Choosing the Perfect Destination Wedding Location

When choosing the perfect location for your destination wedding there are a lot of factors that come into play. To get the most out of the location and have a great experience you need to make sure you are doing your research. You do not want to have an unnecessary surprise during your special day. Here are a few things you will need to consider when choosing your destination.

Choose the right date

When choosing when to have your wedding you want to keep in mind that when it involves travel your guests will need to stay a couple of days. Try to plan your wedding for a long weekend or holiday break so they do not have to ask off work and use their travel days. If you are going to do that be aware that costs for flights and hotels usually go up so you will want to book in advance. Some locations will be busier during certain dates due to holidays or sports events so you should plan your location accordingly.

Be aware of the weather

If you want to get married on a certain day or a certain month remember that you need to look at what the weather will be like. Florida is the perfect place if you are trying to escape the cold but be aware of their hurricane season. If you want to go somewhere North, you will want to be aware of when they have freezing weather and if you have to worry about snow.

Keep in mind the size of your guest list

If you are going to a small town or want a venue that is not very big you need to make sure you adjust your guest list. A small intimate venue will not be able to fit a large number of people so you should narrow it down to close friends and family. If you are paying for your guest’s hotel rooms, you do not want to use your whole wedding budget just on hotel reservations. A tip to keep you from spending more than you need is to only get a few rooms at first and get more as your guests RSVP. If you want to be able to invite whoever you want, you need to find a location that will suit the needs of a large group.

Do extra research

If you have never visited the destination wedding’s location, you should do some research. Are there places to eat and things to do in the area? Look up health warnings in case guests need to get shots before going or take extra precautions if the water is not drinkable. You should also check the crime statistics in the area if you plan to be staying for a while.

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