5 Tips to Help Decide on Choosing a Wedding DJ or Live Band

To DJ or to Band? That is the question. Entertainment is one of the most important aspects to keep in mind when planning a wedding. One of the easiest ways to create a fun, interactive experience for your guests is through music. However, this boasts the question, “Do I hire a live band or a DJ?” To answer the question, here are five tips for deciding whether to hire a wedding DJ or a live band.

1. Venue:
The first thing you have to take into consideration is the venue. If you’re having your reception indoors, such as a country club, is there enough space for a stage without sacrificing too much dancefloor? A band will typically consist of four to six performers, requiring enough space for each performer and their instrument. A DJ, on the other hand, requires a table and space for a single performer, typically taking up less room than a full band. Also if your event is outdoors do you offer shelter in case of poor weather? The last thing you want is your music for the evening to be canceled due to a little rain.

2. Guestlist:
Next, who’s on your guest list? Is it a small, intimate wedding with your closest friends and family? Or does it consist of family members you haven’t seen in years, but your mother says you just HAVE to invite? If you have children attending your wedding it may be beneficial to ensure your band or DJ has music options to entertain them. It’s important to think of your guests when it comes to the music choices. You want the band or DJ to be able to play a wide variety of music that guests of all ages would enjoy. However, balance is key! You want to make sure you enjoy the music just as much as you think everyone else will.

3. Budget:
If you’re on a budget, DJ’s are typically less expensive than a whole band. However, it is possible to have live music without a hefty cost. Consider instead of hiring an entire band, just have a solo performer or duo. At a small, intimate wedding this can set a relaxed, and personal mood. If you’d rather have a wider variety of music, a DJ may be the way to go. Either way, a tighter budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your hope for a DJ or live band.

4. Vibe:
Music can set a vibe for the atmosphere like none other, that’s why it’s important to take the vibe you hope for into account. Do you want your wedding to be sophisticated and elegant? Perhaps a string quartet would be a good choice. Are you having your wedding on the beach? Maybe a Latin band or a DJ with a tropical specialty. Whatever vibe you may be going for, it is important that your music matches. The last thing you’d want is to accidentally hire a band specializing in rock for your barn-centered wedding.

5. See Them Live:
Whether you choose a DJ or live band it is imperative that you see them perform live before you sign them. No matter how great they look on paper, you don’t want to take the chance that their advertisements aren’t telling the whole truth. Perhaps the live band you’re looking into can’t sustain their upbeat appearance all night, or your DJ spins great music but is a horrible emcee. It’s just like buying a new car, you have to give it a test drive first.

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