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Breezin’ Chats – Episode 2: Life Lessons, Tips, and the Journey to Entertainment Feat. Jessie Soplinski

On this episode of Breezin’ Chats, founder Cindy Dervech and VP Michael Dervech are accompanied by special guest Jessie Soplinski, who is the Director of Events at Breezin’ Entertainment. She has been with the company for over ten years and recently started her work with Breezin’ Weddings. As a college graduate, Jessie struggled to find a career that would suit her creative spirit but soon found her calling with Breezin’. In episode 2, “Life Lessons, Tips, and the Journey to Entertainment ” Jessie discusses her transition into the entertainment industry and how she found her passion for preparing and organizing events. She also shares her expert advice and witty, personal stories on weddings she has coordinated.



Breezin’ Entertainment is launching a spin-off podcast series, called Breezin’ Chats. Breezin’ Chats is a wedding, corporate, and social entertainment podcast channel that offers next-level entertainment news to its listeners. Join host, Cindy Dervech and her ambassadors of fun, as they talk about the industry, and even house a few special guests. “If you think it we got it, and if we don’t have it, we’ll find it.”

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Choosing the Perfect Destination Wedding Location

When choosing the perfect location for your destination wedding there are a lot of factors that come into play. To get the most out of the location and have a great experience you need to make sure you are doing your research. You do not want to have an unnecessary surprise during your special day. Here are a few things you will need to consider when choosing your destination.

Choose the right date

When choosing when to have your wedding you want to keep in mind that when it involves travel your guests will need to stay a couple of days. Try to plan your wedding for a long weekend or holiday break so they do not have to ask off work and use their travel days. If you are going to do that be aware that costs for flights and hotels usually go up so you will want to book in advance. Some locations will be busier during certain dates due to holidays or sports events so you should plan your location accordingly.

Be aware of the weather

If you want to get married on a certain day or a certain month remember that you need to look at what the weather will be like. Florida is the perfect place if you are trying to escape the cold but be aware of their hurricane season. If you want to go somewhere North, you will want to be aware of when they have freezing weather and if you have to worry about snow.

Keep in mind the size of your guest list

If you are going to a small town or want a venue that is not very big you need to make sure you adjust your guest list. A small intimate venue will not be able to fit a large number of people so you should narrow it down to close friends and family. If you are paying for your guest’s hotel rooms, you do not want to use your whole wedding budget just on hotel reservations. A tip to keep you from spending more than you need is to only get a few rooms at first and get more as your guests RSVP. If you want to be able to invite whoever you want, you need to find a location that will suit the needs of a large group.

Do extra research

If you have never visited the destination wedding’s location, you should do some research. Are there places to eat and things to do in the area? Look up health warnings in case guests need to get shots before going or take extra precautions if the water is not drinkable. You should also check the crime statistics in the area if you plan to be staying for a while.

If you are worried about finding the perfect location get help from wedding planning specialist at Breezin’ Weddings. An event specialist can take your destination and find the perfect location and venue to make your wedding special.

Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit

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Destination Wedding Tips for Guests

When planning a destination wedding it is important to remember that this can add stress to your guests too. Most of them will be traveling, and some may be coming a long way for your wedding. Not only are they preparing for the wedding, but they also have to prepare for travel. Here are a few tips you should be aware of to help your guests prepare for your destination wedding.

There will be people who say no

Getting a dress or outfit for a wedding is not too challenging but add in travel and it adds complications. You will have guests who may not be able to afford the trip or time to travel to your wedding. If they have kids it may be especially harder for them because they will have to find care for them or pay for them to travel as well. This will lead to guests having to tell you they cannot come to your wedding, so try not to get offended. Your guests want to be there but keep in mind, it is not feasible for everyone.

Make sure your guests know what to pack

Packing is hard but packing for a wedding is harder. Let your guests know any activities you have planned and where the ceremony and reception will be held. This will make it so they can pack for every occasion and aren’t left unprepared on the day of the wedding in a different state or country. Make sure you let your guests know what the weather is like where they are going so they can pack appropriately. If you are going to Florida, you will have to be prepared for the extra warm weather during the summer. If you go during the winter, Florida winters vary, so it’s best to check the weather channel to see how cool it will be during the wedding.

Confirm Plans

Let your guests know of any logistics you have planned and what they need to take care of themselves. If you have a hotel that will give your guests a deal when they make a reservation let your guests know. If you plan to pay for the hotel, make sure your guests know so they do not make a reservation of their own, and if you want all of your guests at the same hotel give them the information with enough time that they can get a decent reservation. Also, let them know if you have someone who will be picking people up at the airport or if they need to make the arrangements themselves. Often hotels have shuttles that will pick people up at the airport. This can be great to relieve stress for your guests and you.

