Advocator of Spreading Hope and Stopping Cancer in its Tracks

The spread of cancer has been on the rise for many years now, but something new is spreading too: hope. Thanks to organizations like the Moffit Cancer Center, and people like Merritt Martin, the desire to end cancer is spreading throughout Florida. Merritt Martin is the director of State Legislative Affairs at the Moffit Cancer Center. Merritt’s interest in politics started when she was ten years old and her father took her to Governor Lawton Chile’s inauguration in Tallahassee. During her time in politics, she learned that she got the best experiences when working without pay. She first began her career in advocacy working for the American Cancer Society. Later, Merritt got a seat on the State of House of Representatives. When she was offered a position at the Moffitt Cancer Center, she took it without hesitation. She loves that brilliant people who are kind and care about preventing and curing cancer surround her.

Now, ten years later Moffit has grown having doubled the number of employees, hitting record research funding, opening two new campuses, and increasing patient visits to over 35,000 a year. Merritt’s position has also grown over the years from interacting with the legislature for funding and policy to now overseeing the State Legislative Affairs Manager and External Board Manager. Moffitt is a lead advocate in Tampa Bay for the cancer patients before the Legislature and Cabinet. She also works to spread awareness about Moffitt, as well as, hope throughout the Tampa community and dreams of making a happier and healthier Florida. Merritt is proud of working for a company like Moffitt, as they try to stop cancer in its tracks. Merritt believes her work is not done until cancer is cured.

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