21 Questions: DJ Edition

After hiring a DJ for your upcoming event, it is likely that you have many questions ranging from music selection, to guest interaction, and everything else in between. While some event planners are hesitant to ask DJs questions, this is a critically important step in ensuring that you are both on the same page leading up to the event. Failure to ask questions, even ones that seem small or insignificant, can be the difference between an unforgettable event and one which is less than satisfactory. In order you help you understand why you should ask questions and which types of questions to consider, below are critical points to follow while in the planning process.

Great DJs Care About Their Clients
While low quality or inexperienced DJs may seem to care less about a client or their event, there is a reason they are not making the big bucks. Great DJs have built a career on providing great music and constantly adhering to customer service. These DJs genuinely care about each client and put most of their attention into making sure the event goes on without the smallest hiccup. Great DJs will constantly encourage you to ask them any and all questions, so do not be hesitant when something crosses your mind.

People Can Have Different Ideas
Asking questions is especially important when planning event entertainment because two people can be given the same exact directions and produce completely different results. For example, if you were to tell your DJ that you want to hear “great country music,” they may construe this as any artists or song currently listed on the radio top 100. However, you may have meant that you want them to play all-time great country music instead of what is simply popular in the present day. This simple miscommunication could completely change the course of your event unless you follow up and ask questions during the planning process with your DJ.

The Little Things Matter
When considering what types of questions to ask your DJ, anything is essentially free game. Since your event is tailor made by you, the small details and questions still play a large role. While you will obviously find yourself asking your DJ about their intended playlist or guest interaction level, what if you simply wanted to know what they would be wearing to the event? This might seem menial, but it could play a large role in the overall presentation your DJ is able to provide for the audience. So long as they are appropriate, feel free to ask your DJ any questions which come to mind.

Have Questions? Fire Away!
You might refrain from asking too many questions in other areas of your life, but when planning with a DJ there is never a better time to let your curiosity run freely. Since great DJs take pride in making your event one to remember, your questions will better prepare them to completely amaze you in the end! Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it will also take your event to the next level!

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