A Last-Minute Event Can Still be an Amazing One. Here’s How…

Whether you’ve been procrastinating, or just thought of the idea last night, there is still time to plan, organize, and hold your next unforgettable event. Don’t let the stress or worry take over you because these tips will help you reach this goal.

1. Budget and Plan

There most likely won’t be too much to budget and plan, depending on how much time you have, but this step still needs to be done. Come up with a few things you want at your event, whether it’s the wedding DJ or some decorations, and look over the costs. Plan everything accordingly and try not to rush to avoid mishaps during this process or at the event itself.

2. Be Creative

Time is limited, which means options might be tight, so it is time to get creative. You might not have time to search for and contact a venue vendor and rent all the fancy equipment that may go with it. Host the event at your home, in a backyard, an abandoned or unused space, or a public park.

3. Think Quality. Not Quantity

In a short time-frame, attempting to include too many extra event amenities like bartenders, chefs, performers, or waiters can be overwhelming and cause you a lot of stress. It’s okay to keep the party simple. An orderly event with two or three event amenities is much better than a disorganized event with many extra features. Over the top does not always mean success in terms of event planning.

4. Contact an Entertainment Booking Agency

You don’t have to do it all on your own. In a last-minute case, that would probably be impossible. Take the shortcut and contact a company like Breezin’ Entertainment, a Tampa entertainment agency, to bring the fun to your event. They assist clients in organizing and booking event entertainment.

5. Be Flexible

Depending on how much time you have, you might not be able to have certain things done like catering, for example. What you can do is order food to-go from a local restaurant or make it yourself at home (everyone loves pizza and sandwiches). This requires you to be flexible with your own time.

6. Contact Your Guests ASAP

This should be done early in the event planning process to ensure that people will come to your party. A suggestion is to contact your closest friends, family, and coworkers first because they will probably do a better job of trying to make time instead of an acquaintance.

7. Come Up with a Theme

Yes, you are in a time crunch, but you should put in the extra effort to give a theme to the event. This shouldn’t take up too much time. Think of a theme and decorate accordingly to make your event appear like you put more time into it than you may have actually done. Themed parties with matching decorations look much more polished and put together.

Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit https://breezin.com/