Plan activities

If the guests are coming far for your wedding, they may want to stay a few extra days to settle in or look around. Do some research in advance of the area you will be staying in so that you can find out about any interesting restaurants, landmarks, or markets. You can plan a few things for everyone who wants to but also be aware that with all of the other activities you have planned for the wedding your guests may want some alone time to relax.

Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit


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Why You Should Have Live Music at Your Wedding

If you’re deciding on what entertainment to have at your wedding, then this is the perfect article for you. Booking event entertainment can be challenging with the many types that are available, but having live music is an option you can never go wrong with. Maybe you want to have chefs, waiters, bartenders, or a DJ, which are all fantastic. However, if you and your partner truly want this day to be a beautiful and unforgettable event, then you should definitely have live music, and here’s why.

You may not get the chance again.

Hiring a live band is most likely going to be a one-time purchase because you probably are not going to have any other reason to do something like this again. This is something very unique to have at an event and fits perfectly for a wedding, so take the rare opportunity to have live music.

It’s entertaining for the guests.

Most people can agree that live music is delightful and relaxing for guests of all ages and musical tastes. Of course, this might depend on the genre, but many live musicians play classical music or a classical version of a current pop song, especially for wedding events that are blissful and romantic. Having a live band at your wedding is definitely not going to be a mistake.

There are an endless number of acts to choose from.

This fact cannot be disputed, especially if you book with Breezin’ Entertainment, a Tampa entertainment agency. They can make your special day become a memory that is going to last a lifetime with their high-rated service and countless options of entertainment and live music to choose from. This includes, but is not limited to saxophone players, violin players, percussionist, and vocalists. With so many acts, you can cater to any audience and allow everyone to have an amazing time.

It helps make the day memorable.

Live music helps bring beauty, passion, and warmth at weddings, compared to a playlist of songs and a speaker. You can even ask the musicians to put their own twists on some of your favorite songs, which allows you to personalize the music like a playlist would, except this time it’s fancier. A live band sets the perfect mood for the entire event and makes the special day unforgettable.

You can add a DJ to upgrade the mood.

Live music tends to set a very calm mood during a wedding ceremony, but in case you are considering spicing things up, you can add a DJ with Breezin’ Entertainment’s new DJ Fusion Band package experience.

According to, the mixture of a DJ and a live band is a growing trend in 2019 and is in high demand for brides. Clients can choose any number of musicians they would like with the DJ included for an amazing price. Having something as unique as this at your wedding is going to be extremely fun for you and your guests.

Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit


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Breezin’ Chats – Episode 1: Beginnings of Breezin’

In the first podcast episode of Breezin Chats, founder Cindy Dervech discusses her humble beginnings into the hospitality business and how she started the company, known today as Breezin’ Entertainment.



Breezin’ Entertainment is launching a spin-off podcast series, called Breezin’ Chats. Breezin’ Chats is a wedding, corporate, and social entertainment podcast channel that offers next-level entertainment news to its listeners. Join host, Cindy Dervech and her ambassadors of fun, as they talk about the industry, and even house a few special guests. “If you think it we got it, and if we don’t have it, we’ll find it.”

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Ideas to Make Your Corporate Event a Fun Experience

There are many factors to think about when planning a corporate event like finding a location, organizing an agenda, and creating menu options. These are all very basic, but one thing you shouldn’t forget to do is to make the event fun. Working hard every day in an office can be tiresome after a while, and any employee would appreciate an entertaining corporate party. Here are some ideas to make your next business celebration more fun.

Keep Your Business the Main Focus

Making the brand a central part of the event is a way for everyone to celebrate the hard work they put into the company, and also shows your appreciation for them. This is a pleasant way to showcase the company’s achievements. You could share some recent statistics of successful projects to remind everyone that their hard work is worth it.

Invite Everyone

Maybe there are those few employees who you aren’t necessarily on good terms with, but nonetheless, the event should be inclusive for everyone in the company. It’s important to invite everyone because you don’t want to have any awkward situations later on in the office with someone who was forgotten.

Feature Some Entertainment

This is probably the most effective method to make your event fun. Hiring a DJ, live band, or even a mix of both together is a fantastic way to entertain your guests. Maybe you want singers or dancers to perform. You can make any of this possible by contacting Breezin’ Entertainment.

