Breezin’ Chats – Episode 6: The Art of Being a Boss (Feat. Dana Blickensderfer)

On this episode of Breezin’ Chats, Cindy and Michael welcome Dana Blickensderfer: a creative, hard-working, and highly involved individual in the Tampa Bay community. Dana was born on Long Island, NY and moved to Tampa in 2001 where she studied public relations at the University of South Florida (USF). She got her start in business at an early age. In middle school, she painted and sold birdhouses around her neighborhood. Little did she know, she was becoming an entrepreneur herself. Now, she runs her own company helping people grow and scale their own businesses and on the side, is an active Artist traveling all across the U.S. showcasing her works. Take note that this did not happen overnight. So please give a warm welcome to Dana Blickensderfer.

Upon graduating USF, Dana worked at her parents’ law firm, where she founded and developed its marketing department. On the weekends, she was an abstract painter who sold her artwork online and at art shows. Searching for a clearer direction in her career path, she moved back to New York to attend art school for two weeks, which ended up being two years. Besides pursuing art education, she was also helping a few businesses around New York with their marketing. This side hustle guided her back to Tampa, where she and her business partner established a technology company, iBoss Ventures.

Dana is also the owner and founder of Provoke Art and even has her own art salon, The Wandering Masters Art Salon. More recently, she has been working with Breezin’ Entertainment as an artist for booking entertainment events. She even helped launch Breezin’ Magazine as the Editor-in-Chief, and reveals in this episode a few surprises for the magazine’s third volume, which comes out later this year.
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