



Regardless of how you celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the Breezin’ team wishes everyone a fun and safe celebration! 


Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit


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5 Fun Virtual Events To Keep Your Team Connected



  • Baking class


      • It is the COIV-19 isn’t it? Were either all coming out of this quarantine fit or fluffy so why not just add a little bit of sweetness to our life. Hosting a baking class for your team is a perfect way to bond online but enjoy something afterwards to share with the people you’re stuck with.


  • Art class


      • Art therapy is a perfect way to relieve some stress built up in the house. Get creative or maybe create something that you can incorporate your company logo into it to keep the team spirit alive. Some ideas you can create are:
        • Decorate coffee mug, wine glass, or beer jug
        • Picture frame
        • Mood Boards- cut up a couple magazines and place motivation words and goals to hang up when your ready to get back into the office


      • Download the game: “PSYCH!”


      • Get to the app store and download the game “PSYCH!”. I am sure this one will crack your co-workers up. It asks goofy questions about each player and you come up with funny responses. This silly light-hearted game can turn into a roast session.



      • Happy Hour


      • Of course we are going to plan a happy hour after one of your work days. Kick back and relax after a long day of being trapped. During this happy hour drink something you normally wouldn’t. This also could turn into a mixology class if you want to take it the next level up with your team.


  • Make a pledge for self-care together


    • Times are tough right now. Maybe work is busy and maybe it is not but making sure you are happy is most important. Yale University’s most attended class is now free online. Everyone can pledge to take this class and use their time afterwards to have a discussion. The class focuses on the science of well-being and engages you in a series of challenges and productive habits. Trying to not fall into the quarantine trap might seem difficult but if you use these discussions to focus on things that you are grateful for. The overall goal of the class is to live a happier life which could be beneficial to your team’s overall moral of this quarantine. 


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Wedding Planning Tips Due to Coronavirus

The past year or so has been absolutely fun-filled and totally hectic as you worked on planning you and your fiance’s wedding. Never would have anyone expected for there to be a world pandemic during the day that you’ve been dreaming about for your entire life. While nothing anyone is going to do or say will make you feel happy with the situation we are all living in right now, here at Breezin’ Entertainment, we came up with some tips on why it is so important to have a planner during this time and some things your planner could possibly need to be changing due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

While no one ever expects anything bad to happen around the time of their wedding, clearly, issues pop up, whether it’s a family crisis, or like right now, a global pandemic. By hiring a wedding coordinator, they are there to help you with contacting your venue to find a new date in the future and are there to contact all of the vendors you chose to make sure that they are available on that date to make your wedding exactly as you envision it. If this all continues for a long time and a vendor you chose happens to unfortunately go out of business, or that vendor was already booked solid for that date due to pre-booked events, your planner is completely willing and available to help you find and recommend new vendors for your big day.

All of this craziness going on right now is a lot for anyone to handle with the events industry, so having a wedding coordinator to turn to that can help you navigate through all of this is so important to understand all of the possible options. If you are a bride that has been planning your wedding that is now getting postponed and you don’t have a coordinator, now is the time to think about investing in one to help you through all of these obstacles. Changing your entire wedding around because of this could become costly, so it might not be a bad idea to ask if potential coordinators would be offering a discount for the couples that have had to change their wedding due to CoronaVirus.

If you currently have a planner and change your wedding date to the following year on a date where your coordinator could book another bride full price, don’t be surprised if they charge you an additional fee. While it might seem frustrating for this possibility, this is a whole extra year that your planner will be helping you through changes. A super helpful way for your planners to be able to take on new business as well as keep assisting you throughout this process is to postpone your wedding to a Friday or a Sunday rather than a Saturday. While it might not be exactly what you wanted, you have a better opportunity at keeping your planner that has already helped you through so much.

As everything progresses with the coronavirus, it is important to stay informed since everything is changing day by day. For right now, keep planning your upcoming summer weddings as is, and speak to your planner to come up with a plan, just in case. As planner’s, we want to make sure that you have your special day go off without any issues once that day can come, so use your coordinator as a rock during this time to release some of that stress and to get clarification on how you should be going about all of this.

Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit