100 Tips: Event Entertainment

With over 30 years of presence in the industry, Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions has established itself as a business that is familiar with virtually every facet of the entertainment booking industry. Breezin’ knows exactly what to do, and what not to do in order to create the best experience for your guests. Managing event entertainment may seem fairly straightforward, but there is more to it than most people anticipate. When should they arrive? How long should the performer’s act last? Is it necessary that I tip them? These are just a few of the potential questions you may have. Fortunately, Breezin’ is here to give you answers. A byproduct of the many years Breezin’ has spent in the industry is a solid, extensive network of entertainers from all types of genres. Not only does this result in them providing stellar entertainers for the function, it also guarantees that backup entertainers are available in the event of an emergency cancellation. Over the past three decades, Breezin’ has seen it all: bands, DJs, fire dancers, comedians – you name it; they’ve booked it at one time or another. Breezin’ has also catered to clients who were hosting nearly any event you can think of, ranging from 40th birthdays to celebrations of success for retiring CEOs. Their extensive knowledge of the industry has made them experts on coordinating and delivering first-rate entertainment. Choosing the right type of entertainment for your occasion can sometimes prove to be an unexpected difficulty when organizing your event. Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions knows exactly what type of entertainment is appropriate for a particular setting. Breezin’ handles this responsibility so that you don’t have to, giving you time to focus on other aspects of organization. People often assume that booking directly through the entertainer will be more efficient, but then the customer ends up handling the organization problem themselves, which can quickly prove to be unnecessary stress. Furthermore, entertainers may prey on unsuspecting clients who are not aware of the industry’s standard rates for their services. Time is just as valuable as money, and you save both by utilizing Breezin’s expertise. Breezin’s customer satisfaction is their main priority, and they strive to ensure that each client they interact with is always thoroughly informed of the logistics of the booking process. Some agencies do not contact their clients until just days before their event, leaving the customer wondering what progress, if any, has been made toward organizing their entertainment. Listed below are 100 tips to ensure that booking your entertainment goes as smoothly as possible: Corporate 1. Never Book an Entertainer without Investigating Them First: watching an entertainer live or seeing a video of their past performances are the only two solid methods to determine whether an entertainer should be hired or not. Furthermore, you should pay close attention to how the audience reacts to the performance when looking into a specific entertainer. 2. Hire a Professional Bartender: This is vital if you intend to be serving alcohol at your event. Not everyone knows how to mix drinks properly. Enlisting the service of someone who does can ensure that your event stays running smoothly. Additionally, top-tier bartenders can also entertain guests. 3. Find the Perfect Venue: Some locations can be used as universal venues for corporate events; others, however, may give off a vibe that is different than that of your occasion. Making sure your event’s theme gels well with its hosting location will create a more comfortable atmosphere. 4. Create a Solid Plan: When it comes to organizing an event, especially one at the corporate level, you can never plan too much. Develop an outline of the occasion and expand upon it, including details such as how long entertainment will last, at what time it will be introduced, etc.
5. Establish the Proper BudgetOverspending on an event can make a lasting impact on the attendees, but hurts the company in the long run. In contrast, you also do not want to underspend if your goal is to create a solid impression on your guests. Take the time to fine tune your budget and set aside the proper amount for entertainment in order to keep your guests interested.
6. Choosing the Right Atmosphere for Your Audience:  The atmosphere you set for your audience should match with the event’s theme. Communicate with your chosen entertainer and discuss how the event will be set up and determine if any changes will need to be made. Lighting can serve as a primary tool for manipulating the mood your event has, and something as simple as dimming the lights can have a powerful effect.
