Breezin’ Chats – Episode 3: The Hustle and Perseverance of Jen McDonald

On this episode of Breezin’ Chats, Cindy Dervech is joined with co-hosts  Jessie Soplinski and Michael Dervech for a special interview with Jen McDonald, a finalist from Breezin’ Magazine’s 40 under 40 awards. Jen is one of the first finalists to be featured in Breezin’ Chats. So please give a warm welcome to Jen McDonald!




Listen as Jen shares her journey on how she got started in the insurance field, the obstacles she faced, the accomplishments she made, and her next moves for the future.
As a Philadelphia native, Jen grew up taking subways and buses to school. During college, she was an undecided business major but later found interest in entrepreneurship and insurance from an intro class she took. This lead her to accept an internship in Dallas, Texas where she realized how much of the world she had been missing out on. To broaden her view of the world more, she backpacked through Europe and later decided to move cities and take a job offer in Tampa, FL. Now, she calls Tampa home and runs her insurance business.
Along with this, Jen discusses her heavy involvement with the Tampa community. She is a member of several organizations, like the Hillsborough County Citizens Advisory Committee. She is also a candidate for district one of the Hillsborough County Commission. Jen also offers valuable tips and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. 
Want to hear the full story? Tune into Breezin’ Chats episode 3 to get more of Jen’s insight on business, entrepreneurship, travel, and more! 
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