Corporate Event Entertainment Trends for 2019

Educating yourself and being on trend with the latest that’s happening with corporate entertainment can help make a good name for your company and build its reputation. This can also make your event more unique and allow your guests to have an unforgettable experience. If you want your event to stand out and generate some buzz for 2019, here are some corporate event entertainment trends to put you at the top of the ladder.

Bigger is Better

This trend is really starting to become a staple for 2019. Event managers and corporate clients are always on the lookout for huge and eye-opening entertainment. This means that new concepts are constantly coming to surface, for example, performances that incorporate technology. Kinetic lights, digital water curtains, and simulated pyrotechnic machines are just a few of what’s expected to be seen this year.

Having acts like this requires earlier preparation than what you might expect. The technical set up, equipment and venues must all be considered months in advanced in order for the performance to be executed at the highest quality possible.

More Audience Interaction

Creating ways to get your audience to participate in activities generates loads of excitement and entertainment. Event managers have confirmed that attendees love the engagement with the performance elements. New technology is what makes this achievable. You could have your guests control the colors of the lights of an LED dancing act or allow them to vote on their mobile phones for the next scene of a storyline.

If you get your show to go beyond the stage and the lights, you can facilitate more meaningful audience interactions. This helps your guests feel more welcomed and a part of the ceremony rather than just a viewer.

Partially Customized Acts

Having grand acts perform at your corporate event is going to be costly, but many event managers are opting for partially customized acts instead of routines that are completely created from scratch. This strategy helps you get more out of what you paid for while still satisfying the theme or idea of your event. Also, it makes it easier for you to look for performances that are related to the goals of the event.

Technology and Innovation

This cannot be stressed enough. Technology is going to be a driving factor in creating and booking event entertainment. There are endless options from conductive paint to augmented reality, which all drive for worthwhile interactions for guests.

Aside from technology, acts are also beginning to fuse together to create an incredible performance. For example, Tampa entertainment agency, Breezin’ Entertainment, offers a DJ Band Combo package that blends a DJ and live band, so that corporate clients can have both featured at their event and keep the energy going from beginning to end. Today’s pop hits can be mixed in with more traditional elements like a saxophone player or live percussionist.

Having entertainment at your corporate event is about creating memories and experiences that your guests can’t get anywhere else. If you need assistance on booking event entertainment, contact Breezin’ Entertainment today.