7. Make Sure to Include it in InvitationsPeople are busy, and people forget things. Sending out both electronic and mailed invitations will make it far more likely that your guests will recall your event and make time for it within their schedules. Include on the invitation an announcement about what type of entertainment will be showcased to gather even more people to the occasion. 8. Develop a TimelineTo make sure everything needed for the event is prepared on time, establish a schedule with deadlines for event criteria and strictly adhere to it. The more effort you put into organizing your event and its entertainment, the more the guests (including you) can enjoy the occasion when the time comes. 9. Utilize Social MediaSocial media has become an integral part of everyday life, so take advantage of it! Promote your event and entertainment on your company’s social media pages, as your content has immediate exposure to your followers. Furthermore, creating a unique hashtag for the occasion and encouraging guests to include it in their posts will show the world how successful it was. 10. Start Planning NowIt is never too early to start planning. Taking a moment now to develop a solid budget, timeline for preparation, and outline for the event will save you tons of stress and ensure that you have all the time you need to plan your event perfectly. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit http://breezindemo.com/  Wedding Save 1. Don’t Limit Yourself to Just One Type of Entertainment: Many weddings feature DJs or bands, but not much else; don’t be afraid to explore other entertainment options, such as comedians, dancers, or other types of live performers. 2. Match Your Theme with Your Entertainer: If you seek to establish a specific atmosphere for your wedding, make sure your booked entertainment coincides with what you have already booked for your occasion; having a relaxed, mellow vibe and hiring a loud, boisterous rock band will throw everything off. 3. Find out What Equipment Your Venue Has: If you choose to have a singer, DJ, or musician perform, it is important to be aware of what equipment your chosen venue may or may not have. Confirming with both parties what is available will save both time and money; some entertainers charge extra fees if they have to transport their own sound equipment. 4. Always Choose Entertainment that has Performed at Weddings Before: A wedding is a monumental occasion that will be remembered by attendees forever. Some entertainers may perform very well at more relaxed occasions, such as social events, but may not offer their best services at weddings. Take the time to find an entertainer who meets your criteria and is also experienced in wedding entertainment. 5. Book as Early as You Can: The sooner you book the entertainment for your wedding, the more flexible your schedule becomes. If you would like to make an adjustment to the entertainment, it becomes much more likely to happen if the entertainer has more notice before the wedding. 6. Booking through an Agency: Utilizing the services of a third-party when organizing event entertainment can take a lot of stress off of you. Agencies handle everything from scheduling to finding the perfect entertainer for your occasion, which saves valuable time. 7. Book Directly through the Entertainer: This option may be more time consuming, but it is also cheaper. If you happen to have a specific entertainer in mind, booking directly through them allows you better communication. If you intend to scour through the thousands of entertainers who could fulfill your desired role, however, it may be better to go through an agency. 8. Choose the Right Music: While it may seem like common sense, making sure the music you play fits the ambience is very important to keep guests comfortable. Having a DJ or band with a set list that clashes with your event’s atmosphere will disrupt the vibe of the occasion. 9. Research Your Potential Entertainer: It is vital to look into how an entertainer performs in front of crowds, and what type of events they usually perform at. You can never educate yourself too much on your potential entertainment; so, don’t be afraid to research. 10. Openly Communicate with Your Entertainment: If you are not completely straightforward with the entertainer about what you expect from them at the event, you run the risk of being dissatisfied with their service. Take the time to go over exactly what you need to make their performance unforgettable. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit http://breezindemo.com/ Social 1. Stay within Your Budget: When organizing entertainment for social occasions, it can be tempting to overspend to put on the best show possible for your guests. In this case, the real price is paid after the occasion is over. Map out a budget and stick to it; you’ll be glad you did. 2. Assess How Much Space You Have for Your Performers: Booking a group of dancers or an entire band is pointless if you do not have the space to accommodate them. Only look into entertainers who you have the space for, unless your venue has the capability to offer an alternative. 3.Tailor to Your Audience: Just like musical performances played by a band or DJ should mesh with your event, other types of entertainment should be booked with your guests in mind. While it may not be possible to cater to every single person’s interests, an effort should be made to make sure the performers you hire are as universally appealing as possible. 