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Spice Up your Fall Wedding

Bring life to your fall wedding with the following décor trends, flower arrangements

and entertainment that your guests are guaranteed to love.


 Rustic Chic Décor

With warm woods and cozy lights, this rustic chic theme makes any sized wedding intimate. The latest fall trend is to forget the linens and enhance the natural beauty ofthe wood tables. Votives and fairy lights give a warm glow to any space.







Industrial Metal Décor

Turn your venue into an industrial oasis with exposed metals, cement accents and vintage LED bulbs. This combination of delicate flowers and greenery compliment the brass for the perfect industrial, yet delicate Fall décor.






Bohemian Décor

Bring bohemian vibes to your big day but incorporating textural elements such as lace and lanterns. Try a natural looking cake by having it unfrosted and garnishing with berries and flowers.






Bubbly Bar

Turn your bubbly from simple to swanky with a custom prosecco bar! All you need is fresh fruit, mixers ranging from sorbets to syrup and garnishes to turn your drink from drab to fab.




                                          Polaroid Guest Book

 Put a twist on the staple wedding guest book with a do it yourself Polaroid guest book. Encourage guests to snap a pic, write a message and add it to the book! This unique guest book will capture the memories from the big day!






Live Band

A live band adds a nice ambiance to any big day. Not only does the band act as entertainment but also décor. 

There endless bands to chose from varying from a jazz band, harpist or string quartet.







Green Walls

The latest fad of green walls has been seen in wedding magazines to celebrity events and everything in between. They make the perfect backdrop for the exchanging of vows or photos!






Hanging Flower Displays

Spice up your floral displays by suspending them! Draped flowers look perfect over

dining tables, the cake table and even the dance floor. This is the perfect way to add color to any event!


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10 Popular Themes that Will Make your Event a Hit!

Every event whether is it corporate or casual, should have a set theme for the guests to look forward to at the event. With lavish decorations, entertainment, and special effects, your event will be on your guest’s mind for months to come. A theme can guide your event to where you want it, start to finish. With a flow, your guest will not want to leave and will always want to come back. Why wait, start planning now!

Secret Garden







With the mixture of flowers, leaves and stringed lights, the Secret Garden is a nightlife themed event that is the greenest of greens. Whether outside in a garden or inside at a venue, the glowing lights and flowers will have you falling in love with the artistry of a secret garden. 




Great Gatsby

Elegant, ballroom, suit and tie and of course, can not forget the lavishing decor and gold and black palette filling the room. Efficiently planned and accepted, the Great Gatsby themed events will have your guest flowing in the roaring 20’s this upcoming year.


Carnival & Circus









Bold colors like red and blue, wild performers and an endless amount of popcorn is all great components to get a carnival or circus ready for your guests to enjoy. A carnival and circus themed party can bring friends together with a simple tent, some tickets and cotton candy. With bold color statements, your guest will be falling in love with the idea of a carnival in your backyard or inside your business. Who knows maybe you’ll be able to dunk your boss in a dunk tank!!!



Margaritaville, Surfing Safari, and tiny bubbles make a luau worth going to for a fun night out with friends. Then also, a luau is not fully ready until you have Hula Dancers, Male Fire Dancers, and Polynesian musicians. The idea of an island getaway for your guests to transport to a relaxing, outdoor event somewhere on the beach or outside underneath the stars. 



Summertime BBQ

Summertime is something everyone looks forward to being in, and no one ever wants to leave! A summertime BBQ is the perfect way to get family and friends together for a backyard BBQ with hotdogs and hamburgers. Great way to get everyone outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.





Back to School

What better way to celebrate kids going back to school than a back to school themed party. Parents get to celebrate kid-free time during the day as well as getting your kids ready for the first day of school for the year. One last get together before life goes into a full swing of chaos!




