Wedding Planning Tips Due to Coronavirus

The past year or so has been absolutely fun-filled and totally hectic as you worked on planning you and your fiance’s wedding. Never would have anyone expected for there to be a world pandemic during the day that you’ve been dreaming about for your entire life. While nothing anyone is going to do or say will make you feel happy with the situation we are all living in right now, here at Breezin’ Entertainment, we came up with some tips on why it is so important to have a planner during this time and some things your planner could possibly need to be changing due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

While no one ever expects anything bad to happen around the time of their wedding, clearly, issues pop up, whether it’s a family crisis, or like right now, a global pandemic. By hiring a wedding coordinator, they are there to help you with contacting your venue to find a new date in the future and are there to contact all of the vendors you chose to make sure that they are available on that date to make your wedding exactly as you envision it. If this all continues for a long time and a vendor you chose happens to unfortunately go out of business, or that vendor was already booked solid for that date due to pre-booked events, your planner is completely willing and available to help you find and recommend new vendors for your big day.

All of this craziness going on right now is a lot for anyone to handle with the events industry, so having a wedding coordinator to turn to that can help you navigate through all of this is so important to understand all of the possible options. If you are a bride that has been planning your wedding that is now getting postponed and you don’t have a coordinator, now is the time to think about investing in one to help you through all of these obstacles. Changing your entire wedding around because of this could become costly, so it might not be a bad idea to ask if potential coordinators would be offering a discount for the couples that have had to change their wedding due to CoronaVirus.

If you currently have a planner and change your wedding date to the following year on a date where your coordinator could book another bride full price, don’t be surprised if they charge you an additional fee. While it might seem frustrating for this possibility, this is a whole extra year that your planner will be helping you through changes. A super helpful way for your planners to be able to take on new business as well as keep assisting you throughout this process is to postpone your wedding to a Friday or a Sunday rather than a Saturday. While it might not be exactly what you wanted, you have a better opportunity at keeping your planner that has already helped you through so much.

As everything progresses with the coronavirus, it is important to stay informed since everything is changing day by day. For right now, keep planning your upcoming summer weddings as is, and speak to your planner to come up with a plan, just in case. As planner’s, we want to make sure that you have your special day go off without any issues once that day can come, so use your coordinator as a rock during this time to release some of that stress and to get clarification on how you should be going about all of this.

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