4. Make sure the tone of the performance fits your event: A graduation where many family members will be present requires a different type of entertainment than a 30th birthday party. Make sure the entertainment is appropriate for the setting to make sure that everyone has a good time. 5. Always Consider a Musical Performance: When in doubt, bands and DJs are staple choices for virtually any event; it keeps people interested, dancing, and more comfortable when having conversations. As long as you have the right music selection, you can’t go wrong. 6. Try to Book as Soon as You Can: Entertainers are very busy people, and they generally need to know months in advance about your occasion in order to make room in their schedule. 7. Have a Backup Plan: Unplanned occurrences happen, and it is not impossible for your entertainment to cancel at the last minute. Having another entertainer on standby who is ready to step in if need be can prevent you from having to scramble to find a replacement moments before your guests arrive. 8. If Possible, Speak to Your Entertainment Directly: Communication is key, and making sure your entertainer will connect well with your guests is crucial. Speaking with your prospective entertainment, either on the phone or in person, will help you determine whether or not they are fit for the job. 9. Arrange Accommodations for the Entertainers: Entertainers, despite showcasing their jaw dropping, captivating talents to rooms full of people, are still workers, and they work very hard to succeed at what they do. As a result, they should be taken care of properly and offered complimentary refreshments. 10. Don’t be Afraid to be Unique: Don’t confine yourself to conventional entertainment options. As long as the entertainment is suitable, look into other options, like stand-up comedy or visual art. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit http://breezindemo.com/ DJs 1. Look into Booking through an Entertainment Agency: Reputable agencies will always have a solid, extensive network of DJs that they are able to summon on a whim. If you are unfamiliar with DJs, or if you would simply like to make the organization process run much more smoothly, consider booking through an entertainment agency. 2. Know Your Budget and which Options You Can Afford: DJs can evoke enthusiasm out of guests and get them up and socializing. The best DJs, however, are usually very expensive and may transcend your allotted budget for the event, so you will want to choose a performer who can satisfy your requirements without emptying your wallet. 3. Choose a DJ who will match your event style: DJs communicate frequently with the audience over a microphone during their performance. You want to make sure that this person is personable enough to conform to the overall style of your event so that the guests can be as engaged as possible. 4. Request a Performance Consultation Before the Day of your Gathering: Consulting with your chosen DJ before the event takes place lets you hammer out details and develop a schedule for the DJ’s performance. If you do not have a consultation prior to the occasion, you will have little influence in how they perform. 5. Do Not be Afraid to Ask Your DJ Questions: Top quality entertainers heavily prioritize the client. Ask them questions; part of their job is to communicate with you so you can figure out exactly what you want to see. 6. Designate an Area for Your DJ to Set Up and Play: While this may sound obvious, people sometimes forget to even consider where their hired DJ will set up their equipment and perform. Choosing a location in the venue with the best acoustics and greatest amount of space to play comfortably goes a long way in terms of quality. 7. Do Not Micromanage the Playlist, Do Offer Suggestions that Match Your Event: DJs work best when you let them do just that: work. Don’t get too caught up in what songs they are playing, as long as they are appropriate. If there is something particular you would like included, mention it to the DJ beforehand. Furthermore, you can ask them to offer guests the opportunity to suggest music during their performance. 8. Make sure their personality will fit well with your theme and guests: An amazing artist can ruin an event if they are rude, aloof, or otherwise condescending to guests or event personnel. Even if a DJ is not particularly poorly mannered, a lack of engagement with the audience will leave guests with a dull performance. 9. Determine Whether or Not You Want Your Guests Interacting with the DJ: For some occasions, it is better not to have the DJ interact at all with those who attend. In this case, the artist will play in the background with minimal use of a microphone. While a DJ that speaks to the audience will create a more energetic vibe, it is not ideal for every event. 10. Do Not Wait until the Last Minute to Hire Your DJ: DJs are very busy people, and the most talented have the most cluttered schedules. Waiting until the last minute before you book is a sure way to end up with a DJ who is not ideal for your event. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit http://breezindemo.com/ Bands 1. Choose the Right Type of Band for Your Function: A band that can handle a varied set list is ideal for most events, as it keeps the guests from growing bored with the type of music the band plays. However, anything the band performs must be relevant to most of their audience; heavy, chugging guitar riffs will not fit in at most bridal showers. 2. Explore Different Booking Options: Entertainment agencies are a great resource to use in contacting high profile bands. If you do not want to go through an agency, however, you could always look into local bands. No matter your location, there is always local talent to choose from. 3. Know the Appropriate Band Size for Your Event: Bringing in a two-piece band to play for a large crowd is unlikely to be a hit. Conversely, hiring a 12-person band to perform in front of a group of 20 people over a booming sound system would also not be ideal. The appropriate band size is very important to consider when booking, as you do not want to overwhelm or disappoint the audience. 