HoeDown, ThrowDown season is coming up! Line dancing, cowboy boots, and cool nights filled with laughter is the perfect time to get the wild weekend grooves on. The Wild West is calling; you better saddle up! Mechanical bull-riding experience, hay bail rides, and corn hole are the essentials to a great hoedown.



Noch ein Bier, bitte! A German beer festival would not be complete without pretzels, sausage & potato skewers, and schnitzel bites. The brown and green fancy lederhosen adds the realistic feel of an Oktoberfest for any event choice. Even adding a German DJ or oompah music will make the night even more special. 


Winter Wonderland

White snow falling, blue crystal balls hanging on the trees, and candy shaped as snowmen can be the start of something new for an event. For the last event of the year, in a corporate setting, Winter Wonderland could be your answer to the theme of a business holiday party to thank your employees for what they do. Throw in a DJ to make the night go on longer for fun never to end.



Casino Night

Whether you are looking for the glitz and glam of Las Vegas or the charming atmosphere of Milan for a night of laughter and relaxation, a casino night  themed event can make your dream come true by bringing the excitement to you. Playing a game of Blackjack or Texas Holdem will light the night for your guests allowing them to let loose with some good fun.









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Get Hitched Without A Glitch! Top Reasons Why You Should Hire A Wedding Coordinator

Hello to all of our readers! Today we are diving into why having a wedding coordinator is a VERY beneficial decision when it comes to your wedding! However, before we get into what those benefits are, we need to establish what exactly the job entails! To simply put it, a wedding coordinator is your go to contractor, advisor, and partner in planning all of the fundamental parts of your wedding! Dealing directly with vendors, attending all necessary meetings with florists and the venue, and ensuring that you and your guests are doing nothing but enjoying this milestone. They are going to be the glue holding everything and everyone together the months leading up to and on the big day!   

Benefits of a wedding planner

There are plenty of benefits to hiring some help when it comes to planning your wedding day! I want to list our top three reasons why we feel that hiring a planner is a must

Connections with vendors and florists.

Often times leads to discounts and deals. Know how to negotiate and have worked with vendors before. Know which vendors are hot and who does a good job. Can make suggestions that might be beneficial to you! You are going to want someone who has a better understanding how contracts with vendors and booking venues all works. Another added benefit is that your wedding coordinator is there to help you stick to your budget! It is their job to hold you accountable on your spending and keep you in your price range.

Wedding related issues and questions

Just because you are getting married it does not mean you are an expert on all things weddings. BUT WEDDING PLANNERS ARE! Having a wedding planner means that you can turn to for advice or guidance on all things wedding related! From proper wedding tipping etiquette to battle of the bridesmaids, we are sure your wedding coordinator has seen it all. Having a partner in planning who can be a neutral figure to lean on when things get crazy for some brides is the biggest blessing to hiring their event coordinator.

Allows for more time to enjoy your wedding!

No one wants to be running around like a mad woman on their big day! Hiring a wedding planner is going to allow you to have a stress free day with your people celebrating you and the one you love with a mimosa in hand, of course.

Different types of wedding planners

Just like there are different types of couples, there a different types of planners! From being with you every step of the way to partial planners who jump in when you need them most all the way to strictly day of coordinators, there is an option for every couple! All that you need to do is find the best fit your needs! Here at Breezin’ we offer a variety of wedding coordinator packages with some of the best planners in the business! Click the link below and head over to our website to check out what we offer!

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Which Venue Best Suits You For Your Wedding

Choosing a wedding venue is usually one of the first big check marks off on the wedding to-do list. You want to make sure you are selecting your venue early because many popular spots book up for the year fairly quickly. Plus, once you know your wedding venue, it can help to set the scene and really create the style that you want your wedding to be in. Today, I want to present a couple of different wedding venues here in Tampa that are not only beautiful spots to tie the knot but they are also spaces that create different ambiances that you might be searching for. Let’s get into it!

