Destination Wedding Tips for Guests

When planning a destination wedding it is important to remember that this can add stress to your guests too. Most of them will be traveling, and some may be coming a long way for your wedding. Not only are they preparing for the wedding, but they also have to prepare for travel. Here are a few tips you should be aware of to help your guests prepare for your destination wedding.

There will be people who say no

Getting a dress or outfit for a wedding is not too challenging but add in travel and it adds complications. You will have guests who may not be able to afford the trip or time to travel to your wedding. If they have kids it may be especially harder for them because they will have to find care for them or pay for them to travel as well. This will lead to guests having to tell you they cannot come to your wedding, so try not to get offended. Your guests want to be there but keep in mind, it is not feasible for everyone.

Make sure your guests know what to pack

Packing is hard but packing for a wedding is harder. Let your guests know any activities you have planned and where the ceremony and reception will be held. This will make it so they can pack for every occasion and aren’t left unprepared on the day of the wedding in a different state or country. Make sure you let your guests know what the weather is like where they are going so they can pack appropriately. If you are going to Florida, you will have to be prepared for the extra warm weather during the summer. If you go during the winter, Florida winters vary, so it’s best to check the weather channel to see how cool it will be during the wedding.

Confirm Plans

Let your guests know of any logistics you have planned and what they need to take care of themselves. If you have a hotel that will give your guests a deal when they make a reservation let your guests know. If you plan to pay for the hotel, make sure your guests know so they do not make a reservation of their own, and if you want all of your guests at the same hotel give them the information with enough time that they can get a decent reservation. Also, let them know if you have someone who will be picking people up at the airport or if they need to make the arrangements themselves. Often hotels have shuttles that will pick people up at the airport. This can be great to relieve stress for your guests and you.

Plan activities

If the guests are coming far for your wedding, they may want to stay a few extra days to settle in or look around. Do some research in advance of the area you will be staying in so that you can find out about any interesting restaurants, landmarks, or markets. You can plan a few things for everyone who wants to but also be aware that with all of the other activities you have planned for the wedding your guests may want some alone time to relax.

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