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The Early Bird Gets the DJ

When looking to hire a DJ for your upcoming event, it is critically important that you complete this process as early as possible. DJs, like any other entertainer, are extremely busy people. They need plenty of time to map out an appropriate schedule and plan for your event. To help you understand this, below are important reasons why you should look to book a DJ sooner rather than later.

The Best DJs Must Be Booked Right Away
Given that DJs are very busy people, it would only make sense that better, more popular DJs have their hands full at any given time of the year. Put simply, the better the DJ, the more time in advance they will require for booking. While an average DJ may only require a few weeks or up to a month in advance for booking, great DJs have been known to require up to three months in advance! Since you usually know the date of your event several months ahead of time, booking a great DJ should be an immediate priority.

Avoid Increased Rates
While it has already been noted that DJs, specifically great ones, require you to book them well in advance, some will offer their immediate services for an increased rate. While this is certainly not true for all DJs, some may find a gap in their schedule and will be available to play your event. However, since the DJ is a business professional, they will likely cite a busy schedule and charge you increased rates which exceed your budget. In order to avoid these increased rates while still having a quality DJ for your event, it is critically important you book them as early as possible. The earlier you book event entertainment, the more wiggle room you will have when negotiating a final price.

You Don’t Want the Leftovers
In the event you do not book a DJ early, you will find yourself looking to hire higher less than average DJs. Commonly referred to as “the leftovers” in the entertainment industry, these DJs are usually new to the job and have very little event experience. If you are looking to plan out a stellar event, these types of DJs will do more harm than good. Even if the DJ is not the worst in terms of music mixing ability, there is a high chance they will not be able to appropriately match the style or energy of your event. This is scenario you want to avoid at all costs.

No Time to Waste
Like anything else in life, the earlier you look to book your potential DJ, the better success you will have in the long run. Even if you are unable to book your desired DJ, you will find that you have enough time to find an adequate replacement if you start early. Failure to book a great DJ early may lead to event complications, increased rates, or having a DJ which performs well below the status quo. When planning, always remember this: the early bird gets the DJ!

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