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Get To Know The Entertainers: Kenny

Kenny ., has been involved in music for as long as he can remember. Growing up with a big family in St. Thomas, there was always something going on. Kenny sang together with his siblings and performed makeshift shows in the house where the closet was considered their backstage area. Kenny recalls singing the stars spangled banner every morning in the 4th grade and in the 6th grade when his piano teacher would make him sing different dances and ballads. In 9th grade, students used to practice steel drums on the school grounds. This prevented Kenny from being able to concentrate on his studies, which inclined him to begin playing the steel drums himself.  In 1975, Kenny played the steel drums in St. Thomas’s Carnival: a celebration of culture, dancing, food and music. As soon as Carnival was over he received a call from Lord Saint who was looking for someone to play in the Clearwater area, this was what brought Kenny to the Tampa Bay area.  Kenny continued to play with Lord Saint in Clearwater and at the Adams Mark until 1979. Soon after, Kenny played on a Cruise Ship with a group of guys from St. Kitts until 1984. Once he returned, Kenny began to play by himself, this is when he met Cindy Dervech of Breezin’ Entertainment whom he has been working with for 30 years.  Although Kennys specialty is the steel drums, he can also play guitar and sing. There is something about the steel drums that draws his attention, “It’s in my blood, when I am playing the steel drums it just comes naturally, I enjoy doing it so that’s what I do.” Kenny says.  One of the most important things about a gig is your arrival, you have to try to connect with the people around you in order to feel comfortable. If you are friendly with the guests, the gig runs smoothly. Kenny likes to arrive early to set up, relax and settle his nerves. The main thing to remember is that you are working for the client, and once the client is happy everything is fine.  Kenny enjoys performing at houses, they are much more relaxing, people welcome you in and they make you feel appreciated. But you have to remember that you are there to work. One of the most rewarding things about performing is when people are honest about your set. When someone really enjoys a performance it gives you a new perspective, proving your hard work pays off.  Kennys inspiration stems from his brother who sang soul and his sister danced with broken glass and fire, alongside Nat King Cole. He likes everything, whether it be country music or waltzes, Kenny believes that all music connects which is why he doesn’t stick to one genre. In the future, Kenny wants to keep performing and make one or two more CDs. Kenny loves his city and his heritage, he enjoys the Tampa area because the weather reminds him of the islands.  You can listen to Kenny’s album, 50 Years of Carnival here: https://bit.ly/3hMDKG3   Breezin’ Entertainment & Productions offers premier service that is sure to both relieve the stress of the event planning process and guarantee that the entertainment that is provided exceeds all expectations. To book your next event contact a Breezin’ representative at 813-463-2272 today or visit https://breezin.com/