A Guide to the Perfect Backyard Wedding- Part 2

With all the fantastic perks of having a backyard wedding, there are definitely a lot of important factors to consider before deciding. Jessie Soplinski, COO of Breezin’ Weddings gave us some insight into the logistics of hosting a backyard wedding. “Before you decide to have a backyard wedding, make sure your important vendors come out and see the space,” said Jessie. “Don’t plan without having vendors give you their professional opinions and honest, real advice on if and how it can be done.”

Key things to consider:

  • Bathrooms

For every 100 guests attending your wedding, we recommend 4-5 portable toilets. There are plenty of options for portable bathrooms. You can treat your guests with an upscale portable toilet trailer, including mirrors, lights, and a more pleasant experience than a traditional porta potty!

  • Parking/Permit

Parking at a backyard wedding is tricky. You may need to rent out a parking garage and hire a shuttle service to bring guests from the garage to your home. 

  • Power needs

It’s important to consider the electrical components essential to your wedding. You are going to need to find out how power your vendors are going to need, how much power the house provides, and how much power you are going to need to bring in. We suggest renting quiet generators so it doesn’t disturb your guests and event.

  • Trash removal/Clean up 

During your celebration, a lot of trash is going to accumulate. Check with your caterer to see if they help with trash removal. If you are still in need of help, there are trash removal services you can hire to help with the clean up.

  • Chairs/tables

There are rental companies that you can rent all your tables and chairs from. They will almost always set up and break down for you and provide based on the floor plan you give them.

  • Getting your lawn ready

You want to make sure your lawn is prepared for your event. Click on this article to get some tips on how to get your grass ready for your backyard wedding.

  • Weather back up/Tents

You want to make sure you’re fully prepared for bad weather. We suggest renting enough tents to comfortably cover all of your guests and cover the sides, so no one gets wet if it rains. 

Here are some other things to consider: 

  • Maintenance and set up
  • Neighbors and noise level
  • See if vendors have generators
  • Separating cocktail area from reception 

We know how important your wedding day is to many people and here at Breezin’, we want to make sure our clients are prepared and aware of all that goes into having a backyard wedding. Think to yourself: What type of wedding do I want to have? What are my priorities for the big day? If they match the perks and benefits we listed above, then a backyard wedding just might be right for you!


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