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Why You Should Request a Performance Consultation Before Your Event

Given the intense planning and coordination which goes into any good event, it is likely that you have been busy handling a multitude of things. Despite your busy schedule, it is critically important that you request a performance consultation the day before your event, if not sooner. Much like many complex events have a dress rehearsal the day before, a performance consultation will allow you to hammer out any details and thwart potential problems. In order to make sure that your event goes off without a hitch, below are reasons why you need to request a performance consultation before your event.

Solidify Details

While you probably have a general idea of how your event will go and what to expect from your entertainment, a performance consultation will allow you to solidify any vague details immediately before your event. If you notice things which could be improved upon, this consultation will give you the best chance to make changes days before guests begin to arrive.

Create a Schedule

Performance consultations are a great opportunity to make last minute changes, but they also give you the opportunity to make a schedule for your entertainment. While you might have a general idea of how long your entertainment is slotted to perform, the performance consultation will allow you to time the performance first hand. If the performance is too long, you can request your event entertainment to cut parts which they do not believe are necessary. On the other hand, if the performance is too short, you can ask your entertainment to add material in order to fill time.

Thwart Potential Problems

Performance consultations are a great opportunity to thwart problems which you have not previously encountered. Since your event entertainers will likely have not spent any time in your selected venue before the consultation, this can be the perfect opportunity to address problems with space, resources, or the overall performance. For example, if you hire a band, you will likely need ample space for both the performance and extra equipment. If your selected area within the venue is ill equipped with the proper space, you will have enough time to make quick changes before the event. Besides the venue, a consultation will allow you to address any problems you have with the entertainment its self, including content, presentation, or overall engagement.

Have Greater Control over the Performance

While you hired your entertainment based upon their talent and experience, you may want to make subtle changes to their performance in order to better engage with your audience. While you cannot expect to micromanage every detail of the entertainment, you will have the ability to make small changes that your performers are comfortable with.

Make Your Entertainment Comfortable

Your entertainment has likely performed for countless events, but this does not mean they know exactly what to expect from your event. By scheduling a performance consultation, your entertainment will be able to get comfortable with the venue and ask important questions. In addition, they will have the opportunity to practice their routine shortly before they are required to perform before a live audience.

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