Having A Plan B

There are always risks of things not going the way you expect them to when you are planning for an event. It doesn’t matter whether your event is large or small, the reality is that the likely hood of something unexpected taking place is quite high. The best course of action for all event entertainment agencies out there is to have a plan B and to have a level head when things do inevitably go awry. The larger the event the likelihood of plans taking unexpected turns only increases. With so many elements coming into play and so many little tasks to keep in mind, it can quickly lead to significant frustration if something doesn’t go according to plan. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you prepared for the case in which something goes wrong.

Remain Calm

The first and foremost step to preparing for the worst is to make sure that you maintain a level head even in the worst scenarios. If you are someone who gets flustered at problems, try and consider how effective being in a frustrated state of mind really is. Yes, carrying the responsibility of an event on your shoulders can be a considerable burden to bear. The last thing you want to be is in a frustrated state of mind. Being frustrated effects decision making, and for something as crucial as an event, being level-headed is only that much more valuable.

Determine the Problem

Once you are in a calm state of mind, you can tackle problems more effectively, and you can get to the root of the problem more efficiently than ever. The likelihood of something going wrong might be higher than you might first expect. The first step to combating problems is to recognize them so you can figure out an appropriate solution. Recognition may sound like common sense at first, but unfortunately for many events hosts, it’s not put in to practice. The failure to recognize problems is especially prevalent when the host isn’t level-headed; therefore it helps to keep this in mind throughout the event entertainment planning process.

Expect the Worst and Be Prepared for Everything

Guest speakers failing to attend, major equipment failure, and unexpected bad weather are just a few issues event entertainment planners may have to deal with when organizing events. In the scenario where something goes wrong, it always pays to be prepared. For example, having a list of backup vendors prepared can pay off in the event that your original vender cancels unexpectedly last minute. Just, because it is the responsibility for the vendor to arrive on time doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not responsible when they don’t.

Be Honest

Honesty is always the best policy, especially when it comes to failure. When your event doesn’t go according to plan, because of some failure, it is best, to be honest, and explain to guests precisely what happened to lessen the frustration. If something goes wrong during your event guests are bound to get frustrated, but they will appreciate honesty none the less. It can be heartbreaking to have to apologize due to someone else’s mistake, but as the host of the guests, it falls on your shoulders to explain the issue to your guests no matter the cause. Ultimately honestly is always the best approach when addressing your guests.


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