5 Fun Virtual Events To Keep Your Team Connected



  • Baking class


      • It is the COIV-19 isn’t it? Were either all coming out of this quarantine fit or fluffy so why not just add a little bit of sweetness to our life. Hosting a baking class for your team is a perfect way to bond online but enjoy something afterwards to share with the people you’re stuck with.


  • Art class


      • Art therapy is a perfect way to relieve some stress built up in the house. Get creative or maybe create something that you can incorporate your company logo into it to keep the team spirit alive. Some ideas you can create are:
        • Decorate coffee mug, wine glass, or beer jug
        • Picture frame
        • Mood Boards- cut up a couple magazines and place motivation words and goals to hang up when your ready to get back into the office


      • Download the game: “PSYCH!”


      • Get to the app store and download the game “PSYCH!”. I am sure this one will crack your co-workers up. It asks goofy questions about each player and you come up with funny responses. This silly light-hearted game can turn into a roast session.



      • Happy Hour


      • Of course we are going to plan a happy hour after one of your work days. Kick back and relax after a long day of being trapped. During this happy hour drink something you normally wouldn’t. This also could turn into a mixology class if you want to take it the next level up with your team.


  • Make a pledge for self-care together


    • Times are tough right now. Maybe work is busy and maybe it is not but making sure you are happy is most important. Yale University’s most attended class is now free online. Everyone can pledge to take this class and use their time afterwards to have a discussion. The class focuses on the science of well-being and engages you in a series of challenges and productive habits. Trying to not fall into the quarantine trap might seem difficult but if you use these discussions to focus on things that you are grateful for. The overall goal of the class is to live a happier life which could be beneficial to your team’s overall moral of this quarantine. 
    • https://www.coursera.org/learn/the-science-of-well-being


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