They are a well-trusted Tampa entertainment agency with over 30 years of experience and provide endless options for clients who are interested in booking event entertainment. In your case, finding corporate entertainment for your event will be a smooth process with the help of Breezin’, so be sure to contact them today.

Conduct a Workshop

This is another great way to bring excitement to your business party. Create some group activities and allow people to interact with each other by brainstorming future strategies and goals for the company. You could even hire a professional who knows about hosting workshops that are fun and valuable learning experiences for your employees.

Provide Enough Food and Drinks

The last thing you would want at your event is for people to starve, and hungry people can very quickly turn into angry people. Try to make the options as diverse as possible for people with allergies or certain diets. Limit the number of alcoholic beverages for safety, and make sure there is plenty of food.

Create a Theme

Lighting, decorations, color palettes, and music can set the proper mood for your guests. You could make your business the theme, or even switch it up and come up with unusual colors and decorations to keep your guests interested. With a beautiful environment, your guests are going to enjoy every moment and might want to take pictures to share on social media.

Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit


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Finding your Dream DJ

No matter the event you are planning it is important you get a DJ that fits your needs. DJs specialties’ and styles vary so you will want to ask questions before you decide on the one you want to hire. Here are a few things you should ask the DJ so that you get someone who knows what you are looking for.

If they have experience

Ask the DJ how long they have been in the business and how often they DJ. This will help make sure you aren’t getting a rookie DJ that has only played for his cousin’s sweet sixteen. It is also helpful to ask them if they have a mix to listen to or if they have any videos on YouTube that you can look at to get a better feel of their style.

If they take playlists

Most DJs want a playlist or at least a list of songs you want to hear or don’t want to hear so they know what you like. This does not mean they will only play these songs, but this will give them a better idea of what to play and what to avoid. Although the DJ will take your requests, if this is supposed to be a dancing event and they notice no one is interested in the music being played they may change it up to get people on the dance floor.

If they MC

A DJ that MCs versus one that doesn’t makes a huge difference. If you want your DJ to be entertaining and making announcements you need to make sure that it is something they are willing to do. While some DJs are willing to do so, others may want to focus on just the music and would rather higher someone else to MC. It is important you know what you are looking for so the DJ knows what to provide.

If they have clean edits

If you are looking to have an event with people of all ages whether it is for a wedding or a sweet sixteen you want to make sure your DJ has radio edits of the songs people are going to be requesting. You do not want to be surprised at the event and neither does your grandmother.

If they have backups

Although it is not likely, something may go wrong, so it is always important to be prepared. Ask the DJ if they have backup equipment and a backup DJ in case of an emergency. Make sure your DJ has backups in case a mic or speaker goes out so the party does not need to end. It is best to be prepared for the worst-case scenario so that the event runs smoothly.

If they take requests

It is up to you if you want your guests to have the ability to make song requests, but you need to discuss it ahead of time with the DJ. It is also important to let the DJ know if there are songs you do not want to be played so they know to avoid it.


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How to Host a Holiday Party

The holiday season can be fun and exciting but when you are hosting a party it can quickly become stressful. Here are a few strategies to help relieve the stress and make your party enjoyable for you and your guests.

Don’t worry about perfection

Movies and social media create an unrealistic expectation of the holidays and it is easy to get caught up in trying to make your holidays picture perfect. Instead of running around trying to make your holiday party perfect try to relax and work on making an event you will enjoy. It is easy to forget what the holidays are all about so instead of focusing on making everything perfect remember that what is important is spending time with family and friends.

Get help from guests

Trying to plan a party all by yourself is hard and you will end up spending most of your holiday in the kitchen. A potluck party is a great way to get people to help out and take some of the stress off of you. This also gives you time to spend with your guests instead of having to go into the kitchen constantly for last minute preparations.


While you may want to invite everyone you know, too many people can make a party feel cramped and will give you double the work. Try to limit your guest list to close friends and family so that you do not get overwhelmed. If narrowing down your guest list is hard you can have separate parties one for friends and one for the family. Another way to make things less stressful for you is to downsize the work you are doing. Instead of making a whole home-cooked meal serve pre-made appetizers from the store. This will also make it easier to feed more people without giving you more work.

Hire help

If you want to be able to host a party for your friends and family but are too busy to do the preparations, hire some help. You can hire wait staff to serve drinks and food so that you can be present at the party and not worried about getting everything out. This will give you more time to socialize and enjoy the party. Hire a cleaning service to come in a day or so before the party to get your house in order for your guests so you don’t have to be stressed. You can also hire them to come back after the party to help with cleaning up, so you are not up all night cleaning by yourself.


