Breezin’ Chats – Episode 5: Speak Your Hustle (Feat. Debbie Lundberg)

On this episode of Breezin’ Chats, the Breezin’ team is welcoming Debbie Lundberg and discussing her long and inspiring journey to becoming the founder and CEO of Presenting Powerfully. She discusses her professional background, experience and advice to be a leader and even some fascinating personal stories. So please give a warm welcome to Debbie Lundberg.

Debbie was born in Flint, Michigan and worked for General Motors, which was pretty rough at times, but the experience gave her the opportunities that lead her to where she is today. She was given several leadership positions and traveled all across the country working for Dale Carnegie Training. After fourteen years at General Motors, she realized that coaching in speaking and professional development didn’t really exist and wanted to help fulfill this niche. Today, she is the author of ten books, a public speaker, and a coach for people who want to become strong and confident presenters. She is an influential figure in the Tampa Bay area who advocates the importance of not being afraid to speak up because how you present is how you are remembered.

With her company, Presenting Powerfully, she offers many different services including keynotes, strategy and facilitation, training and more. Debbie strives to incorporate value and the lessons she learned in life into her career. As someone who was once afraid to speak up, she is now making a difference for people in the business and corporate world who want to present powerfully.

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