Breezin’ Chats Episode 11: Breaking the Barriers in Publication (Feat. Bridgette Bello)

On this episode of Breezin’ chats, CEO and Publisher of the Tampa Bay Business and Wealth Magazine, Bridgette Bello, is sharing her journey to becoming the successful woman she is today. She is a media professional with over 25 years of experience working in every aspect of the media business from being a writer for the daily newspaper, a media buyer for advertising agencies, and everything else in between. She was also the president and publisher of the Tampa Bay Business Journal for 11 years and is a seven-time winner of the prestigious Eagle Award. However, her achievements also came with challenges that impacted her life. So please give a warm welcome to Bridgette Bello.

Bridgette began going to school for journalism at the University of Florida. When she heard a commercial on the radio looking for on-air talent, she knew she had to act right away. She received a position in morning news but later found out it just wasn’t for her. A few years after graduating, she became pregnant, but struggled to find work since the last job she applied for did not hire her due to her pregnancy. This was just one of the problems she faced in the early days of her career. Fast-forward to today, she has overcome life’s obstacles and is making an impact on Tampa Bay through her perseverance and media expertise.


Want to hear Bridgette’s full story? Tune in to episode 11 of Breezin’ Chats if you want to find out how Bridgette Bello rose to a position of power, her goals for the future, and important lessons she learned being a woman in the workplace.


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