Breezin’ Chats – Episode 4: Follow Your Dreams (Feat. Whitney Holtzman)

On this episode of Breezin’ Chats, host Cindy Dervech and her team talk to one of their contributing writers, Whitney Holtzman of Social Victories, behind the Entrepreneurial Edition of Breezin’ Magazine Vol. 2. Whitney is a moving force; she once worked under the digital marketing king, Gary Vaynerchuk and soon after started her own company. She went from employee to entrepreneur just like that! So please give a warm welcome to Whitney Holtzman!

Whitney, born in Tampa, talks about how it’s possible to get your dream job in your dream city. During her time at USF, she got the chance to learn more about all of the different industries and fields through internships, but from a young age, she was always interested in sports, so sports reporting seemed like the perfect job.
Whitney had always been told that if she wanted to make it in the sports reporting industry that she would have to start from a small town job. However, Whitney didn’t want to settle and made it an effort to put herself out there and got a job at ESPN straight out of college. After working at ESPN for two years, Whitney transferred and worked at the MLB in New York for two years. Whitney says during her time working at the MLB, she faced some challenges but knew it was going to be worth it in the end. Living in NY, Whitney heard about VaynerMedia and Gary Vaynerchuk and felt like it was the perfect place for her, so she emailed him right away and got the job. Throughout her career, Whitney has always put herself out there and gave her all to achieve her dreams.
Whitney says she has learned that some of the best opportunities come from dead ends and hard times. She knows that it is important to work hard and to take any chance you can get. Whitney took a leap of faith to open her own company and has been thriving ever since.
Want to hear the full story? Tune into episode 4 of Breezin’ Chats to get more on Whitney’s story and journey from beginning to end.  
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