Vicky Anglo Takes on the Fashion Industry: One Dress at a Time

The fashion industry is a fast-paced mogul where trends are constantly coming in and going out. It is a place where it can be challenging to plan for the future as an entrepreneur who is trying to grow their business. But, for Vicky Anglo, running a successful business has always been her goal, and she has been able to use her talents and passion to stitch together a highly successful business. Turning Anglo Couture from a posh boutique to a large industrial showroom shows Tampa Bay she’s here to stay.

Vicky’s passion for a career in the fashion industry started when she was thirteen and went to her first bridal show. She loved how the gowns “floated on the runway” and wanted to be able to make her ideas come to life. Vicky grew up in Athens, Greece watching her father sculpt. And by watching her father create art out of the things in his workshop inspired her. She now uses Geek mythology and architecture to influence her style and names every garment and design after a Greek goddess.

Vicky attended Newbury College in Boston where she got a degree in Fashion Design. Upon graduating, she opened her boutique in 2011, which focuses on making every wedding dress different. She recognizes that not everyone has the same style or body shape, therefore works to make the perfect dress that is personally crafted to suit the bride in every way. Vicky wants to make whoever wears her clothes feel confident, sexy and, powerful; therefore her style is a little more risqué. Her work has since been showcased in New York City’s Bridal Fashion Week and in boutiques all over the country.

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