Breezin’s 40 Under 40 Awards: Tampa Bay’s Most Inspiring and Entrepreneurial

Breezin’ Magazine was proud to announce its second issue that launched on Oct. 24, 2018. The entrepreneurial issue featured a ‘Behind the Hustle’ look and view on event entertainment, entrepreneurship, and Tampa Bay business professionals. The magazine’s most anticipated article highlights a ’40 Under 40’ 2018 list, which recognized young entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators, that have been proactive in the Tampa Bay Area.

Today, we are featuring the main article that made this magazine come to life, “Breezin’s 40 Under 40 Awards: Tampa Bay’s Most Inspiring and Entrepreneurial.”

Tampa’s community leaders today noted the need to develop and nurture a deeper bench of passionate Tampans. The great Tampa Bay—a region with deep multicultural roots—has emerged as a Southern force in modern trade, commerce, and finance. But who will lead its next leg of compassion and growth?

Young professionals are key to the continued vibrant growth in Tampa Bay and therefore are a vital asset to our region. It is important to recognize and acknowledge those young leaders who have made their mark in the business world and bettered our community’s future.

Breezin’s 40 Under 40 Awards is Breezin’ Magazine’s answer to the call for nurturing one of our vital assets. Focused on leadership, impact, and community involvement, this year’s 40 Under 40 will include a charity “donation” on 24 October 2018 at the Godfrey Hotel with sponsored Tito’s open bar with every donation, and a chance to win some time with some of the Bay area’s top professionals. Event funds donated will go toward Stay in Step’s Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Center.


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