Beach Venue

When living in a place as beautiful as Tampa, hosting a beach wedding is not that far-fetched. Most people have to travel to make this desirable destination happen for there big day but for those of us lucky to call this place home, there really is no reason to not take advantage. As simple as beach weddings might seem, you are still going to need a venue space that is going to accommodate for every possibility. Two venues that we love to work with because they are absolutely beautiful and they provide our clients with practical backup plans just in case Florida weather decides to be.. well Florida weather are the Don Cesar and the Postcard Inn. Both provide gorgeous indoor and outdoor options and both are highly experienced in beach wedding needs. Now, even though we love both equally, they are a little different when it comes to the overall style they bring to a beach wedding. The Don Cesar is going to provide you with a more luxurious style beach wedding with its bold artwork and castle like structure. The Postcard Inn on the other hand is going to give off more of that surfer chic look and feel for a more laid back, beach wedding.

Ballroom Venue


Now, if Cinderella was your all time favorite princess and you just HAVE to have that royal ballroom style wedding, then we have a couple of options you will want to look into. The Vinoy in St. Pete and The Hilton in downtown Tampa have the most gorgeous ballrooms with chandeliers dripping from the ceilings and elegant architecture that will take your breath away. These two upscale options are going to provide that classic wedding that we all dreamed about having.  


Rustic Venue

One trend that we are seeing a lot of nowadays are more simply elegant and very beautiful are the rustic themed weddings. These weddings most of the time are outside with a lot of greenery and fresh air with plenty of space. So we figure what better place to get achieve all of this than a barn? Just to be clear we aren’t talking about some old rundown barn we are talking about two premier wedding venues that are going to provide you with unbeatable scenery and atmosphere. Both the Barn at Crescent Lake and Bakers Ranch are going to allow for a more intimate setting that is unbeatable and that you or your guests will never forget.

Unique Venue

If none of those options really fit your agenda and you are looking for more of a distinguishing space that is unlike most wedding venues, then these options are for you. The Rialto Theater and the Straz Center are perfect options for couples who want to be married in a grand and exquisite venue that are different than your stereotypical venue. Both options are going to allow for both indoor and outdoor wedding spaces, providing options and allowing couples to be versatile. We have a feeling though that with the gorgeous interior design both theaters offer, you’ll want to keep the party inside. 


Each of these options are truly special and unique in their own way it really just depends on what YOU want for YOUR wedding! All of the options we gave you are going to do a wonderful job, the staff will be excellent, and your guests will love their experience but that is not all that matters. At the end of the day, selecting your wedding venue is all about choosing a location that aligns with your vision for your wedding. You want to make sure the venue you select is going to properly deliver the ambiance you want to create for your wedding. Just follow your gut (and your budget) and you can’t go wrong!


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Top 10 Wedding Etiquette Dos and Don’ts

Hello lovely people! Today we are breaking down the most common questions we get from brides and grooms on wedding etiquette and giving you some basic guidelines to follow when planning. Here are our top ten dos and don’ts when it comes to your wedding:

Tip vendor

So the rule of thumb here is that vendors who do an exceptional job and really help enhance the overall experience of your wedding should get a tip. Now, keep in mind this is not a requirement but it is a nice addition to include for those who helped make your big day flow smoothly. Some tipping guidelines include 15-20% for catering staff, 10-15% for band or DJ and 15-20% for hair and makeup stylists. A lot of times tips are included in the contract so if that is the case then you don’t need to worry about it but just make sure beforehand.   

A list versus B list

Don’t do it…. Guests will know right away that they are a second round pick and it can make you look very rude. Now, if you are creating a list of likely versus unlikely guests to attend then this is more acceptable. For example, if you have guests you want to invite from out of town who might be less likely to be able to make it, you should go ahead and send those out first. We suggest maybe 3-4 weeks before the remainder of the invitations. That way if some of the oot guests are unable to make it, you should have enough time to be able to invite more people who maybe you are less close with but would be more likely to make it to the wedding based on their location.

