Breezin' Magazine's 2019 Launch Party Video

Magazine Highlights

Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions launched a publication named Breezin’ Magazine that explores the relationship between event entertainers and the community in Tampa Bay.

Music Evolution

Keep up with the times! The team at Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions has had a close eye on the evolution of music, and has quickly adapted to meet the needs in the space.

Event Entertainment

Event entertainment is more than just an attraction for one evening or occasion; it is a powerful tool that can be used to bring people together. Breezin’ Magazine aims to get a behind-the-scenes look at the space!

Magazine Collaborations

Breezin’ is working harder than ever to communicate and assemble like-minded industry moguls, professionals, & celebrities to collaborate & reflect through the inaugural issue.

Giving Back

Breezin’ Magazine’s first issue elucidates upon various charities and nonprofit organizations within the city of Tampa, their impact on Tampa’s citizens, and the foundations they strive to accomplish.

Inside Look

Breezin’ Magazine hopes to bring awareness to the unique culture of entertainment and events. It offers its readers a firsthand look at what goes on in preparation of big or small events.

Recently Featured In Breezin’ Magazine