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Promote Your Event on Social Media

Social media has become a huge part of everyday life. Americans spend more than 20% of their time online using social media platforms, and Facebook alone makes up 14% of that time. So, as you can imagine, social media is an excellent tool to use to promote your event to demographics of all types.

With so many tools and options, though, using social media for corporate event entertainment promotion can seem intimidating. The following are a few easy ways that you can spread awareness and pique interest in your event using social media.

Make a Facebook Event Page
Facebook remains the most popular social media site, and its event pages are a great way for locals and their friends to find out about nearby, upcoming functions. By making an event page, you can include all the important details and invite friends, mutual friends, and community members who you think might be interested in attending or supporting your event. You can even post frequent updates to keep those who visit your corporate event page in the loop and excited for what’s to come at your celebration.

Add a Call To Action Button to Your Facebook Page
This button can be used to easily redirect users to any site you’d like them to see. While gearing up for your event, you can change this button to take users to any event-related page, whether it be a press release about your event, a page on your company or personal website showcasing the event, or a link to purchase online tickets to the event. The button reduces the risk of user error and makes your event information easily accessible to anyone who visits your page.

Include Graphics in Your Posts
Any type of graphic, whether it is a photo or video, attracts much more attention on social media than a strictly verbal post. You can post photos of any special guests who might attend or perform at your event, photos of behind-the-scenes event preparation, and photos of past events you have organized. You can make photos eye-catching and informative by adding quote or text overlays onto the photo; however, be sure the text is short and sweet, so it doesn’t take away from the photo.

Videos can also be an incredibly useful tool in building interest in an event. Consider creating a highlight reel or exciting compilation of past events you’ve hosted, which will give guests a look at your event-planning skills and an idea of what to expect at your latest event. Aside from traditional social media outlets, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, videos can also be shared on Youtube, Vimeo, and other video hosting sites, which can help you reach new crowds.

Create a #hashtag Specific to Your Event
The hashtag can be anything from the name and year of your event, to a catchy pun. The more interesting, the more people will remember and want to use the hashtag. Remember to include this one hashtag on everything you post related to the event across all channels so that when a user clicks the hashtag they see all the informational and exciting posts you’ve made regarding the event. It will also be a great tool for users themselves to post about the event and create post-event hype.

There is an immeasurable amount of ways to use social media to help make your event a success. This list is just the beginning. Don’t be afraid to get creative and step outside your comfort zone when it comes to social media marketing, as the most successful campaigns often integrate strategies users have never seen before.

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