Speak Your Hustle

Founder of Presenting Powerfully, Debbie Lundberg, is a successful entrepreneur who knows all about the art and impact of hustling. Her journey to the business world started when she was in elementary school. She created a circus in her parents’ backyard where she charged ten cents per entry and performed tricks and hosted games. In third grade, she ran a marker-rental business where students could rent markers for a day or a week with a small fee. Debbie’s natural skills in entrepreneurship were clearly evident since she was a child.

She continued to lead at the University of Michigan where she and a friend started a shopping service called “Bargain Hunter’s Shopping.” After graduate school, she had another side hustle called “Gift of Rhyme” where she wrote limericks for people based on their responses to questions. Where Debbie and her partner would print and frame them for gifts, announcements, and more.

At 33 years old, Debbie was given significant roles at General Motors. One of them was working as an adjunct for Dale Carnegie Training throughout the country. When she moved to Tampa, she was recognized as the Instructor of the Year for the Tampa Bay Sponsorship and made her name known through her volunteer work speaking at panels about communication, behaviors, and relationships.

Today, Debbie’s daily life revolves around public speaking and coaching CEOs, lawyers, football coaches, and others on how to become strong presenters. She has become an inspiration to many and a notable member of the Tampa Bay Community.

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