4. Determine the cost and stick to your budget: Booking bands can get very expensive very quickly when you factor in time spent on setting up, breaking down, sound checks, etc. Figure out the exact cost of the band’s services before you hire them to ensure that you do not inadvertently go over your budget. 5. Decide Ahead of Time Where You Want the Band to Play: The band needs the right amount of space to perform, and it should be given to them if you want an optimized performance. The band’s playing area should be open and accessible so the audience can easily enjoy them. 6. Watch the Band Perform Live or via Video Recording Before you Book Them: Despite what you may have heard about a band’s talent, the only way to know for sure is to watch a video of their performance, or better yet, watch them play live. When you do, pay attention to how the crowd reacts to their music and determine if they are the right fit for your event. 7. Be Aware of Any Requirements the Band has: Some bands need certain equipment to perform, others have other accommodations and requests that they would like fulfilled during their time at the event’s location. If a band has a reasonable demand that will help them perform, go ahead and agree to it. 8. Notify the Band of Requests, Requirements, or Questions You Have: Bands use their talent to work for you, so they should always be open to being contacted about their upcoming performance. 9. Set a Specific Amount of Time for Your Band to Perform: To ensure that your schedule can be adhered to, come up with a time window where the band will be playing. This helps you keep track of your event’s progress, and also gives you the opportunity to tell your guests when the band will begin performing so that they can listen. 10. Prepare the area for the band before they arrive: Nothing wastes time like being unprepared for a band’s arrival and going through the process of setting up equipment, performing sound checks, etc. Be sure to be as ready as you can by the time they get there so the show can start smoothly. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit http://breezindemo.com/ Dancers 1. Research to Find Reputable Talent Agencies in Your Area: Good dancers are more difficult to find than good DJs or bands, especially without any outside help. Talent agencies are perfect for connecting you with the dancer or group of dancers that your guests will enjoy. 2. Choose the Right Dance Style for Your Occasion: The style of dance is an important factor to consider before hiring a performer. Foreign styles that are not very well known may not be the best option for most events if the guests are not likely to resonate with them. Knowing the dancer’s audience is equally important as knowing the dancer. 3. Be Aware of any special requests: Dancers sometimes use props, such as handheld objects or torches. If the dancers happen to need something for their performance that can be provided to them, it is important to make these accommodations, since the dancer knows what setting he or she needs to be in to perform optimally. 4. Consider How Much Space You Have to Work With: A dance group is out of the question if you have trouble finding space to seat your guests. Only book the amount of performers that your venue can handle; otherwise, you will be paying for unused talent. 5. Budget the Time You Want Your Dancers to Perform: Dancing is a very captivating performance art, but the amount of time the audience is exposed plays a role in how much they enjoy it. If they performance is too short, the audience will be left unsatisfied. If the performance drags on too long, the audience will grow bored. Therefore, a sweet spot must be found. 6. Make Sure the Floor Type/Stage is Right for Your Dancers: Some dancers require a specific type of floor to perform. For the dancers, this is not just a suggestion, but also a vital component of their act; they cannot perform without the right flooring, so it is imperative that you book a performer who can dance at your venue. 7. Don’t Forget to Set Up Sound Equipment: Music is a wonderful complement to a dancer’s performance, but it does no good if the sound equipment is not set up properly. Ideally, all of this should be taken care of before the dancers arrive to ensure the performance can begin seamlessly. 8. Have Your Dancers Practice in the Space You Have Provided: Like athletes, dancers need to warm up and practice their routines before performing it in front of their audience. Allowing the dancers to practice in the same location they perform let’s them find their groove more efficiently. 9. Keep Your Budget in Mind when Booking: Dancers are mesmerizing, but their service comes at a price. It is very easy to be tempted to overspend on promising dancers, but cheaper alternatives should always be considered in order to stay within your budget. 10. Prepare and clean up the dancing area prior to the performance time: Just like sound equipment should be set up for bands and DJs, a dancer’s performance area should be prepared properly in order to save time and allow them a proper area to warm up, stretch, and rehearse before the guests view them. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit http://breezindemo.com/ Speakers 1. Research Booking Options for Hiring a Speaker: It is important to research the different opportunities available to you. Hiring a speaker directly is a cheaper option and allows for more influence over who speaks at your event. However, this option can be time consuming and stressful, so it may be better to book through an agency. 