Registration versus asking for cash

We wouldn’t recommend asking for cash.. You should really have some form of registry. There are always things that any new couple can use and replaces such as new sheets or bath towels. But if you have a smaller registry people will get the point and more than likely just revert to cash. Another great option for couples to opt to do rather than a traditional wedding registry is a honeymoon registry. This is where your guests can purchase different options for you to do on your honeymoon such as a romantic dinner or couples massage. Your guests set the price for how much they want to spend, then the website takes a small percentage and finally after the registry closes the website will send you a check in the mail for the total amount. A good website to use for this option is

Seating Chart versus assigned seat

Ultimately, this decision should really be based upon the size of your wedding and who is attending. For example, if it is just a small, family wedding and everyone knows each other really well then yeah no seating chart SHOULD be fine but once we start inviting more people it can get messy. Overall, it really is just easier to tell people where to sit. That way they are sitting with their dates and there is no confusion, discomfort or worst of all fighting.

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen

There can be a lot of stipulation behind who should be asked to be a part of the wedding party but really it is up to the couple. If we are looking at what is most commonly accepted then ok the average size is four bridesmaids and four groomsmen including maid of honor and best man. One thing to keep in mind when choosing your group is the responsibility and financial obligations that will come with the job. Most bridesmaids and groomsmen attend all of the major events and in most cases throw them such as the bachelor/bachelorette parties. So we suggest just making sure your choices are fully up to the task because once you ask someone to be in your wedding party there really is no taking it back! The really important thing to remember though is that you are choosing the people you love the most who are gonna help you enjoy your special day!

Cash Bar versus Open Bar one can be a little controversial.. but in our opinion you really should pay for at least a piece of the bar tab for your guests. If the bar tab is not looking like it is in the budget, maybe you should reconsider headcount because it can look pretty tacky when you start asking your guests to pay for drinks. If you don’t want to have a full open bar with cocktails that can run up the tab quickly, maybe consider doing beer and wine only or cocktails for only the cocktail hour. Another option to help lower the cost if your guests aren’t really a drinking crowd is to just do an on consumption tab for a couple of hours. This way you’re not stuck with a high bar fee if it is not really going to be utilized and you can just pay for the alcohol that is consumed. Regardless of the direction you decide to take it, we suggest having some form of free alcohol for at least a portion of your reception.

Who Comes to the Rehearsal Dinner?

The rehearsal dinner is normally more of an intimate setting, meant for those in the wedding party and close friends and family. Due to this, there is not an obligation to extend an invitation to an attendee’s wedding guest. If you keep the rehearsal dinner guest list exclusively to immediate family and close friends the wedding guests will understand. One thing to keep in mind is that if you have out of town guests attending your wedding, it is always nice gesture to invite them to your rehearsal dinner. Traveling can be costly and making them feel as included as possibly is definitely a good idea.

Do I need to have a cake?

Having a wedding cake is one of those traditions that are okay to leave out if it is not something you are crazy about. A lot of couples chose to just do a dessert buffet and have a small cake for just them or to just leave it out all together. One thing to keep in mind however is that the cake cutting portion of the reception is a common indicator that it will be finishing up shortly. Plus it’s always good to end dinner with dessert, it just feels more complete. Due to this, we do recommend having some form of dessert to help wrap things up to a close. Even if you did take home desserts, such as bags of cookies, would help end that night on a sweet note.

Kids versus No Kids

Now this is one of those things where there is no right answer. Kids or no kids, it is up to you but whatever you do chose, you have to stick with. You don’t want to say it is okay for some people to bring kids and others to not bring kids because it just makes you look rude. Don’t make exceptions! However, it is commonly acceptable to invite the flower girl and the ring bearer because they are a part of the wedding party.

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Tips & Tricks On Picking Out The Perfect Dress

We are breaking it down for you lovely ladies today and giving you some useful advice on how to go about wedding dress shopping!