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A Quick Guide to Planning a Holiday Work Party

You have probably planned a holiday party for friends and family, but have you ever hosted a work party? You may feel a little more pressure than usual because this event is going to be for your colleagues, bosses and other people who may be superior to you. The holidays are the busiest time of the year, so to save you some time, here is a quick guide to help you host a successful and organized holiday work party.

The Basics

The first step is to lay out your playing cards and create a plan. Here are some details to help you consider what you would like at the event: date and time, number of guests, theme and decorations, venue, food and beverage options and entertainment. Discuss party details with company executives to plan an event that best fits the company.

Select a Time and Date

The most common time companies host work parties is in early December during the afternoon. The beginning of the month is definitely less stressful than the end, and timing the event during lunch increases the chances that people will go. Evening parties tend to be more expensive and sometimes a little more difficult to plan especially with everyone’s busy holiday schedules.

In the end, it is really up to the company as a whole to work with everyone and select the best time and date.

Guest List

You are probably going to invite all company employees. Did you think about allowing them to bring spouses or close friends? What about their children? This gesture is much appreciated by employees, so it is not a bad idea to let them bring one or two people to the party.

Theme and Decorations

Picking a theme for your event can make your party more personalized, special and bring it all together overall. The theme could be a place like the Bahamas or even something simpler like white and lavender. Add some nice decorations like balloons and table accents to spice up the event.

Selecting a Venue

There are plenty of venues to choose from. You could decide to host it at a hotel, restaurant or a clubhouse. This will ultimately depend on how many people will attend and your budget.

Food and Beverages

You might cook something for a family holiday party, but for an office party, it is best to stick to catering. It would also be a good idea to set a limit on alcoholic drinks by using a ticket system. No more than two is a standard rule.


If you need to bring excitement to your company event, contact a Tampa entertainment agency like Breezin’ Entertainment. With over twenty-seven years in the events and entertainment industry, Breezin’ brings the fun to any company party. They can help you select the most appropriate types of entertainment and make your event unforgettable.

Corporate entertainment can be tricky to plan, leaving you undecided and stressed, so get home help with Breezin’ to ease the process.


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Tips for Staying Organized When Planning Holiday Events

During the holiday season, it can be easy to stress and get lost in all your tasks and activities. You may be planning multiple events at once while juggling the stress of work and chores at home. Staying on top of your errands during the holiday season eases the entire process and encourages smooth and successful holiday events. Here is a helpful guideline with tips for staying organized when planning parties during the holidays.

1. Use a Calendar and Set Deadlines
Many people are surprisingly not using calendars, which are perfect for planning multiple events at once because you can see the important things that need to be done for the month. Create deadlines on certain days in order to avoid tasks building up. Everyone procrastinates, so set deadlines to help yourself complete tasks.

2. Make a Checklist (long-term and daily checklist)
Most likely, you will have close to an infinite number of tasks to do ranging from something simple like buying decorations to meeting with a Tampa event entertainment company to discuss your plans. Create a checklist and organize the tasks. Have one for long-term, bigger errands and one for smaller daily errands.

3. Get Help from an Entertainment Company
Make your holiday event become the talk of the town by getting some help from a Tampa entertainment agency like Breezin’ Entertainment. They can help you bring the fun to your party and create unforgettable memories. Whether you want live music or talented performers, Breezin’ can make it happen. Reaching out for some extra assistance can be a major game-changer when planning holiday events, and you’re going to thank yourself for it.

4. Create a Budget
Hosting an event is an exciting journey with a fulfilling result, but unfortunately, it can also cost money. Lots of money. When you create a budget plan, you can easily keep track of your expenses. This helps you avoid overspending and maybe some crying. Make a list of what you want at your events like food, tables, chairs or live music. Then, figure out the cost of each one before you make any promises to your future guests. You may have to cut some things out depending on your budget and that’s okay.

5. Avoid Last-minute Changes
They can creep up on you unexpectedly causing you to stress even more. Avoid last-minute changes by making sure that the vendors or live music performers have confirmed everything with you. Sometimes plans change and people back out a day or two before your event. Don’t let this happen to you.

6. Use a Reminder App
Most phones come with an app that allows you to set reminders. You can receive notifications about small little tasks that you need to do, which is another great way to help you stay on top of all your chores and keep your sanity in a good place.

7. Start Early
With all this in mind, you should probably start planning your next holiday party right now before it’s too late. If you start early, you are definitely going to be less stressed about everything.