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Know Which DJs You Can Afford

While you likely want the best entertainment possible for your event, nothing in life comes without a price tag. Different types of event entertainers will charge varying rates for their service, especially when it comes to DJs. In addition, you can expect to pay drastically different prices depending on the overall skill and popularity of your prospective DJ. Given the price variation which comes with different DJs, it is important to assess your event budget and understand exactly what you can afford. Below are some factors which dictate why you should know which DJs you can afford well before the booking process.

Type of DJ
While you may be under the assumption that all DJs play the same types of music, this would be mostly untrue. While inexperienced DJs attempt to play a wide variety of music without a specific specialty, higher end DJs tend to find a niche and stick with it. While you might be able to afford a prominent country DJ, this would not help you satisfy the audience at a hip hop themed event. By understanding which DJs you can afford, you will be able to make more informed decisions when searching for a specific type.

Quality of DJ
Many people are subscribed to the belief that being a DJ is not very difficult. In addition, they believe that it is impossible to have varying degrees of DJs. These beliefs could not be further from the truth. While disk jockeying may not seem like more than mixing music, the ability to do so proficiently takes a great deal of time, education, and practice. As a result, DJs charge different rates depending on their skill and popularity. By understanding your entertainment budget, you can be more informed when attempting to hire DJs according to their personal quality.

Planned Costs
When planning your event, you will likely established a firm budget in order to understand set costs like venue fees, food, photography, or other crucial elements. While this may seem obvious, it is critical to understand which DJs you can afford so you do not run the risk of hiring someone who cuts into these planned costs. Furthermore, you should attempt to hire a DJ who does not break the bank in comparison to your other costs. While event entertainment is a critical element in any well-planned event, you should not sacrifice other important factors simply to hire someone prominent.

Hidden Costs
While you will do your best to assess set costs during planning, you will likely be hit with hidden costs along the way. Whether this is due to unexpected fees, last minute cancellations, or a lost deposit, hidden costs will directly cut into available funds. By understanding which DJs you can afford, you can be sure that you will not hire someone who is too expensive when put in comparison to your set costs. This will allow you to put money away for hidden costs, something you will appreciate much more once the event is complete.

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