What to take with you to your fitting:

There are a few items that we note down as “must bring with” when shopping for a wedding dress. One suggestion we want to mention is if you already have your wedding shoes, bring them! If you already have your accessories, bring them! If you already have your vail, bring that! There is no better way to know what the dress is actually going to look like on your big day! This will make dress shopping go smoother and will help you feel more confident in your decision. Hang on to your underwear because we have another great tip! In all seriousness, bring your undergarments! The goal is to find a form fitting, comfortable yet functional piece to wear under your dress. You want to try and find one as close to your skin color as possible. It is important to bring this item with you to make sure it can’t be seen underneath your dress!

What to look for based on your body type:

When looking for your dream dress it is always a good idea to do some research and have a good idea what type of dress you’re looking for. If research to you means binge watching “Say Yes To The Dress” then so be it but you should definitely go into the store leaning toward a certain direction. Obviously you won’t know exactly what dress you want until you see it on yourself but here are some quick tips for wedding dress shopping for your body type! The classic Cinderella ball gown look is going to really flatter those of us who are a little taller and need a little extra help looking curvy. The fullness of the dress will help to accentuate those curves and lets not forget make you feel like a real life princess. The mermaid style is going to be perfect for any of us that were blessed with the curse of curves and are ready to show them off! This dress is going to fit like a glove and help you show off your hourglass shape! Last but not least the classic A-Line dress! This dress is perfect for any body type and is guaranteed to be having you feel like a bride. 

Who to bring with you:

Well your people, of course! To be more specific, it is a good idea to bring with you the women or men you trust will be as honest and as supportiveas we need them to be during this decision! It is going to be a “all hands on deck” situation when trying dresses on, so make sure you bring whoever is going to be helping you get in and out of your gown during this process. One thing that is most important to remember when selecting your bride tribe for this wedding dress scavenger hunt is to bring the people who bring out the best in you and make you feel as beautiful as you are! This can be a long, grueling processes so it is crucial to make sure the people who are there with you are going to show you the fun side of dress shopping, champagne and all!

What styles are in right now:

The shape of your wedding dress is ultimately up to you and should be based on whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. However, we do have a few trendy style pointers that we can suggest that are making their way down the aisle. The first major wedding dress trend we are seeing come to life this wedding season is the statement bow. These over sized bows are usually placed in the back of the dress to attract attention to the long train of the dress, adding an extra something special. Another fun addition to a wedding dress that we have seen plenty of in the fashion world this past year is capes! Hitting home for all the Game of Thrones fans out there, this look is sure to give that royal wedding feel that is sure to wow your guests! One last worthy mention in our trending wedding dress breakdown has to be the fitted, lace sleeve. This a trend we personally have seen the most of this past year and we absolutely adore it. The sleeved look tends to add an extra “wow” factor to your dress by giving it overall a much more luxurious feel. These bold looks may not be for everyone but they certainly do add a little something extra unique and fun to a classic look. If you are daring enough, we support and encourage your decision!   

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Catching Up with A Breezin Bride: Q&A

Here at Breezin Entertainment we want to make sure every moment of our client’s special day is absolutely perfect so that the memories will last a lifetime! To ensure that we are doing just that, we decided to start a new segment where we follow up with some of our past brides to receive some feedback on our services and find out what happens after “I do”. One of our top sales and event coordinators, Jessie Soplinski, has been an official ambassador of fun for a little over eight years. We felt it only be appropriate that for our very first post we talk with Jessie’s very first bride! Lauren Briggs came to us nearly four years ago to help her plan her and her fiance Brett’s big day. Since then, the two have been living their happily ever after here in sunny Florida growing their family! Here is what Lauren had to say:

What was your favorite part about working with a Breezin Wedding Coordinator?

    1. My favorite part about working with a Breezin Wedding Coordinator was being able to enjoy my wedding day to the fullest. Instead of worrying about my wedding décor being set up just right or my limo arriving on time, I was able to relax with a mimosa and my bridesmaids. My Matron of Honor (my sister), was also able to enjoy the day with me instead of running around making sure everything was ready to go. Jessie assured me everything would be perfect, and it was!

