Breezin’ Chats Episode 15: Making Life More Musical (Feat. Instruments 4 Life)

On this episode of Breezin’ Chats, the team is talking with featured guests, David Diaz, Bri Brokaw, and Jon Soler, to discuss their united mission to make life more musical for the Tampa Bay youth through Instruments 4 Life. David and Jon are native residents to Tampa, and Bri has a background in world travel. Together they share a strong passion for music and community outreach that is making kids lives better each day.

David, one of the founding members, has most enjoyed the journey of seeing Instruments 4 Life come together after years of hard work and seeing the kids grow with the program. Jon, a local musician and founding member, calls the organization a family that uplifts each other. He believes this powerful quality gives Instruments 4 Life a competitive advantage against lots of factors. Bri originally came into the program to assist with fundraising, but after a break in which she worked for the Peace Corps and became a teacher abroad, she brought the skills she learned back to Instruments 4 Life and continued to grow the program to what it is today.


The idea of Instruments 4 Life came to fruition at a band practice eight years ago. The band was brainstorming ideas on how they could help local kids, and, being musicians, they decided to practice what they already know; music. The band agreed that even for those who aren’t musicians, music helps people get through difficult times. As Bri said, “The best way we know how to give back is to start with our youth… because they are our future.” Thus, Instruments 4 Life was born.


The program provides beginner and intermediate lessons in guitar, ukulele, piano, and arts for kids in second through twelfth grade. It runs in eight to ten-week increments that coincide with school semesters and quarters. Following the completion of a cycle of music, the students are awarded their own instruments to keep.


The ultimate goal is to create lasting, positive changes in the lives of youth in at-risk communities. Instruments 4 Life students come from schools that have either no music programs or the existing programs have been severely cut. As a result of their hard work and commitment to the kids, Instruments 4 Life was named the Breezin’ Entertainment 2019 Charity of the Year.

Tune in to Breezin’ Chats to hear more about David, Bri, and Jon’s passion for musical outreach and how Instruments 4 Life is continuously improving the lives of children in the Tampa Bay community.

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