A Guide to the Perfect Backyard Wedding- Part 1

A backyard wedding is perfect for a sentimental couple who loves the outdoors. There are so many benefits to having your wedding somewhere so personal and close to your heart. This gives you and your significant other creative freedom to use your imagination to transform the space into your dream wedding . With that convenience, there are also very important specifics to pay attention to and think about before the big day. We put together a list of all the advantages to having a backyard wedding and some of the important details to think about!

Benefits of having a backyard wedding:

  • You can choose any date

This is such a huge benefit to having a backyard wedding. You’re avoiding the stress of booking a venue and given the freedom to pick any day you want. Some venues book up to a year in advance, so this gives you complete control to pick the perfect date.

  • More time for set up and break down

Since your wedding is happening at your house, you are free to begin setting up as early as you would like. This can make setting up more enjoyable and less stressful on the bride and groom, and even allow them to be more involved. Once the night is over, it can be a harsh reality to go from celebrating and dancing with your friends one minute to cleaning up the next. With your wedding in your own backyard, there is no time limit on cleaning up. This allows you to fully enjoy your day and not stress over cleaning everything up that night! 

  • Budget Friendly 

When you decide to have a backyard wedding, you are automatically cutting the cost of your wedding drastically. You won’t have to pay for the venue and other costs that come along with it. This gives you a larger budget to spend on renting some important necessities. You may need to rent some things that would have normally been provided by the venue. Still, the cost of renting won’t be nearly as much as a venue would have been. 

  • Personal/sentimental factor

The personal and sentimental factor is an obvious plus of having a backyard wedding. You not only get to use your imagination and creativity with the space, but it becomes a more personal and intimate event for you, your friends, and family. Getting married in your backyard can add to memories already made throughout your life. 

  • All your furry friends can attend

Here at Breezin’ Entertainment, we love our animals. On your wedding day, you’re going to be busy. So if you’re planning on having some animals there, watching your pet isn’t exactly going to be a top priority. Having a backyard wedding is a great way to let your furry friends be a part of the big day without having to worry about them prior to the ceremony! You can even hire a pet care service to be on site so you don’t have to stress.

Stay tuned for part 2!

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