Breezin’ Chats Episode 12: The Passage to the Wedding World (Feat. Julie Mackie)

On this episode of Breezin’ Chats, the team is diving into the world of bridal shows and exploring the journey and future of this week’s featured guest, Julie Mackie. Julie is the head of sales and marketing for Nuovo Bride Media Group and is also an associate publisher for the magazine.

Throughout her career, Julie says she has gained several valuable experiences, especially during the tougher times of being in an environment where skills like multi-tasking and adaptability are required. These were just a few of the lessons she learned on her journey.

Julie grew up in New York and graduated from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA. One of her very first jobs took place in Chicago where she worked in commodities trading at just 21 years old. It was a high-energy and stressful environment for Julie, but she says that it was still an “incredible experience.” She was able to support herself for 12 years and then moved to her current home, Sarasota, FL, when she had a son. With her strong sales background, she was able to quickly find a job. She networked and met with wedding and event professionals who later offered her a sales job with Nuovo Bride Media Group. Today, Julie is a leader and a professional in the wedding industry.

Want to hear more of Julie’s extraordinary journey? Tune in to episode 12 of Breezin’ Chats if you want to discover more of the obstacles she faced, how her roles have progressed, and her plans for the future.
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