How to Throw the Perfect Summer Party

When summer time finally comes around, it is worth celebrating. If you are thinking about throwing a summer party, there are some elements you consider first in order to pull off the perfect event. Follow these quick steps in order to truly impress your guest with the perfect summer party. The first thing to think about when planning a summer party is whether or not you want your party to have a theme. A theme is a great way to get people excited about your party as it allows everyone to get dressed up and have fun. Popular themes for summer parties include a Hawaiian luau or an underwater adventure. Each theme allows you to get creative with food and decorations while still impressing your guests with your creativity. The next thing you should consider is your outdoor space. If you are thinking of having a party in the summer, you should make sure that you have a functional outdoor space. If the weather is nice people will want to be outside and in order to accommodate them, you’ll need a good entertaining space. Outdoor seating, tables and space to mingle will all be vital to make your party a success. Another thing to keep in mind is how you will provid a way for your guests to cool off. Whether it be a pool, or some refreshing snacks people will need a way to stay cool. One solution is to set up an outdoor tent, this way your guests will be able to enjoy the shade without having to retreat inside.             The most important element of your party is the food you serve. Whether you decide to cater or to serve the food yourself, you’ll need a plan to ensure that there is something for everyone to eat. If you choose to cater, you’ll be able to better enjoy your party rather than worrying about taking care of the details. Staples of summer food include fruit, BBQ and small appetizers. Whatever you decide to serve, stick to a buffet in order to allow guests to come and go as they please. One aspect of the food you should control is the drinks. In order to have a truly memorable party, you should create a signature cocktail for your event. This simple touch is never overlooked as guests always appreciate a ready-made drink. When considering what drinks to serve, stick to fruity and sweeter flavors as they are better suited for summertime. Make sure you don’t forget the garnish! Another aspect to keep in mind is what type of entertainment you will be providing. While guests often enjoy chatting together, it will be important to have some sort of entertainment at your disposal in order to keep the party going. Good outdoor entertainment may include yard games such as corn hole or connect four or even an outdoor movie screening in the evening. If you are looking to really spice up your night and impress your guests, hire professional dancer for later in the night. When considering your entertainment, music is always the most important component. Music will be a big part of how you set the tone of your party. If you are looking for a calmer atmosphere, a band is a good choice, as it allows people to chat casually with music in the background. For a more energetic atmosphere, a DJ would be a better choice. A DJ will get people up and dancing throughout the night and keep your party going as long as you want. Whatever you do decide, make sure you have the perfect summer playlist ready to go when the time comes. The last thing you should consider is the decorations. This will tie your party together and make it feel complete. If you are outdoors, it may seem difficult to decorate your space, but it’s all about being creative and using the space you have. Hanging lights from near by trees or under the tent, having balloon arrangements throughout the space and keeping vases of flowers handy will all provide a fun touch without looking tacky. Having features like a photobooth or a cookie decorating table will also help your party feel more complete. Having the perfect summer party may seem a difficult feat at first, but by following these five simple tips, you will be sure to pull off a successful night. Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit