A Guide to Planning a Florida Destination Wedding

Having a Florida Destination Wedding can be the perfect way to celebrate your special day. Florida serves as the ideal wedding location with its beautiful beaches, gorgeous sunsets, nice weather, and other unique locations. Even your guests are going to appreciate the tropical vacation-like atmosphere. Aside from the breathtaking outdoor scenery, Florida also has many luxury hotels and other venues where you could host after-parties. If these characteristics seem appealing to you, then it’s best you know everything that the sunshine state has to offer. Here is a guide to planning your Florida destination wedding.


Florida is known to have beautiful sunny weather, but this does not happen all year round. Hurricane season is prominent and is active from June to November, but you don’t have to avoid this entire time period. Rainfall can happen at any time; however, April and November have the least. From June to September is when there are higher chances of rainfall. Ideal weather for weddings is more likely to be in April and May when it’s not blazing hot outside.

Florida’s Marriage Requirements

A marriage license can be obtained at a county clerk’s office and enables you to use it anywhere in state. During the process, there is a waiting period for three days, so make sure to plan your wedding accordingly. Once you have your license, you have sixty days to get married and seal the deal with your partner.

Location Ideas and Additions

There are many different places and additions you can have featured for your Florida destination wedding. You could have it somewhere extravagant and fun like in Miami Beach, or you could do something more intimate like a garden wedding in St. Petersburg. You could even have a wedding at Disneyworld and arrive at the ceremony in Cinderella’s carriage. Almost anything is possible.

In case you can’t decide, remember that you can choose multiple locations. You could have the wedding on a waterfront and the cocktail party in a garden. The options are endless. When it comes to decorations, you might have to stick with a tropical or beachy theme because of Florida’s nature.

Entertainment options are also unlimited. Tampa entertainment agency, Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions is known for their fantastic event planning and destination wedding services. Booking event entertainment can be difficult when you don’t know what entertainment to have or how to book it, but Breezin’ is always glad to help. Contact Breezin’ Entertainment for your next Florida destination wedding.


There’s a variety of great food everywhere in Florida. You can have stone crab in Miami or key lime pie in the Florida Keys. Caribbean food is found mostly in southern Florida, so if you’re looking for Cuban sandwiches and seafood, keep your eye in the South. If you’re thinking about being adventurous and want gator tail at your wedding, that’s also a thing, it can be found almost anywhere in Florida.