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To Be or Not to Be: A DJs Role in Guest Interaction

When booking an entertainer for your event, DJs are a very popular and effective option. DJs have the ability to set the tone and energy of an event, ensuring that the proper music and presentation is provided at all times. While a DJ is a great option for your event, there are many different types to choose from. When choosing between a wide range of DJs, it is critically important you assess how much guest interaction you want at your event.

While some occasions call for a DJ to constantly engage the audience, others simply require them to remain in the background. To help you assess how much guest interaction you want at your event, below are helpful pointers do follow during this process.

Size Up Your Event
The style and theme of your event should be one of the first factors you consider when determining how much guest interaction you want from your DJ. If you are planning a very formal event, such as a corporate luncheon, you most likely want a DJ who simply facilitates music rather than interacting with guests. On the other hand, if you are hosting a birthday party, you will obviously want a DJ who speaks to the audience in order to pump up the energy. By assessing the style and theme of your event, you will have a much easier time finding a DJ who can follow up on your intended guest interaction.

Consider Your Audience
While the event is an obvious factor when considering how much guest interaction you want from your DJ, the audience is equally, if not more, important. Even if you are planning a birthday party, an event which typically relies on a DJ heavily interacting with guests, you would probably not want this level of energy if the birthday party is for your elderly grandma. Since the audience in this situation will likely be older, you would probably want a more conservative DJ who does not interact with guests too much.

The same concept goes for the corporate luncheon mentioned earlier. Even though these events are typically more formal and strict, a relaxed corporate culture would make you consider a DJ who can really start a party. No matter the event, the audience plays a large role in how much guest interaction you want from your DJ.

Hire the Correct DJ
After considering your event entertainment and audience, you should have a firm idea of how much guest interaction you want from your DJ. The only way to effectively follow up on this planning is to hire a DJ who understands your vision and can accurately match it. By watching previous event footage from your intended DJ, you will know exactly how much guest interaction they bring to the table and if it will work for your event.

Match the Energy
The point of assessing guest interaction from your DJ is to appropriately match the energy of the event. With a little planning, a plenty of execution, you will find that the appropriate amount of interaction will lead to an event all of your guests will remember for years to come!

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