Breezin’ Chats – Episode 20: Transforming Lives Through Makeup (Feat. Dr. Marnita)

On this episode of Breezin’ Chats, Cindy Dervech and her event director Jessie Soplinski talk with featured guest Dr. Marnita. We will be stepping out of comfort zone to chat with a person whose mission is to provide a world class service and be a leader in the Micro Pigmentation Industry.

We will discuss how trust, creativity and collaboration helped our guest get to where she is today. Our Guest was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Graduating in the bottom third of her high school class. As early as her mid-teens, she had a passion for fashion, modeling, and beauty. As her love of learning grew stronger after attending Baldwin-Wallace College and earning her BA in Chemistry, she applied and was accepted to one of the top schools in the Midwest, Case Western Reserve University. There she not only excelled in academics, but she was awarded “Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching” for five consecutive years.

Our guest later went on to earn a Master’s degree and a Ph.D. in Chemistry and accepted an Assistant Professor position at GMI Engineering and Management Institute in Flint, Michigan.

With that burning desire of fashion, modeling, and beauty still in her heart she was able to realign herself, after years of research in skin chemistry, with her passion in the industry of beauty enhancement.

She opened her first Spa in Beachwood, Ohio, 15 years ago. Using beauty enhancement services, her goal is to help people feel as good on the inside as they look on the outside. By continuing to serve others while successfully battling cancer, she believed that she could show there was nothing that you couldn’t overcome! She opened her second Spa in Tampa, Florida, in 2011, called Spa Cafe International. Warm, approachable and down to earth Our guests love for people and their transformation shines through as she spends time one-on-one with her clients and friends. The drive and passion for her work at Spa Cafe International fuels an exuberant, sparkling personality with a golden touch.

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