A Quick Guide to Planning a Holiday Work Party

You have probably planned a holiday party for friends and family, but have you ever hosted a work party? You may feel a little more pressure than usual because this event is going to be for your colleagues, bosses and other people who may be superior to you. The holidays are the busiest time of the year, so to save you some time, here is a quick guide to help you host a successful and organized holiday work party.

The Basics

The first step is to lay out your playing cards and create a plan. Here are some details to help you consider what you would like at the event: date and time, number of guests, theme and decorations, venue, food and beverage options and entertainment. Discuss party details with company executives to plan an event that best fits the company.

Select a Time and Date

The most common time companies host work parties is in early December during the afternoon. The beginning of the month is definitely less stressful than the end, and timing the event during lunch increases the chances that people will go. Evening parties tend to be more expensive and sometimes a little more difficult to plan especially with everyone’s busy holiday schedules.

In the end, it is really up to the company as a whole to work with everyone and select the best time and date.

Guest List

You are probably going to invite all company employees. Did you think about allowing them to bring spouses or close friends? What about their children? This gesture is much appreciated by employees, so it is not a bad idea to let them bring one or two people to the party.

Theme and Decorations

Picking a theme for your event can make your party more personalized, special and bring it all together overall. The theme could be a place like the Bahamas or even something simpler like white and lavender. Add some nice decorations like balloons and table accents to spice up the event.

Selecting a Venue

There are plenty of venues to choose from. You could decide to host it at a hotel, restaurant or a clubhouse. This will ultimately depend on how many people will attend and your budget.

Food and Beverages

You might cook something for a family holiday party, but for an office party, it is best to stick to catering. It would also be a good idea to set a limit on alcoholic drinks by using a ticket system. No more than two is a standard rule.


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