Why You Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Having a Destination Wedding

After a few weeks of planning a destination wedding with your fiancé, you sit back and take a look at all of the information you have collected. You might start to overthink about certain things like costs and the guests who can and cannot make it. This leads you to feel discouraged about planning this in the first place. The truth is, you don’t have to feel guilty about anything.

Issues arise everywhere all the time, even if you were planning a normal wedding. If some of your friends or coworkers cannot come, then don’t worry about it. Prioritize the people dearest to you and help them find a way to make it. If the costs are outweighing your budget, don’t hesitate to cut some things out. You can still have a fantastic wedding without that mini orchestra you really wanted.

Here are some more reasons why you don’t need to feel bad about having a destination wedding.

This is all about you and the love of your life.

Maybe your parents or your fiancé’s parents are persuading you to stick with a simpler wedding, but they aren’t the ones getting married. This ceremony is all about you and your soulmate. If you both enjoy traveling and exploring and prefer to have a destination wedding, then go for it. This is the one special day that you and your fiancé are going to remember forever, so make it count.

Not everyone is going to attend, and that’s just how it is.

There’s a reality to destination weddings, and it’s the fact that not everyone is going to be able to attend. Don’t take it personally. They most likely can’t go due to work or budget constraints. This might be hard to accept because you want many people to attend, but in the end, it’s up to them. Who knows, they might send you a nice wedding gift instead.

Your attendees are probably going to feel like they are on vacation.

No matter what you plan to do for your destination wedding, all your guests are going to have a blast. The fact that it’s in a completely different place makes it even better. With the delicious food, music, dancing, celebrating and other fun activities, they are going to feel like they are on vacation. Don’t forget to have some extra time on the agenda for your guests to have their own time on the trip.

This could be an inspiration for your guests.

Maybe your best friend or little brother is afraid to travel, or maybe even never got the chance to. Your destination wedding might encourage some of your guests to travel more.

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