Your Own You

Whitney Holtzman is the CEO of her own company, Social Victories, which helps build the brand of athletes and people involved in the sports industry. Her journey to success was achieved through her self-awareness and a boss who helped pave her professional career to what it is today.

Playing sports was Whitney’s outlet from school, and she always knew she wanted to have a sports-related career. Coming from a family of all lawyers, she felt like she needed to be different. She valued the importance of doing something she was passionate about and “going all in on what you care about most and sacrificing other opportunities.” Her mind was fed with important life lessons while she was an employee at VaynerMedia being mentored by the king of entrepreneurship, Gary Vaynerchuck.

“Gary was the first boss I ever had who gave my skillset and interpersonal capabilities a name and value.” Whitney learned many valuable lessons from Gary. She also found like-minded people working at VaynerMedia who believed in her, which helped build the foundation of her career. Some major advice she received was to be efficient, don’t waste time, go all in on your strengths, and much more. This has guided her to run her own company and focus on what she has always been passionate about since the beginning: sports.

She is building brands and relationships between companies and consumers using the latest marketing and social media tactics, and couldn’t be happier with where she is at today.

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