2. Look for someone with experience and references: It is imperative to hire someone who speaks clearly and confidently in front of a live audience. Furthermore, it is vital to hire someone who is educated enough on your event to provide useful and captivating information to your guests. 3. Find Time to Speak with Your Applicant in Person or Over the Phone: Do not wait until the day of your gathering to meet your speaker. Set up a consultation ahead of time to get to know whom you are hiring and to establish any necessary requirements. 4. Have a Backup Speaker or Option for Your Event: If you book through an entertainment agency, your worries over this will be alleviated. If your speaker cannot attend your event, the agency will quickly replace them. However, if you booked directly with the speaker, you are left at the mercy of that individual should they choose to cancel at the last minute. 5. Choose someone who will match your event and be enjoyed by your guests: If you want your guests to engage with your speaker, it’s important to keep them in mind during the selection process. If you choose someone who will not connect well with the people attending your event, then they may become disinterested. Be sure to know your demographic and what appeals to them. 6. Thoroughly Review Official Terms and Agreements with Your Speaker: You should discuss what exactly the speaker will be covering, as well as how long they will be speaking for. You need to make sure that the speaker will not talk about sensitive topics or content that will offend or disinterest listeners, etc. 7. Know What You Can Afford: Hiring from the list of top speakers may seem like the best option, but the cost to employ may not fit your budget. Know your price range before reaching out to a speaker and keep in mind what is best for your event. 8. Plan the Amount of Time You Need for Your Speaker: Know exactly how much time your speaker will have to present during your event, and the precise time they are needed to speak. This will help avoid timing issues, such as the speaker dragging on too long or not presenting long enough. Keeping this in mind will aid in keeping your event organized and moving at a steady pace. 9. Notify Your Speaker of Required Topics and Discussions: Preparing your speaker ahead of time is imperative to their performance. Without any knowledge of necessary talking points, you may find that the speaker is disconnected from your event. Providing topic information will help them speak confidently about the theme of your event. 10. Ensure Your Speaker Can be Seen and Heard by All Guests: It would be pointless to hire someone to speak for your occasion if they cannot be seen or understood by the audience. Make sure the area where they speak is visible to all guests, and that sound equipment is working properly before the event begins. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit http://breezindemo.com/ Comedians 1. Know How to Find a Comedian for Your Event: Generally, going through a comedian’s booking agent is the quickest way to get them to perform at your event. If you prefer local comedians, entertainment agencies have access to plenty of them. 2. Always Keep Your Budget in Mind: It’s common for event planners to have the desire to hire a well-known comedian, but they often forget about the price that follows the popular name. Don’t just focus on booking the comedians you’ve heard of or seen on TV, but also research smaller name or local entertainers. 3. Choose Someone Whose Comedy Style Fits Your Event: While it seems that the main goal of all comedians is to make their audience laugh, some comedy styles may not pair well with the event you are hosting. Knowing exactly whom you are trying to entertain will help determine whom you should hire. 4. Sit Through a Live Rehearsal of their Material for the Gathering: This step may be time consuming if many revisions have to be made to the performance material. However, it’s important to know exactly what is being said during their set in order to avoid unwanted content that may be off-putting to guests. 5. Provide a stage or space for the comedian to perform: Make an accessible space, such as a stage, where your comedian can perform. Research where they generally perform and try to emulate that setting as best as you can, as it will be familiar to them and help them perform more comfortably. 6. Inform Your Comedian of Any Requirements You have for their Performance: If there is something specific you would like them to say, or something specific that you don’t want them to say, consult with them before the performance to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 7. Have Sound Equipment Working and Prepared Before They Get on Stage: It may be a little difficult for your chosen comedian to entertain the audience if they can’t be heard. In order to provide the highest quality experience to your guests, test the equipment prior to their arrival and prepare for any technical difficulties that may occur. 8. Inform the entertainer of their allotted performance time: Creating a solid schedule for your comedian will help avoid any confusion. Determining a specific performance time range will also allow for them to adjust their comedy set accordingly, preventing it from being cut short without finishing, or ending too early. 9. Avoid Any Last Minute Planning: Procrastinating on booking your comedian could leave you with little to no options, which could result in you either having to settle for someone you aren’t confident in, or not being able to find an entertainer at all. It’s best to plan ahead to avoid any booking conflicts. 