Booking Entertainment for Fall-Themed Events

With fall upon us, you may be considering a fall theme for your next event. Whether you want your event to be spooky, or warm and cozy, there are a number of entertainment options to ensure your event gives off the exact vibe that you want.

If you’re feeling the creepy, crawly spirits floating about, consider a Halloween theme for your next event. There’s only one day a year where dressing up as your favorite pop star is socially acceptable, so why not extend this opportunity to your guests? Perhaps hire a clown to entertain, or even innocently spook, your guests. Clowns are a great source of silly entertainment that helps your guests unwind and fall into the fun of your event.

If a clown seems a little too terrifying, consider an arts and crafts table where guests are able to paint their own pumpkins or create ghostly decorations for their very own Halloween celebration. This hands-on activity lets your guests leave with a souvenir so whenever they see it, they’ll be reminded of what a great night they had at your event.

If you’re hosting a mature, adult event, consider hiring a bartender or two to create specialty, eerie drinks for guests throughout the night. Specialty cocktails are a great way to separate your event from the rest. Come up with a catchy name specific to each cocktail that will leave guests wondering “What made that vampire-blood drink so good?” even after they leave the event.

Lastly, consider hosting a costume contest. This will get guests especially excited about your event and make their night memorable. Perhaps the winner of the costume contest will win a gift card to a favorite restaurant or a spa day. Whatever you choose your prize to be, costume contests can be a fun, interactive way to get your guests counting down the days until your event.

Warm and Cozy:
If you’re not into the scary vibes of Halloween, maybe an event showcasing the colors of fall is a better route for you. Center your décor around the changing colors of the leaves with drapery or balloons to remind your guests of the Northern woods. You can create ambiance with warm lighting and candles encompassing your venue, making your guests relaxed and comfortable upon entrance.

Considering having your event catered? Pick foods like pumpkin pie, apple cider, or a fall cheese board that fills the room with the smells of fall. When guests walk into your event, they will instantly take in the aromas and feel right at home. Plus, who doesn’t love great food with no hassle? By hiring a catering team, you don’t have to fuss or worry about restocking food. You’re able to enjoy your event just like your guests.

Are you looking for some fun activities to entertain throughout the event? Set up a photo booth with props and a hashtag that your guests can have fun with and even bring photos home. Maybe include some carnival games to remind your guests of fall fairs and get them engaged. To get your guests in the groove, hire a live band to give your event that personal feel that can’t be faked.

Whether you’re looking for fun and spooky or relaxed and warm, Breezin’ Entertainment has all of your Fall-themed booking entertainment event needs. Holiday events can be tricky to get just right so don’t do it alone. Visit our website,, to learn more about our services and how Breezin’ can make your event a night guests won’t forget.

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