 Tell us Lauren, what have you learned about your husband /partner since you got married?

  1. Even as a boyfriend, Brett was always very supportive in my endeavors. Since we have gotten married, he has showed me just how supportive and patient he really is. He has been by my side through pharmacy school/residency and has really catered to all my needs. His patience has really shown these past 8 months through pregnancy.

What’s new in your life together as a couple? Have you two moved, traveled, or added any new additions to the family either furry or human?

  1. Since our wedding, we have moved into a new home and our family has grown to include our fur baby, Jovie. We are also expecting our first baby girl, Raelyn, in August.

Have you kept any memorabilia from your wedding such as any printed photos, favors, wedding dress?

  1. Yes! We have a wedding album to remember all the little details of our wedding (thanks to Carrie Wildes Photography). We also kept some party favors like the sunglasses we gave to guests with our names/wedding date. Our friends even still wear them from time to time. I do still have my wedding dress. I enjoy peaking at it every now and then to reminisce.  

Can you tell us something about your wedding that you still remember to this day? OR what  the most memorable thing about your wedding was?

  1. I think the most memorable thing about our wedding was being able to hang out with our friends and family the day after the wedding by the pool.  We planned to have our wedding on a Friday night so that our guests would be able to have a mini beach vacation. The Saturday following our wedding, all of our friends and family who stayed at the hotel hung out with us by the pool.  This way we were able to truly enjoy time with everyone as a married couple.

Looking back, what would be one thing you would change about your wedding?

  1. We had such a wonderful time at our wedding that it is very difficult to come up with anything that we would change.  I will say that having a June wedding in Florida can be rainy, hot, and humid. We did plan for this and held most of our functions in doors, even though we were at the beach. A summer wedding made most sense for us, as this is when we could get extended vacation time to honeymoon.  Having a fall or winter wedding may have allowed for better weather conditions and more fun outdoor functions.

Now that you and Brett are married, what advice would you give a couple that is currently planning their wedding?

  1. Advice I would give to couples planning their wedding is to try to enjoy the planning experience and try to make it fun. It is easy to get caught up in everything being so perfect that we forget what it is all about. My husband and I tried to do everything together and make a fun day of it! Looking for venues, registry shopping, cake and food tastings should be exciting! Don’t stress about the small minor details, it all works out beautifully!

Brides tend to get a bad rep when it comes to wedding coordinating so it was nice to hear Lauren say that the planning was actually one of her favorite parts! At Breezin, it is our mission to make sure our brides are enjoying the process of making their fairy-tale vision a reality. We do this through building relationships with our clients and by understanding what they need to help make their wedding day one of the happiest days of their lives. It is so important to us to create experiences through entertainment and we will continue to strive to deliver just that every single time! Thank you so much to Lauren for taking the time to catch up with us and answer our questions!! Congratulations on you and Brett’s happiness and we can’t wait to meet little baby Raelyn!! 

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Breaking Down the Latest and Greatest Wedding Trends for 2018

When it comes to wedding planning no bride wants to be out of touch with what’s hot and what’s not. Living in this digital age, most couples want to feel confident that their big day is as “Instagram worthy” as possible. In this post, we are going to be diving into the latest and greatest style trends for all of you future Mrs. and Mr. out there.