10. Provide a Contract Containing Important Legal and Necessary Information: This should be thoroughly reviewed to make sure you know exactly what the comedian’s jokes will include and that your guests are as satisfied as possible. Don’t be afraid to sit down and talk to the comedian about their content; it’s up to you to decide what is said. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit http://breezindemo.com/ Other Live Performers 1. Live Performers Have Plenty of Options: Fire dancers, ventriloquists, and performers in character are a few of the endless options you have for live entertainment. Depending on the crowd, you can choose virtually anything to captivate guests. 2. Go Over Exactly What You Want: You should establish exactly how they will perform, and how they will interact with the crowd. Have it confirmed in a written agreement. 3. Don’t be Afraid to Negotiate or Compromise: If the performer isn’t exactly what you want, don’t worry; take the time to negotiate and figure something else out that your guests will enjoy. Perhaps they can tweak their performance to tailor to your audience. 4. Hire Appropriate Entertainment for Your Audience: Don’t bring in someone loud and boisterous for a 50th anniversary party. Make sure the entertainment fits the scene, or else it will clash with your attendees and potentially leave them dissatisfied. 5. Don’t Let Them Steal the Entire Show: Remember: your event is for you, not the entertainer. Keep guests occupied and interested with the entertainment, but don’t let it become the focus of the occasion. 6. Research Your Entertainer Thoroughly: Look through their history; are they effective entertainers? Do they perform consistently? Ask yourself questions like these before you hire someone for your event. 7. People Love Visuals: Flames and lights always awe a crowd, and if visual impact is what you are going for, these are two of the most solid options. How they are utilized is up for you to decide. 8. Abstract Performers can be a Solid Choice: Sometimes, there are performers who simply stand and perform spoken word poetry. While they are not conventional, they can be just as mesmerizing as traditional entertainers. 9. Don’t Let Them be Too Invasive: If your entertainment isn’t getting much feedback, they may try harder to gain the guests’ attention. Do not let them interfere with the attendees; it will be upsetting for some. 10. Think Outside the Box: The possibilities are endless, and it is all up for you to choose; you simply have to take the time and think about what will work for your event, and what will not. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit http://breezindemo.com/ Themed Parties 1. Make sure your entertainment matches your theme: If you’re holding an event with a casino theme, a heavy metal band is not going to gel well with the occasion’s atmosphere. No matter what type of entertainer you hire, make sure they fit in as well as the guests. 2. Make Sure Your Theme Matches Your Guests: If your guests are unlikely to enjoy the theme that your event will have, you should consider changing your theme idea to accommodate them. Otherwise, attendees will not enjoy the event, which means they will not appreciate the entertainment you provide for them. 3. Research to find entertainment that specializes in performing at themed events: If you have a Western theme to your event, look into performers who have worked Western events in the past. Finding an entertainer who can seamlessly conform to the theme of the occasion is the best option. 4. Choose a Theme that is Easy to Provide Entertainment for: Research the most popular themed party options to ensure you will have an ample supply of performers to choose from. Choosing an obscure theme will make your life more difficult when booking entertainment, so only do so if you have a specific performer in mind. 5. Make Sure Your Entertainment Dresses to Fit the Theme: Having a room full of guests dressed in 1940’s attire will definitely clash with dancers or comedians who are dressed in modern clothing. To keep the atmosphere consistent, make sure your entertainment dresses to fit the part. 6. Don’t Limit Yourself to Only Musicians and Dancers; Explore: Comedians can be a great choice for themed parties, as they can perform while adhering to the theme of the event. As long as they fit in, any performer will be successful in these settings. 7. Book Well in Advance: To ensure your entertainment has time to prepare for your event, book them as far ahead as possible so you can communicate with them if your needs happen to change during the months leading up to the party. 8. Be Sure to Communicate with Your Entertainment if You Have Any Requests: It’s your party, so make sure you let your entertainment know if they have to do anything special before or during your occasion. The more information you can give them, the better. 9. Look into Agencies who Offer Themed Party Services: Some entertainment agencies offer entire themed parties as package deals, complete with music, dancers, and other forms of entertainment. To save time on logistics and finding entertainers, an entertainment agency may be your answer. 10. Consider Booking More than One Type of Entertainer: Singers, dancers, and bands can all perform together to create a unique, immersive experience for your guests. Don’t limit yourself to just one option; if you have the budget, try combinations of different entertainment styles! Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit https://breezin.com/ Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save