Unique Venues for a Memorable Wedding

When looking for a location for your wedding consider looking at unusual and unique locations. A great way to make your wedding stand out is by making it different than the typical venue. Picking a unique venue is a great way to give you a chance to get creative with your decorations and theme. Here are a few unique event spaces to consider.

Factory or industrial setting

One of the best parts about factory buildings are they are often very big, so you won’t have to worry about fitting everything you want. Whether you want to make your wedding big or small a factory is perfect. You can go for a simple rustic feel and just add the furniture and simple décor. Or you can go big and cover the building with decorations. Having your wedding in an empty factory is a great way to start from scratch and create the wedding you envision.


From a rooftop in an urban area to a quiet county park, choosing to do an outdoor wedding is always refreshing. Parks are often cheaper than renting a room in a building and often give you more room. If you want to have your wedding outside you need to consider the time of year and weather. Although a light breeze is romantic, strong winds can cause your wedding to get blown away. Having your wedding outside can allow you to get creative with your decorations. If your reception is going to be going till dark add some pretty lights to create a romantic feel. Another way to save money but also have a unique experience is by having your wedding in a backyard. If your backyard isn’t big enough to host a wedding, see if one of your friends would allow you to use theirs. Having your wedding in your backyard can add a homey feel to your event and another bonus is that you can get ready in your own room.

Aquariums or Zoos

Often aquariums or zoos have rooms they rent for special events. This is a great way to make your wedding stand out to be memorable. Look online for events they’ve held there to determine if the space will be enough for everything you want. Often the event rooms at aquariums have great views of beautiful fish tanks and pretty scenery that you can use to inspire your theme.

For recommendations on unique and exciting venues for your wedding, contact Breezin’ Entertainment. They have years of experience and will be able to recommend a place that is perfect for you.