Tips for planning a stress-free holiday party

After a long and exhausting Thanksgiving, the stress of party planning can start to get to some people. But the holiday season is just getting started! This is a time of celebration and we don’t want anybody feeling overwhelmed. With these tips, planning your holiday party will be an easy, stress-free experience!

Prepare before guests arrive
Something as simple as setting the table before guests arrive can take a great deal of stress away. Trying to set the table with a house full of guests and the kids running around can be overwhelming. And with a million other things to do, I’m sure this is last on your agenda. Setting the table early gives more time to prepare your delicious holiday dinner!

Play holiday music
An easy way to spread some holiday cheer is simply by playing some holiday music at your party. Make sure you don’t have it too loud that your guests can’t hear each other, but having it play in the background of conversation really sets the holiday mood. Create a playlist of all your favorites and let it play during your event!

Find easy recipes

The most stressful part of cooking a holiday dinner is timing everything perfectly. Finding recipes that don’t require too much preparation and baking time will give some time to relax and enjoy your holiday. Simplifying your menu doesn’t mean your meal will be any less delicious. You will still have mouthwatering food to serve your family.

Have a holiday themed drink
The holidays are a time for celebration and treating yourself, so why not do that with the perfect holiday cocktail. Here at Breezin’, our personal favorite is the cranberry mimosa. It is a tasty treat all of your adult guests will enjoy sipping on before, during, and after your meal! Of course, this recipe can be altered to be a kid-friendly treat, just replace the champagne with sprite! Here’s a link to our favorite recipe!

Link to recipe:

Set up a cocoa bar
Setting up a cocoa bar is an inexpensive, crafty way to add that holiday touch your event may be needing. This delicious and kid-friendly option will help your guests get in the holiday spirit! You can go the extra mile and add marshmallows, peppermint sticks, sprinkles, whipped cream, and so much more! This is something you can set up before guests arrive and will be quite the treat!

Set up some games
Setting up some simple games is easy and so much fun! This is a great chance for your family to let loose and share some laughs. It’s an opportunity for everybody to bond and enjoy each other’s company. We’ve linked the instructions below to a personal favorite, the oven mitt present game. With this game, you and your family are sure to create some entertaining memories.
Link to game:

Relax and enjoy!
However, that is what the holidays are all about, right?! You don’t want to allow the stress of hosting ruin quality time with your family. This is your holiday, too! Sit back, relax, and enjoy some quality time with your family and friends.

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