How to Throw a Successful Outdoor Event

Now that summer is here finally here, it’s time to take out the grill and get a barbecue going. You might be planning to throw a massive outdoor corporate party or wedding, or maybe you want to host a small family gathering. Either or, the best thing you can do is keep it as simple as possible. Here is a guide to help you throw a successful outdoor event for the summer. Decide on the Menu Don’t get overexcited and choose multiple food options. Instead, ask your guests about their food preferences and give them a few amazing meals. Having a smaller menu is much less of a hassle. You don’t need to worry about the temperatures and cooking times of different foods, and the preparation is going to be much easier on you. Food that can be cooked on a grill is not as messy. You can barbecue bread, vegetables, and meat to make the perfect meal for all your guests. What you can do is offer a wide range of drinking options to make up for the limited food choices. Your guests are going to appreciate the large beverage selection whether it’s alcoholic, non-alcoholic or a mix of both. Have Plenty of Furniture It’s essential to make sure all your guests are comfortable, especially during an outdoor party. That way, they can enjoy the ambiance, the food, the people, and the entertainment, which is vital to have for any outdoor event. Booking event entertainment can be a difficult task when you don’t have any connections and don’t know who to call. That’s why Breezin’ Entertainment is always happy to help. They have a wide selection of acts and talents to showcase at your summer party. From a wedding DJ to a stilt-walker, Breezin’ is the go-to Tampa entertainment agency that is guaranteed to bring the fun to you and all your guests. If you are going to have entertainment, make sure there are plenty of seats and tables for all your guests, so they can eat comfortably and enjoy the acts and performances. Select Lighting Lighting plays a huge factor in any event, especially if it is held during the evening. No matter the theme or occasion, you can never go wrong with some outdoor string lights. Note that your guests might be taking pictures during your event, so make sure to have some extra lighting in specific areas of the venue that are photo-worthy. Provide Shade Summer is a season filled with fun… and some shade, of course, because no one wants to sweat and get sunburnt. Make sure to have a couple of shady spots throughout the venue. You could rent some tents or have tables with large umbrellas. This is going to be an extra cost, but it’s your responsibility as the host to keep your guests as comfortable as possible. Source