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Let’s Get This Party Started Right

If you’re planning a party or an event that needs music, it’s important to choose the right type of band for your function. The right type of band is one that fits to your function’s theme and audience. Everyone knows music can make or break an event. For instance, you wouldn’t want to have a screamo band performing at a fancy art gala, unless that’s the theme and audience. So by following these tips, you’ll ensure music to your guest’s ears.

Know Your Audience
Choosing the right type of band for your function goes into knowing your audience. They are the guests. Therefore, thinking about what age group and function the event is for will help you in choosing. A creative label, with a younger clientele, for example, would choose a band that plays pop music, something recent; versus an older clientele would choose a band that plays old hits from the 60’s and 70’s.

It all comes down to setting aside your tastes and knowing what the audience likes; understanding what’s going to make them sing and dance along.

Consider Your Function’s Theme
Understanding the  type of event entertainment is key to choosing the right band for your function. Again, screamo bands don’t necessarily go with art galas or wedding receptions. Therefore, knowing your theme can help you choose accordingly. Corporate events, for example, usually go for soloist, like pianist and if that’s not enough, consider booking multiple acts for the occasion. You will be glad to have a variety of music for each hour of the event.

What’s Your Budget?
But keep in mind the budget of each band you consider. Just because the music is top priority, doesn’t mean the expenses should be overlooked. A famous band might be tempting to hire, but nothing is wrong with a cheaper alternative.

Interview the Bands
Also consider interviewing the bands in person. This will help you get a feel of the band’s personality. You can also ask the band to perform for you, this will let you see their stage presence or how they pump up a crowd.

Don’t Be Restricted By Your Theme
Although theme is important, don’t be restricted to it. Audiences can only tolerate entertainment for so long. For instance, an elegant party with classical music playing the whole night through isn’t going to be fun for some. Try to incorporate music the guests can dance to, like jazz or upbeat songs.

Find Bands That Work Well With You
Aside from everything, it all comes down to how well you work with the band and how well the band works with you. Find bands that are committed to you and share the same goals as you. This would make choosing the right band as your event entertainer easy.

What’s Does Your Audience Want?
Lastly, if it all comes down to it consider asking your audience who they would want to see or what they would want to hear at the event. You could find this out by asking on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. It’s also a great way to get them pumped about the upcoming event.

Therefore, take these tips into consideration when choosing the right band for your event.

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