Breezin’ Magazine’s Volume 3 Cover Reveal of New Mayor Jane Castor

Coming this October 21st, 2019, Breezin’ Magazine is excited to announce its third edition, “The New Tampa Bay”. Diving deep into the happenings of Tampa Bay, St. Pete/Clearwater, and Sarasota, “The New Tampa Bay” will cover new and upcoming developments along with the leading charities, event moguls, key influencers, and industry professionals in the area.

The face of the upcoming magazine will feature none other than Tampa Bay’s very own Mayor, Jane Castor, who was elected into office March 5th, 2019. Castor received her undergraduate degree in criminology from The University of Tampa located right on the Hillsborough River across from downtown. In 1984 she began her professional career with the Tampa Bay Police Department. Later, in 2005, she became the assistant chief until 2009 when she was appointed to Chief of Police, holding this position for six years until her 2015 retirement.

Breezin’ Magazine’s Director of Events, Jessie Soplinski sat down with Mayor Castor to discuss Castor’s first 150 days as mayor. Soplinski questioned Castor on her road to office, her thoughts on “The New Tampa Bay”, her main challenges and more. Mayor Castor is excited to make improvements to the city such as public transportation and the Pipes Program, which focuses on renewing the nearly 100-year-old sewage system. You can find the whole interview transcript in “The New Tampa Bay” magazine at

The magazine also includes articles on The Tampa Bay Museum of Art, The Florida Aquarium, The MacDill Air Force Base, among many others. “The New Tampa Bay” works well to encompass the Tampa Bay community as a whole and offers inside information on new and upcoming projects.

One of the articles is a spread about Breezin’ Entertainment’s charity of the year, Instruments 4 Life. This charity will be honored at the Breezin’ Magazine Launch party with all proceeds donated directly. Instruments 4 Life has provided instrument and art lessons for kids in the area for the past eight years in order to teach children empowerment through art and music. They believe that all children should have the opportunity to grow a passion for music and art, regardless of their family’s financial situation. Many children who utilize the lessons are from underprivileged communities where music and art programs are often underfunded. Instruments 4 Life works to combat the stigma that these programs are an extracurricular activity rather than a part of a well-rounded education.

Of course, the magazine also offers tips for corporate entertainment and destination weddings. If you’re thinking about hosting an event, “The New Tampa Bay” will help trigger some ideas on how to make your event stand out from the rest. You can also visit to learn more about ways to make your wedding day unique.

All this can be found in Breezin’ Magazine’s third edition, “The New Tampa Bay” only available on Don’t miss out on what’s to come, stay tuned!

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