Prepare for Obstacles

Couples often neglect to ask their DJ what occurs when obstacles arise. While you should expect that your DJ delivers, unfortunately, unexpected incidents can happen and are more likely to occur than you might initially expect. With an event as important as a wedding, having contingency plans prepared ahead of time for when things go wrong can be the difference between a disaster and a minor inconvenience. Part of determining whether or not a DJ is right for your event is to ask questions based on what happens if unexpected occurrences take place.

Hidden Fees

Overtime fees are an unexpected occurrence and have a tendency to surprise couples if they don’t take the proper time to vet their DJ. Most entertainment companies have policies on how many hours they are available to work at your event along with penalties that come with them working over their allotted time. Avoid being charged with overtime fees, by being aware of the time allotted towards your wedding. Not only should you ask questions directly on how your wedding DJ’s policies work, but you should also read their contract in depth. While contracts aren’t the most enthralling pieces of text; it is still critical that you are aware of every line and segment. Use the opportunity to ask questions if there is any confusion.


Another question to ask your DJ is, to ask about their schedule. Do they have an event before yours? If the answer is yes, ask how their scheduling affects your event in the instance where the previous event goes over their allotted time. One of the worst scenarios to find yourself in occurs when you event entertainment doesn’t arrive on time. You can avoid these types of disasters by asking questions and planning ahead of time. The truth ultimately comes down to how much faith will you put into your DJ for when things go wrong.

Accidents Happen

Even if you have booked your event exceptionally far in advance, it’s still worth noting that the crew that runs your wedding from behind the scenes is only human. One issue that many couples fail to consider ahead of time is, what to do when DJs don’t show up because they are sick. Some entertainment agencies account for incidents in their contracts, but not all of them have this feature. Ask about specific policies and have a plan for absences if they don’t provide assurance that makes you comfortable.

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