Planning a Florida Destination Wedding

A Florida destination wedding can be your tropical wedding dream without the expenses of going out of the country. With the beautiful weather and gorgeous sites, you will have a magical wedding that your guests will love.

Choose A Date

When choosing the date for a Florida wedding, it is important to take into consideration the weather. Hurricane season in Florida is from June to the end of November, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid those months entirely. June to September has the biggest chance of rain while April and November usually have the clearest skies. April and May tend to be the preferred months to get married because there is a lower chance it will rain, and you get to avoid the summer heat.

Choose A Location

Florida is home to many beautiful locations whether you are looking for a woodsy, rustic feel or a chill beach vibe. Miami has a gorgeous blue coastline which gives you multiple opportunities to have a beach wedding. The downside is that Miami is a very popular location for weddings and events, so you may have to battle for an open venue and hotel rooms. Key West is another option for a beachfront wedding with its cool ocean breezes and colorful sunsets. Key West is perfect for a smaller, intimate wedding with fewer guests. Orlando, home to Walt Disney World, is the perfect place to have a magical wedding. Central Florida is further away from the coast, so it is not a prime location for a beach wedding, but whether you want to have your wedding in Disney World or not, there is no shortage of exciting things you can incorporate into your wedding. If you’re looking for a wedding that includes local culture, Tampa is the perfect place filled with historical landmarks.

Pick A Color Scheme

If you want to customize your color scheme to the location a popular choice like Florida, you could make it tropical or oceanic. These fun colors will make your wedding stand out and will be great for photos. If you want to stick with the traditional black tie, make sure it is not too hot for men to be wearing tuxes.

Decide What You Are Going To Serve

To take advantage of a great wedding destination, incorporate local foods. If you are in the Keys, add key lime pie to your dessert list. Southern Florida is known for their Caribbean food and adding Cuban sandwiches or banana fritters will give your wedding an authentic feel.

Get A Florida Marriage License

In Florida, you can get a marriage license at any county clerk’s office and use it anywhere in the state. Make sure to plan ahead though because there is a three-day waiting period for marriage licenses. Once you get the marriage license, you have 60 days to get married.

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