Tips to Find the Perfect Music for Your Wedding

Finding the right music can make your wedding even more special so take your time on deciding what is best for you and your event. Here are a few different ways you can go with your wedding music to make your special night even more magical.

Classical Instruments

A harpist or string quartet is a great way to add some sophistication to your big day and will make a great addition to your ceremony or dinner. Just because you are getting classical instruments doesn’t mean you are stuck with classical music. Most musicians can play modern music either an instrumental version or create their own more classical rendition of it. Talk to your musicians and find out what kind of music they can play to make sure you find the perfect fit. Your musicians can play through the ceremony to the appetizers adding a romantic and classy feel to your wedding.


A band is a great way to add energy to your event. People often use a band for the reception, but you can also ask if they are able to play for your ceremony as well. Every band is different, so it is important that you do your research. Find a band that’s style works well with the theme of your wedding. Make sure they can play the songs you would want to hear, most importantly make sure they can play the song you want for your first dance.


The perfect DJ will have your guests dancing all night. The great part about hiring a DJ is being able to play almost any song you request. When hiring a DJ, it is important you ask them a couple of questions. Your first question should be about the playlist. Find out if he takes requests, follows a strict playlist, or if they follow the crowd. If you want only certain songs played, make sure they know that. You should also let them know what songs you don’t want to be played. When it comes down to reception the DJ’s priority is to keep your guests happy and dancing. That means your DJ may change up the music if it seems like your guests are starting to lose interest.


Nothing says smooth and sophisticated like jazz-era music. Jazz music can range from classics like Frank Sinatra to more modern musicians like Michael Bublé. Sax makes great background music for drinks and you can switch it up to a vocalist and soft music during dinner when everyone is sitting. The band can switch it up and play some blues, pop, and R&B for the guests to dance to.

When deciding on music for your wedding it is important to do your research. Ask for reviews or if they have videos of them performing at events to see what they are like. You will want to see how they interacted with guests and if they were able to read the crowd and adjust to keep them interested. For help in finding the perfect fit go to