Important Tips to Know When Having Live Music at Your Event

No matter what kind of event you’re having, live music is a great addition to have. Band members are usually great at engaging the audience and can play their own twists to popular songs, which makes the music more interesting. However, there are certain things to take note of before you have live music at your event. Yes, things can go wrong and musicians can have technical issues, which usually end up turning into an awkward situation. To avoid this from happening, here are some important tips to know when you are planning to have live music at your event. Pay attention to the guest list and venue size. You have to plan everything out accordingly for a smooth event, and that includes examining the venue you plan to use. Trying to fit in a six-member band into a small space should probably be avoided. Having a single guitarist playing in a massive venue that can seat over five hundred people is also not a good idea unless he or she is performing on an elevated, well-lit stage. It’s important to be aware of the performance area and how many people are attending. The stage should not be sloped and should be away from the food and beverage area where there is guest traffic. Someone might trip on a cord, especially if the stage area is darker. Performers should be seen clearly and have plenty of space to do their thing. The musicians should be seeing the action. Don’t forget about your performers. It’s important for them to see what’s happening, so they know their cues. Live musicians should not be placed in a certain spot just because they look good there. When the live band can see the crowd, they can read them easily and keep the action alive and well. They should also be able to see their instruments. This is an obvious one, but maybe you might have forgotten about it. It’s important for you to consider the lighting in the venue, specifically the performance area. Musicians should be able to see their instruments and of course, the audience needs to see them performing. If the venue’s lighting is not very promising, you can always have additional lighting props to depend on. Find out what is not allowed. This is probably the most important thing to consider. Some venues, like a house of worship, may not allow certain types of music. If the venue is near a residential area, there might be restrictions regarding the sound level. If so, you might end up being restricted to having acoustic performances only. Make sure musicians can load in easily. You may end up being charged extra for set-up time if the band members have to park a couple of blocks down on a busy road. You might want to plan out parking for your performers to avoid any additional charges. If you need any more assistance with having live music at your event or just booking event entertainment in general, contact Breezin’ Entertainment. They are a Tampa entertainment agency that knows all about bringing the fun to any event. Whether you need a wedding DJ or live band, Breezin’ has got you covered. Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit [Source]