Breezin’s Top Five 2020 Wedding Trends

A new decade means new trends. These are some of Breezin’s favorite trends of 2020 that will make your wedding not one to forget. 1. Specialty Liquor Bars Are you a champagne connoisseur? A tequila fan? Or maybe you just want to allow your guest to get hands on. You can’t go wrong with a show-stopping bar moment that ties in an activity.
  • A bubbly bar on a bar cart during cocktail hour or when cake is being served. 
  • A self service drink station can keep your guests entertained throughout the night when they can go mix up the couple’s signature cocktail. This also can give some great backdrops for photos.
  2. Food Every celebration involves an indulgence. Food that involves a form of interaction will keep your guests entertained throughout the evening. Even just a nice display will make your wedding instagram-worthy. Here are some of our favorite new ways to arrange food. 
  • Abundant charcuterie board centerpieces
  • Edible centerpiece
  • Non-cake cakes such as cookies, cinnabuns, or an Ice cream Sundae bar
  • Late night snack. Guests will appreciate a late night food menu once they are tired and have visited the bar a few times.
  • Don’t forget about your vegan, keto, and gluten free guests! We want everyone to enjoy your day.
3. A 1920’s theme The roaring 20’s are back and just in time for your wedding. A 1920’s theme will give your guest a blast from the past.  
  • Jazz bands
  • Strings of pearls and peacock feather center arrangement
  • Poker and black jack tables
  • Cigar roller
4. Venue  Couples have been wanting more private weddings rather than traditional hotel venues. Opting for an outdoor small wedding over a hotel and restaurant atmosphere will be more personal and intimate. Beautiful backyards, back gardens, and manor house settings can turn your wedding into a fairytale escape. 5. Color   Florals, lighting, and bridesmaids dresses are straying away from the classic color scheme. Jewel tones and dark earthy tones are in and kicking pastels out. Customary detailing with an established overall aesthetic will be pleasing. Mood lighting has has also been a huge trend this year. Market lights during the sunset will set the tone of the evening. Lighting has been a bigger pick for decor over flowers.  Here are some other new trends we have been seeing..
  • Pampas grass
  • Market lighting
  • Hanging plants
  • Indoor furniture set up outside
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