First things first, let’s start out with the dress or maybe I should say outfit? The jumpsuit is evolving from strutting down runway to walking down the aisle. Brides right now are loving this chic, modern take over a more traditional ball gown and we are loving it! However, if this style is a little too nontraditional for your taste but you still want to be in the now with the the latest trends we have one rule for you: Embrace the lace! Women all over are loving the traditional lace look and incorporating that into some new dress trends such as a 3 layered tiered dress or a two-piece dress. When it comes to bridesmaids dresses new brides are trying to steer away from the common preconception that all bridesmaids hate their dress. The goal going on right now is to make the dresses wearable for more than just that one day. We are seeing a lot of tea style dresses with trendy patterns rather than one solid color. Brides are also wanting to ensure that each one of their girls is wearing something flattering and that they’re comfortable in while they are up there supporting them. So with that we are seeing different styles among bridesmaids dresses, meaning some dresses might have sleeves while others don’t, some might be long some might be short, some dresses may be more form fitting while others are more flowy. The point being that every girl is given the opportunity to rock a dress that is more suited to her style and her body.

The attire isn’t the only element of future weddings that is making a change. In regards to the color scheme, we are going to be seeing darker, bold colors. According to an article from Martha Stewart Weddings, one color we are expecting to be making more of an appearance at the big day is purple. Colors such as lilac, plum, wine and mauve are going to be incorporated more so now than ever.

Another important component of any wedding to analyze is the decor. Big expensive flower bouquets are becoming a thing of the past and being replaced with more affordable greenery such as dogwood flowers and single stem orchids or a blooming rose. Couples are also incorporating many more photo opportunity elements such as flower walls, balloon arches and large neon signs. Another big trend revolves around gifts for your weddings attendees. Take away items such as customized shot glasses and s’mores packages allows for unique additions that guests will love. One last trend you know here at Breezin’ we needed to analyze was the entertainment. One thing that we noticed not only our research but also in the office is the shift in entertainment needs. More unexpected acts are being booked for weddings such as cigar rollers, caricature artist, tarot card readers, and magicians to guarantee that your guests will be entertained all night.

 Hopefully this post gave you some strong insight and maybe even a little inspiration into the big upcoming trends we will be seeing over the next wedding season. If you need some help adding some trendiness into your wedding go ahead and give us a call at 813-463-2272 today or visit

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A Beginner’s Guide For A New Bride On Music Trends For Weddings

When it comes to the big day there are a few things that matter most – the dress, the location and of course, the music!  The right soundtrack can enhance the atmosphere of any occasion so choosing the right songs for your wedding can be crucial. As with anything, there are new trends that are making its way to the dance floor and songs that once were crowd-pleasers are being replaced. To further analyze, Breezin investigated what the most requested songs have been recently and what direction a lot of couples are going when it comes to their entertainment.

One big question that we wanted to answer for our clients was what the more popular option for the reception is – bands or DJs? Well maybe the question should be why not both? One trend that we found becoming much more popular is couples hiring dual entertainment. This allows for couples to be able to get the best of both worlds and keep the music going all night. When comparing the two we found that DJs are a lot of times the more affordable option between the two. They also can offer a wider selection of music. However, when it comes to overall atmosphere enhancement nothing quite beats the energy that live music brings.

Another reception trend that we uncovered in our research is that the hits of the 90’s are making a comeback! Artists such as Christina Aguilera , Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys are among some of the most requested wedding songs. This isn’t that crazy when you think about it because most people who are saying “I do” grew up listening to these classic hits. It only makes sense that couples would want some classic throwbacks to help make their reception a memorable one. However, obviously not all the music is from two decades ago! Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and John Legend are among some of the more current musicians whose songs we are also hearing at weddings. Oh and Beyoncé of course!

When it comes to the most important song of the night, the first dance song, Mr. Ed Sheeran seems to be the front runner. One of his newer tunes, “Thinking Out Loud” is the perfect love song that many couples feel they relate to. When it comes to selecting this particular track, choosing a song that speaks to you and your future spouse is what’s most important. We recommend listening to a variety of new and old romantic songs and picking the one that best helps depict your unique love story. And hey, if “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B is the tune that gives you those warm, fuzzy feelings you can’t deny for a first dance song then we support that too!

Hopefully this helped give a little bit more insight into what is popular right now when it comes to the music side of wedding planning. To further ensure you’re hiring the right entertainment for your special day, give us a call at 813-463-2272 today or visit